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September 2005 News

Sept 27 2005 The U.S. fishing industry is estimated to have lost around 50% of this year's shrimp harvest and 40% of the oyster harvest as a result of the hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the Gulf of Mexico. In spite of this, the cost of shrimp in the markets is actually falling. In San Diego today I can buy beautiful white U-15 shrimp from Asia at $10/lb and u-21 shrimp for $5/lb on "special". In San Felipe, the U-21 shrimp are selling for about 150 pesos/kg or around $7 per lb.

Sept 25 - the 8th anniversary of our devastating hurricane Nora

September 21, 2005. Tony Reyes, of Tony Reyes Sports Fishing, would like to inform the public that he has spoken to the Department of Fish and Game here in San Felipe regarding the legality of fishing for Totoaba. He was told that no one has a permit to fish this species, except to study them. It has been reported that there were legal sports fishing permits issued allowing the fishing of this endangered species, but they are false. Do not try to catch one because if you do catch a Totoaba, you will either be prosecuted, fined and/or the boat could be impounded. If you want to verify this fact, you can call the Deparment of Fish and Game here in San Felipe at 011-52-686-577-1030.

Unfortunately, our Independencia weekend resulted in a terrible accident in front of Saltito Road. Two young women were killed and the gentleman who was driving is in an El Centro hospital in critical condition. Evidently, the gentleman is partially paralized and was speeding. Our hearts go out to their families. Clean up was fast and furious, as the city workers were out Monday morning in full force.

Dia de Independencia or in some places called "16 de Septiembre", festivities start tomorrow, Thursday, September 15. Everyone was working feverishly (or as feverishly as we do in Mexico) this evening to finish getting ready for the festivities tomorrow which begin about 8:00 p.m. It looked as though they had a lot of work ahead of them. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday San Felipe will Celebrate the Independence of Mexico from Spain. Thursday night, September 15, at about 11:00 p.m., we will all gather for the traditional Grito. If you've never been to one, it's very emotional and a great experience. Every one yells and throws their hats at about 11:00 p.m., they say, but some times it runs early or later, so it's a good idea to get there by 10:00 p.m. The Grito de Dolores was the call for the independence of Mexico given by Miguel Hidalgo on September 16, 1810 in the town of Dolores, near Guanajuato. "Grito de Dolores" can mean both "The Shout from (the town of) Dolores", and "The Cry of Pain", signifying the pain that the rule of Spain caused Mexico. Hidalgo rang the church bell to gather his congregation, then called for Mexican independence, the exile or arrest of all Spaniards in Mexico, and ended by calling out, "Mexicanos, viva México!" (Mexicans, long live Mexico!) Mexico's independence was recognized by the Spanish viceroy in 1821. Everyone is welcome to attend. Here is another article written last year by J. Tapia. This is a schedule of events. Saturday evening will mark the end and we'll have a beautiful fireworks display over the Sea of Cortez. Come join us!

BANCOMER has the monopoly and PLAYS CASINO with your money. Unless you are a rich man you lose. Although they have wonderful people operating in all corners, they are less than human when they are playing the money game. For instance, they offer a pittance of interest, $13.00 pesos, but they charge approx $100 pesos per month, and $220 pesos per year just to bank with them. They encourage you to sign up for automatic utility bill paying and then charge you $207.00 pesos per month to do so. That is a total of $3904 pesos per year folks. BANCOMER could do a lot more to help the merchants and residents of this town grow. They could keep their ATM's filled with pesos, especially on holidays. This would keep our visitors, and therefore our merchants happy. They could have a night deposit box for responsible business owners, so that every merchant. or customer would not have to stand in a long line for some itimes over an hour, to make that same deposit in person. And if you make an obvious mistake, the manager could become human and help you rectify it, rather than to say "there's nothing we can do". Hopefully, with the growth of the town, we'll be given a choice of where to bank.

September 10, 2005 - 15 PESOS STORE BURNS. A fire that broke out at 7:00 a.m. today completely destroyed the 15 peso store, next to La Vaquita II on Puerta Penasco. By the time I got there at about 11:30 a.m., family and friends were sifting through what was left of the variety store. I only live two blocks away, but I didn't hear any sirens, however, my daughter did. When I spoke with the owner, she was holding back tears as she explained there was a short in the wiring and within five (5) minutes, the entire inside of the store was completely engulfed in flames. Thanks to our fire department, they were able to stop the fire from spreading and it appears it was put out quickly, because there were still glass jars on the shelves that were not broken. Long term residents may remember when Chuy's restaurant burned to the ground. Friends, family and customers came to his aid and he was rebuilt in less than three months. I told Chema, who was sitting down in front of his store eating a taco, how sorry I was for his loss. He said, holding two thumbs up, that they will rebuild. His wife told me they had no insurance, so anyone wanting to help, shop at his store or go to the restaurant at the bottom of the hill. I'm sure any help would be appreciated.

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September 6, 2005. The Sub-Secretary of Tourism for Baja (Yves Lelevier Ramos) has reported Labor Day Weekend in Northern Baja a success. There were approximately 217,000 visitors and Ensenada, Rosarito and San Felipe had hotel capacities of 90-100%. Meanwhile, Tijuana, Mexicali and Tecate reported hotel capacity at 87%. There were no incidents of death, only minor traffic accidents. In 2004, income generated from these three days was $30.2 million and in 2005, $31.06 million.

September 4, 2005. San Felipe has a direct representative operating with Rescue Task Force, an organization that is everywhere disaster strikes. When not in emergency situations, the Rescue Task Force is operating in the outlying areas of other countries, bringing medical supplies and building materials to places where people have never even seen a band-aid. Gary Becks, Wendell Cutting, and recently Andrea Stone, lead a team that has already reached the New Orleans disaster. It is important to note that Wendell Cutting, a part-time resident of Campo Ocotillo, San Felipe, was diagnosed with advanced cancer, has been through the chemo treatments in 2004, and was back on the job in Africa when they received the word they were needed here in Louisiana. Today it was announced that U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter will join Rescue Task Force emergency response team in Louisiana to find and distribute the much needed food and personal items badly needed today. Accompanying Congressman Hunter into the disaster zone will be Mr. Scott Turner, former NFL player with the Chargers, Redskins and most recently the Denver Broncos. Using trucks, boats, and air-boats the team will continue purchasing and delivering relief supplies to stranded victims of Katrina and serving evacuees in remote refugee and relocation centers. To learn more check here also their own web address at www.rescuetaskforce.org.

September 3, 2005. We are in the midst of Labor Day Weekend here in San Felipe. Hot and humid, but not unbearable. There are tons of people on the Malecon and a lot of people camping north and south of town. The town is full tonight and it looks as though people are still coming into town. Traffic is terrible, but not as bad as the 4th of July. Please use extreme caution driving. ATV's are out in full force and as usual, the drivers can't seem to read traffic signs. Get your gas early in the day, as there will probably be lines.

Boat Slips are being offered at the San Felipe Marina Resort. Construction of a 258-Slip Boat Marina is currently under way. They have designed slips in three different lengths, to accomodate various boat sizes: 35, 45, and 60 feet! This is the proposed layout and you can get more information here.

Tony Reyes, at the Net on the phone confirming a meeting date regarding the newly formed Northern Baja Fishing Club, or in our case, The San Felipe Fishing Club, which all are invited to join. He attended a meeting in Ensenada, wherein the Secretary of Tourism has endorsed this endeavor, as well as Presidene Municipal, Samuel Ramos. Tony specifically mentioned women are encouraged to join. A huge fishing tournament is being planned for early 2006, being represented by Rosarito, San Quintin, Ensenada, San Felipe and others. Tony Reyes , San Felipe's representative and a representative from each city paritcipating will attend meetings to get this tournament and club formations off the ground. In Spanish, we would say "El jefes grandes". The grandioso tournament planned has already built a prize jackpot of over $250,000.00 for each club. Evidently, sponsors have donated the majority of the prizes. We will post the exact prizes and names of sponsors as the information becomes available, as well as how to join the club. Tony Reyes, of Tony Reyes Sports Fishing and an Associate Board Member of the Instituto de Informatica de San Felipe, The Net's papa (non-profit corporate name), spends most of his time promoting San Felipe and is an icon in this town.

Pump Station construction seems to be at a stand-still. After the rains we had a few weeks back, not too much has been done. The huge crane is parked and the hole is full of water, so it appears it's not pumping.


Land prices ..... right on the beach (unobstructible view, sand at your doorstep) are now over $1000/sq. meter. One row back from the beach is half the price. Location is very important!

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