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Local News at Campo Ocotillo 2009& 2010

3/13-3/20/10 Both of these week-ends offered too much activity in town. Therefore no HOACO meeting was held. 2/13/10 Kudoos to Salvador and his crew for putting a load of dirt on the highway in front of the camp. This makes it much safer for entering and exiting. A discussion on security issues for the camp; plans being that the Security Guard be given a cell phone. A further suggestion was made that we each install motion lights in areas most vulnerable at each of our own residences. The general consensus; be extra careful and observant around your own place and your neighbors. Engage in conversation with strangers to let them know that you know they ARE being observed. An informal gathering followed. Cupcakes, soft drinks, and party favors, were offered by the Entertainment committee


1/9/10 The Secretarie's minutes are now being sent out by e-mail. New office hours are established at the Campo Ocotillo Office. An electric Christmas tree has been installed at the entrance of the camp. It compliments the new sign and the streetlights already there. One last reminder; hired personnel coming aboard this camp for any reason must be approved by the camp. This is to avoid known trouble-makers from gaining access into the camp, not to control our choice of reliable contractors. Water bills are now being prepared monthly. Then followed an Ice Cream Social put on by the Entertainment Committee and enjoyed by all.


12/12/09 We have a new Camp sign out front, thanks to Salvador and Abril and crew. It is clearly visible under a bright street light. Mel and Shirley are planning a Ham dinner for any and all Singles in camp at the Lodge on Friday Dec 25. A New Year's Eve party at the camp Lodge is being planned by the Entertainment Committee Dec 31. The meeting was closed and followed by Snack & Gift Exchange.

120509 The Ladies Luncheon is a favorite amongst the campo.
December's birthday hat was worn by Valerie Lind.


Nov 2009

The Ladie's Luncheon held every month is always a winner. This one was at La Ventana; the El Dorado Golf Course. I don't know who's birthday it was this month. Photo by Jean Breslen.


11/19/09 SFARP had anther delicious Fall Festival of Turkey and all the trimmings to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Everyone in camp is invited to attend the informative meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday winter mornings. At these gatherings we learn what's going on in our town and get to ask those questions we all share. We get to sign up for special events both in campor in town, so that the committees know how many will attend and how much food to prepare. Everyone is welcome.


11 November 2009: Abril Flores is now preparing a consolidated handout of Campo Ocotillo rules. We were complimented that we are doing better on watching speed limits and reminded that our guests are our responsibility...keep them informed. Also we are doing better at taking responsibility for our dogs and pets, although we have a little further to go on this project. The entertainment committee is open for suggestion. Jenny Erickson and Judy Carrol are both still on our sick list prayers. Then followed an Ice Cream Social, enjoyed by all. On December 11 planned is a Food and Snack Gift Exchange followed by a snack auction for Christmas gifts. A New Year's Eve party is also being planned.


10/24/09 Las Amigas is hosting a Fiesta, much like the most successful Luau of last year with music and entertainment for all. Everyone in camp is urged to attend.


10 October 2009: The first meeting for the 2009-2010 year was well attended, followed by an Octoberfest enjoyed by all. A tentative list of scheduled recreation events was presented and it appears that this year we will be enjoying entertainment events at each of our Home-Owner's meetings. Abril Florez spoke on behalf of her father, explaining the changes in the camp, They also praised the efforts of most of the residents who are slowly enhancing their individual properties and therefore the entire camp.We offered prayers for Genevieve Erickson and Judy Carrol, both on the sick list.We were again reminded to pick up after our dogs and to not let them run loose. Next meeting will be Saturday, 11/14/09 followed by Root beer floats for Veteran's Day.


October 2009

Oktoberfest was celebrated at the lodge this year. The committee in charge decorated all the tables, making it a very festive party. Photo by Jean Breslin.


Few in numbers this August Ladies Luncheon was in full swing. You can tell whose birthday we were celebrating, Karen's. That's our favorite chef at the El Cortez Hotel. He'll treet you right. Aug 6,, 09




July 2009

Carmie had a birthday in July, so she got to wear the birthday hat at our Ladies Luncheon which we celebrated at Restaurant ElCortez. What a meal they put out. Photo by Jean Breslen


11 April 2009: Our Home Owner's Activities Group decided to have a surprise for our last meeting of the year, turning it into a social with hotdogs and hamburgers. On the agenda: Reminder to keep you dogs in your yard, not your neighbors, and definitely refrain them from harassing passing cars. Thanks to Breslins and Rita for hosting the surprise 80th Birthday Celebration. Announcement that the entrance gate is now under construction. Thanks to Salvador and Lupe for the great security provided us for Easter Weekend. The first meeting of next year will be in October and it will be an Oktoberfest, with brats, music and beer.




April 4, 2009

Another great fund-raiser: Las Amigas Luau for the grants given to the students to attend college.


On March 18 several took advantage of a 3-day fishing trip on the Tony Reyes tours. We went down as far as the Islands, near Bahai de Gonzalges. On this trip we actually saw some whales off in the distance. This in addition to porpoises and dolphins, and of course the pelicans and the seagulls who hungered for the left-overs. Click here to see some of the pictures taken on this trip.


3/17/09 St Pats Day

ZAPP held a wonderfully successful fund-raiser for St. Pat's day at the Lodge with corn-beef and cabbage with all the trimmings. The music system was tremendous. A silent auction was very profitable and they raised a great stimulous package for their project. You may visit their web-page at this address.. bajaanimalrescue@yahoo.com


Desert Runs
are everywhere.
What a great time we had on the desert run on 3/16. Curt Bagby lead us to one of the many real waterfalls.


14 February 2009: Final decision: the campo will continue to handle the trash service. We now have an Activities Committee to plan parties and social activities We are looking forward to our first event. Our cancer walk 3/21 will be in memory of Carol Pauley. Ladies Luncheon was held on March 5 at the Pavilion with about 20 attending. We are a pretty active group.



The ladies of Campo Ocotillo gethered together at
the Pavilion, Mar 5, 09 for their monthly luncheon.


10 January 2009: Trash disposal has become a problem. This was discussed and shelved until residents could have a vote on which agency we should go with.
The visitor's pack has been put on hold for the time being.
The Christmas and New Year's parties both were a huge success and lots of fun. It was suggested that a song practice ahead of the Christmas parade in camp should be encouraged so more people could sing along.
A plan is needed to turn over the management of the new power plan for electricity infrastructure needed above the "Y".
Delinquent leases need to be followed up. Failure to pay property taxes on the entire Camp is at risk unless all funds are collected timely. Therefore delinquent leases will be up for sale, and this will be re-inforced.
Ladies Luncheon will be held at El Colorado on 1/29/09. As of February Ladies Luncheon will now be held on the 1st Thursday of each month. Below are pictures of this luncheon. 21 persons attended. The food was delicious and service excellent.



Ladies Luncheon at El Coloradito Jan 29, 09
Didn't want to miss anyone from this end.

.And look what they had for lunch!!!!!!!!

13 Dec 08: It was recalled that last year Joni and Lory volunteered to prepare a "visitor's pack" for new owners and renters. They promised to get going on this.Salvador rejected weekend rentals because of problems with traffic, garbage, fire crackers etc. He stated it is fine to rent out your property as long as you accept responsibility for informing your guests of rules and take responsibility for their behavior. Regarding trash collection options. Sal says the health department will not allow for burning. If we decide on a barbeque to reward the boys for their hard work in the camp, Ron Fensler offered his property.A jewelery sales party will be at the lodge on the 22nd 10-12pm, with light refreshments served.
Sal and family plan a Christmas party for the 23rd, 3pm, at the Fensler home. Our Thanksgiving dinner was much enjoyed and a New Year's Eve bash agreed to with participants bringing substantial snacks and their own drinks. Election of officers was held with John Breslin elected president, Joni Kahn vice president, Paula Smith secretary, and Jean Breslin remaining treasurer.


11/08/08: Joni suggested and it was agreed to have a Potluck at the Lodge for Thanksgiving day, Nov 27, at 2:00
Stop signs are still needed at the corner of “Y”. We cannot block entrance & exit to the beach itself. But we can stop fireworks on our section. Sal noted that the water, piped to the Highway, is a problem. If we leave our hoses running it raises the use of the water to the whole camp, and the price can be raised per meter to the whole camp.


Well, so much for the size of it.


Prior to 12/1/08 one group took to fishing. I failed to get the pictures but I understand they had a great time. Here is one of Wayne Cuttings son. Yes, they are out in a small boat, and yes it is not a huge catch, but so much for the fun of it.




Column submitted by Shirley Thompson