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El Colorado Restaurant out on the highway near the Ejido serves a pretty good meal at reasonable prices. I understand the owner is the son in law of George Limon of George's Restaurant in town. Dan, Jim and I ate there last night. Rumor has it another restaurant will open in front of Campo Ocotillos and Bob and Yolanda of Yolanda's Massage are now going to open a cafe as well in the general area. Don't take that as gospel, as Bob may change his mind yet again. I was really looking forward to the chocolate shop. At any rate, if you're into finding new places to eat, give this one a try. Dan's eaten breakfast there and he says it's very good.

I realize I post a lot of photos of sunrises and sunsets and most people seem to like them. I personally get a lot of peace and joy from the sunsets. These two photos were taken last night near Pop's Camp. Pretty nice place to live, San Felipe is. Click here for another, bigger photo. Breathtaking!!

I was driving through Rancho El Dorado yesterday and stopped to take a couple of photos of the new gas station they are building at the corner of Saltito Road. This is where the commercial center will be when it is completed and the new Pemex will more than likely take a lot of business away from in town gas stations. This might not be a bad thing, however, as the stations in town might try to give better service - like washing your windows and offering to check your oil!!

The new pump station on the same corner as motel row which I have photos of below (the hole in the road) is coming along nicely. At least it looks more like a pump station now. Rumor has it that this station will pump sewage to the treatment plant in Las Manitas. After that, the grey water will be piped to Mexicali. The photo on the left was taken in June. The photo on the right was taken in August.

There's a new cafe in town which serves the best caramel smoothy. It's right next to the Posada del Sol (Mercardo La Morena) at the corner of the south end of the Malecon. It's owned by the family that has the motel and grocery store. Try it; you'll like it!


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