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News Archives

Decmeber 12: Our Lady of Guadalupe by Lory Cecotti

November 1: The Mexican Struggle by Lory Cecotti

July 28: Sam Attolico has written this lovely poem for his wife.

April 1: A Brief History of San Felipe: by Lory Cecotti

March 31: The Good Life - Philosophy of a gringo C.O. and a Mexican Fisherman

March 28: Guanajuato: SFARP enjoyed a trip never to be forgotten by Bruce F. Barber

February 28: Campo Christo, Loving the lost children in San Mateos area by Lory Cecotti

February 18: Baja Burro, a new book by Graham Mackintosh

February 14: Emisael Ruiz Juarez - Mexico's Abraham Lincoln by Emisael Ruiz


News Archives

Here is a preliminary summary of 2004