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Tourism development meeting July 2005

see the summary of the meeting here ..>>


New federal highway projects will benefit San Felipe 2007

A list of the new federal priorities for highway construction has been released and there is significant news for the San Felipe region. The first good news is that the road from Puertecitos to Laguna Chapala is to be funded in 2008 and work complete in 2010. This continuation of the two lane road south from San Felipe will be 7 meters wide and have a total length of 110 km. Total estimated cost will be 600 million pesos (approx. $60 million dollars). This will mean that it will be possible to drive from San Felipe and connect up with the main peninsular highway (Route 1) south to La Paz and Los Cabos. We will no longer be the end of the road!

The completion of the 150 km 4 lane divided highway, 12 meters wide, from Mexicali to San Felipe will be funded to start in 2009 and will be completed in 2012 at a total cost of 1100 million pesos (approx. $110 million dollars). More infrastructure developments can be found below.

Infrastructure Developments

Tuesday 21 August 2007. New infrastructure for Baja California and the border region. In addition to the extension of the San Felipe - Puertecitos highway south to connect with the main transpeninsular highway at Laguna Chapala, to be completed in 2010, other notable infrastructure projects for Baja and the northern gulf region are:

  • Upgrades to the electricity generating stations at Rosarito (+259 MW +93 MW) and Mexicali (+107 MW) complete 2010
  • Completion of the national highway from Tijuana-Mexicali-Caborca-Hermosillo-Mexico City (complete 2011)
  • Construction of a new cargo airport for Ensenada on Mesa de Tigre (complete 2011)
  • Construction of a new seawater desalinization plant for Ensenada (250 l/sec) (no date)
  • Construction of a new seawater desalinization plant for Puerto Penasco (100 l/sec) complete 2008
  • Construction of the new Mar de Cortez International Airport at Puerto Penasco (complete 2008)
  • Construct new highway from El Golfo de Santa Clara to Puerto Penasco (complete 2011)


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