San Matias, Baja California, Mexico: 'Twas their ANNIVERSARY

This party was held on the weekend of 20 August 2004. They do it every year celebrating the town's founding. These pictures were taken by Angela Castaneda Alvarez of our staff here at the Net in San Felipe.

Where is San Matias? It is a small town on the road between Ensenada and San Felipe, up in the high desert with a wonderful year-round climate. It is a comfortable drive of about 1 hour from San Felipe, two hours from Ensenada.


On the highway towards Ensenada
Catholic Church in San Matias
"El Jefe y su grupo", from Mexicali
What a long line just to have some of the delicious, sugary-cinnamon mexican churros
Rides here, rides there, every where. Kids having fun and enjoying the ride.
After riding, playing and watching, there's nothing better than a good ' beef taco'.


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