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What the Audience is Saying About Natasha James’ Performance in Town. La Gata, Buenos dias. We attended the tequila festival yesterday and watched both sets of the Natasha James band. Your readers should be advised that this is perhaps the best musical group to ever play in San Felipe. I have attended many concerts over the years and it just doesn’t get any better. Thanks for bringing this band to our festival. adios, Ricardo

6 March 2010 - Saturday. I’ll bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth.  I’m still here, I’ve just been either without my laptop or without a proper internet connection. Aida Valencia has her last day of her Mosaic Work Shop with Desert Mothers today and she’ll head back to Tijuana with her assistants after today’s class.  Aida and her group were at the Tequila festival dancing away to Natasha James and Tavo’s Revolution.  Today, in addition to the Tequila Festival, Club Las Amigas is having their annual poker run and the Singout Sisters and Chuy will be performing their karaoke show at the Fandango Sports Bar beginning around 6:30.  This will be their premier at the Fandango, although I believe they were there a couple of years ago, but I could be wrong.  Tomorrow is the first game of the Tiburones, and it’s not at the normal field.  I will have driving instructions for you by the days end. Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. at Club de Pesca is the "Celebration of Life" for Ray Lloyd. It's a pot luck and they request that you bring a chair and your own plate and cutlery.  Beer will be provided.  I understand Ray’s daughter will be here. More in a little minute.

san felipe

I started to post last night when I returned from listening to Natasha James at the Tequila Festival, but I went to sleep after downloading photos from three cameras.  I had to go to Mexicali to have my FM2 stamped the other day and because I was so late running errands in El Centro, I had to stay a second night. 

The drive down was uneventful.  I ran into Lic. Bruno, our old head of Immigration, outside the building as you enter Mexico (on the left).  It was kind of comical because with the revamping of the lanes, I simply began to drive over to the far left lane when I was stopped by a nice gentleman.  I explained to him that I had to have my FM2 stamped coming back into Mexico, so after two moves of my car, I was allowed to park it behind others, run in and have it stamped and get on my merry way.  I expected a lot more traffic on the drive down, but there was minimal.  Evidently, the State Department has sent out a "border travel alert" and it was all over CNN news.  I wish that just once, a person who is reporting this hogwash would come to San Felipe and see for themselves.  We must have oil we're not willing to give up or the economy is so bad in the United States, that they are issuing travel alert warnings to keep people in the United States.  If you're concerned about traveling to San Felipe - don't be.  I just drove back and forth by myself and I had no problems.  Our highway is coming right along and it won't be long before it's finished. Your College students will be safe getting here and while they are here, so please do not believe everything you hear or see on television.

ribbon cutting

5 March 2010 - Friday. Hey everyone, this is a reminder Natasha James is starting her performance around 3:30 p.m. Tomorrow. Is such a great day here in Downtown San Felipe!


3 March 2010 - Wednesday. It’s hump day in San Felipe and what a gorgeous day it is.  The birds are chirping away and in about twenty minutes, the SFARP meeting begins.  I have been bumped from today to March 17; Dr. Abasolo and one other person are speaking this morning.  I don't mind as I am part Irish. I'm going to try and get the scoop on the new FM2 and FM3 cards. If all else fails, I'll do a tap dance. Check out this view from the patio of our new "Penthouse at La Plazita" - and I am going to have the best suntan ever! The 3rd Annual Tequila Festival is in high gear for March 5, 6 and 7.  Come and have a great time and listen to Natasha James and if you don’t know who she is, google her name!

This is very important.  The Cancer Walk, which is scheduled for March 20, needs your help and they also need sponsors.  Desert Mothers is working with the Cancer Walk Committee to jointly sell these beautiful, hand painted pins, which show the logo of the cancer walk women.  They were designed and taught by Kari at the workshop and will certainly help with costs associated with the event.  We want this cancer walk to be the biggest thus far, so pick up one of these ceramic, hand painted Cancer Walk pins, hand made by Mexican women in San Felipe.  How much better does it get?

I received an email from Val Domer this morning, looking for Dario de Baja’s stories.  He will still be on our site, and he is, but he willl be under Articles and Stories on the main page of sanfelipe.com.mx.  Because of the new format, I have to rearrange the icons so it doesn’t look so crowded.  You can look for that to be accomplished in the next couple of days.  I love his stories, but he only writes when he's inspired so we need to get him inspired. In the mean time, he's stilll here >>. Also, until Cheeky and Chaquita start their column up and running, (one of them had to reurn to Yuma) they will be removed, but it's all temporary!

I’m getting ready to launch the new – and I’m very excited about it – KatsKorner.com.mx – it’s got vibrant colors and a whole new look so stay tuned.  It will be an ongoing process until it’s completed, but in the mean time, you’ll always be able to read archived writings and view the galleries easier.  Speaking of galleries, I put up some photos of the “Snarlin Cholla” party at the Flannigans on my Web Me Album here >>.

And fron the San Felipe Title Book Store "Hi Kat, could you post in the Korner that Roy Houston will be doing a special "Star talk and Show" on March 12 and 13. The talk will be at 7 p.m. in the community center at Km 35 (Campo El Vergel) and the show will be at 7 p.m. at Km 49 (Campo Coloradito). There will be a new moon that night which will facilitate a good view of the stars and everyone is advised to dress warmly and encouraged to bring Telescopes, binoculars, etc. Thank you, Cat".

2 March 2010 - Tuesday. Today is the “Cheeseburger in Paradise” soiree at the Flannigan’s to help support the Snarlin Chollas race team.  DJ Mexico will be spinning tunes and Denny will be your master of ceremonies.  The event is being hosted by Belinda and George and begins at 1:00 p.m.

I have received the wrong corner oak fire place, which I have to send back, I was wondering if any body is interested in buying it. It cost  me $562.00 Designed to fit flush against wall or snugly in a corner, detailed craftsmanship, including hand rubbed Golden cherry finish,carved molding, faux slate surround, Included fire place electric insert 120V/1350W, 4600 BTUs per hour, thermostat internal heater. Heats room up to 400 st feet. Control panel with dimmer switch operates with or with out heater, Glass front door remain cool to the touch. Mantel constructed with wood/wood veneer.  Electric fire place 18" over all 38"wide x 24 1/4" deep x 35" high CSA certified. Thanks Jean Burnham.”  You can see a photo of it here >>.

I received my approval for media credentials from Score today so I will be able to interview some racers during the San Felipe 250 and take photos, so I’m pretty excited about that.  I read in a Google alert this morning that Robby Gordon would be here pre racing next week and they also mentioned the 3rd Annual Tequila Festival in front of Baja Mar Restaurant, March 5, 6 and 7 beginning at 1:00 p.m. and just to remind every one – Natasha James will play 2 hours each day of the festival.

This is a thank you from Jeanene Steffen: “Hey Kat, It's Jeanene Steffen.  Was wondering if you would post thanks to folks who helped me out when I lost my wash at the Dolphin Wash a few weeks ago.  If you've got time, I'd appreciate it!  Many thanks (muchas gracias) to all those who helped me out when I lost (left) my wash at the Dolphin Wash a few weeks ago.  I particularly want to thank my friends Teddy Merrick and Janet Zeller for listening to my cries of pain just after discovering my loss.  I also want to thank those who gave me clothes to keep me covered - Donna Roberts for T-Shirts and more, Carol from "One of a Kind" clothing store who gave me two outfits, Caroline Harris (my neighbor who wasn't even here and brought me clothes), Teddy Merrick for shopping for me in San Diego.  Many thanks also to my pickle ball friends who mourned with Vickie and me who gave me a new pair of pants! And by the way, my clothes were returned to the Dolphin Wash a couple of weeks later and for that I am very, very grateful and humbled.  The lovely senora that works there rewashed and folded them and returned them to me.  Again, muchas gracias mi amigas!”  All’s well that ends well.

The Celebration of life for Ray Lloyd will be held on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. on the terraza of Club de Pesca.  Ray passed away quietly in his sleep and had been a resident of San Felipe for many years.  He will be missed by many.  This is a pot luck affair, so please bring your own plate and silver ware and a dish of something or an appetizer. 

The San Felipe Rotary Club is sponsoring their annual “Steak in the Park” on March 11, 2010.  Enjoy excellent barbequed steak with baked potato, salad and dessert.  They also have a silent auction and all monies made from this event will go towards different civic projects the San Felipe Rotary Club sponsors.  The steaks are always great!

The 8th Annual International Chili Cookoff is scheduled for May 1, 2010 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the terraza patio overlooking the warm, blue Sea of Cortez at Club de Pesca, here in San Felipe.  Pancho and Jorge Limon, along with Joseph Malek and his crew, will be busy with entrants and advertising and this year is sure to be big.  Mark your calendars now for May 1 at the Fish Club!

1 March 2010 - Monday. The Ides of March are right around the corner as are many activities for this month. What a great weekend we just had. The weather was beautiful and there were a lot of folks out on the Malécon and walking around town. Ken, Hop a Long and I had lunch out on the patio of the Red Lobster yesterday after the U.S. vs. Canada hockey game. I managed to step on another pair of glasses and break them the other morning. Hence, my new glasses on the table.

san felipe

While we are on the subject of upcoming events, Desert Mothers has a list of outstanding workshops coming up and the next one is with Aida Valencia teaching mosaics.


MARCH 3,4,5 - Aida Valencia  Mosaics I & II
MARCH 15, 16, 17 - Kari Montrose and Debbie La Bonte will be teaching beading and Jewelry design
MARCH 29, 30, 31 - Luis Cogley teaching  beautiful, fun “Yard Art” from the master
APRIL 8,9, 10 - Penny Nash – teaching “Clay Mask” making. This is the class everyone has been asking for, so sign up early.
APRIL 28, 29, 30 - Kari Montrose – teaching “Silver Jewelry” - Kari is a certified PMC teacher, Level II.
MAY 15, 16, 17 - Steve Sherrod - Metal Work - Table construction using metals.  Steve is a master with iron and his classes are always in demand.

For further information, contact Donna Roberts @ 576-0089 or 686-169-5267 or email her at bajadonna [at] gmail [dot] [com].

While at the Red Lobster yesterday, Marge and Tom Scott were there with friends and they had just finished brunch so I took their advice and had the Fettuccini. It was great. Although I know every one at the table, I'm not going to name each person because I already know I'll call someone by the wrong name, so this is a group of San Felipians out for brunch on a Sunday afternoon.

san felipe red lobster

On Saturday, Tony and I had lunch at the Nauty Taco, which is on the second floor of La Plazita. We had fresh fish filet and it was excellent and the prices are reasonable. Tony had been by to see the new Net - Home of Kat's Korner but didn't realize it was one floor up, so we went up and what a beautiful view of the Sea of Cortez and Mar de Cortez both south and north.

For many years there has been a display of Tony Reyes photos inside the Red Lobster restaurant. After Tony Reyes, Sr.'s death, they hand painted the date of his birth and death above display. His photos are actually on more than one wall, but if you haven't seen them, stop by and take a look.


While driving around yesterday, I stopped in front of the old Net location to take a photo, which I did but I wrote "Moved to La Plazita" on it in my new color, which is green. I am going to miss being there, but it's time to move on. At any rate, we are now on the top floor of La Plazita, which is across the street from Bancomer or Tavo's pharmacy. Tentatively, the hours are 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. but please use 577-2577 until the phones are installed.


Speaking of moving, I drove by the new location for The Latin Gardens Restaurant on the Malécon and they are moving right along. The workers told me they plan to be open by March 6. There is outside and inside dining and it's very nice. Can't wait to see it when it's open.


27 February 2010 - Saturday. It's kind of overcast today and I just read about the 8.8 earthquake in Chile and they are saying the tsunami may hit the West coast. Lynne Shanahan, Marian Sullivan and Evelyn Cass, all former San Felipe residents, all live in or near Hawaii and Lynne wrote this morning: "Hello Everyone, Please don't worry about the Tsunami ..in this Apt. building we are safe..I have food water batteries and radio if the Electric goes out..I am on the 5th floor and from the 3rd up is safe..the sirens go off every hour and if it is more dangerous we will get more warnings...people are filling their Gas tanks and getting food and all emergency items..not many people on the streets if it does hit here it will be about 2 hours time...I will email after if we have electric.. Take care of each other and thank you our Barb for your email of concern..love to Pam for the warning also.. God Bless. I Love all of you." We love you too Lynne!

I just learned yesterday that another one of my old friends and former Net member, Bob Taylor passed away in January. My condolences to Barbara. The "San Felipe Has Talent" performed out at the Pavillion yesterday was a lot of fun. Tavo (from Tavo's Revolution) was supposed to be in our skit and he couldn't come, so three of us, me, Anita and Hop-a-Long, made fools out of ourselves, but it was for a good cause so, we didn't mind. There were a lot of very talented people to make up for it and the chocolate cake was great. I posted three new albums on my Apple Web Me Album and you can see those by clicking on the yellow flower below LaGataLoca's Apple Web Me Album or these arrows >>. One album is 500 photos of the Tiburones vs. Sharks game held in Tijuana, the Groudbreaking Ceremony of the Cultural Center and just a few photos of Sergio's wedding to Evelyn. I have about 200 more photos of the actual wedding and reception to post and Ill try and get to those as soon as I can. One of the highlights of yesterday's variety show was seeing Dottie Bieley in the front row. She even got up and did a little jig. She is such a wonderful person and Joe and Pat (long time Las Amigans) were with her.

las amigas

The Pavillion was packed and a special thanks to BJ Sweitzer an Sandi Kato of El Dorado Ranch who put in many hours organizing this event. I believe BJ is planning next year's event as we speak. The SFAR St. Patrick's Day Dinner has been moved from Ocotillo lodge to the Pavillon at El Dorado Ranch. It is on March 17th from 5pm-9pm. Tickets are $12 or 156 pesos. Music will be provided by DJ Mexico.

san felipe variety

This weekend, Jews around the world will celebrate Purim, a festival marking the Jewish people's rescue from genocide at the hands of the Persians. It begins on Sunday. The "Snarlin Cholla" party is at the Flannigans estate at Playa de Oro on Tuesday, March 2. Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. is the San Felipe Association of Retired Persons meeting, which I will be a guest speaker. Friday there are a lot of events around town, including SFARP's rib barbeque, Casino Day at El Dorado Ranch and of course, the 2010 San Felipe Tequila Festival with Natasha James headlining. It's going to be a great weekend and many events going on and pre-racers in town. The San Felipe 250 is right around the corner.

I received an emails from Mark Fulton regarding the Hummingbird photos I posted down below. Thanks Mark and here's what he has to say: "Kat; Glad to hear you are feeling better, missed hearing about San Felipe. Saw the pictures of the "hummingbird". Below is what I believe the bird to be. They stay around the same area all year round, so your friends should be able to enjoy them indefinitely. Gila Woodpecker" vs. Hummingbird.

26 February 2010 - Friday. It’s finally the weekend and what beautiful weather we’re having.  Today is the beginning of the weekend and out at the Pavillion is the Las Amigas event “San Felipe Has Talent” which is a variety show to raise funds for college scholarships.  It begins at 2:00 p.m. but all performers are requested to be there by 1:00 p.m.  It should be a wonderful array of a variety of talent in San Felipe and at the same time, help put a student through college.  All funds go for scholarships for Cobach students and Las Amigas is San Felipe’s oldest civic group.

The Tequila Festival is still scheduled for March 5, 6 and 7.  There will be plenty of tequila flowing and great food, mariachis and folkloric dancers and the headliner, Natasha James.  It’s on the Malécon beginning around 1:00 p.m. in front of the Baja Mar Restaurant.  Natasha and her band will play around 5:00 p.m.  You can get your tickets at the Baja Mar Restaurant or at the gate, which is the Malécon.  We may have a television station here to film it, but we’ll have to wait and see.  It’s going to be a lot of fun so come all three days or just one or two! We are getting some great press all around the United States, thanks to Natasha's publicists and her latest song, "So You Think This is Love" has gone to #1 on the charts and we'll be able to hear it live!!

Sergio Leon, manager of La Vaquita Restaurant, told me yesterday that the “Casino Day” event on March 6 at the Pavillion will be for the benefit of the Tiburones American Football team to help them with the purchase and construction of their field.  Previously, it was a benefit for Cruz Roja.  After the gambling and the silent auction are finished, the team will play a short game in front of the Pavillion.  Should be interesting.

More as the day goes on, but I must get ready for the variety show today.  In case you’re wondering, we will open “The Net – Home of Kat’s Korner – No Bad Days” on Monday in the Penthouse at La Plazita.  We have been slowly moving up there, but painting and phones have prevented the actual physical move.  We will, hopefully, have it all together on Monday, so stop by and say hello.  Go towards the restaurant on the second floor and turn left up two small flights of stairs to get there.  You can see the trees from Tavo’s pharmacy, across the street.  We will also put two camcorders up – one facing the Sea of Cortez and one facing Curio street. Of course, I’ll be on the patio waving to my fans (just kidding).

25 February 2010 - Thursday. I received this email from Donna and Darlene with lovely photos of their Hummingbird: "Hi Kat...This fellow shows up every morning at the humming bird feeder and has a little drink... Thought you might want to share it! Donna and Darlene". Thank you for sharing.

humming bird


If you recall, last week I posted a photo of Snoops the cat that thought it was a watch dog.  Doc Prichard sent a little more to the story and here it is:  “The Continuing Snoop Saga:  It was a time when a faint light was beginning to show from the Sea of Cortez to the east and a black streak flashed from the neighbors, Dan and Judy Martin’s yard to the south.  It startled me for a moment, but when this phantom all at once showed up in the dark, purring and softly rubbing on my ankle, I realized it was Dean and Jackie Moore’s cat Snoop.  He was out on his usual territorial maneuvers (perhaps he learned some of this from Dean who has had considerable experience at this in Nam and other places).  Upon hearing me open the door, Snoop immediately came to make his early morning call and to survey the area around, this from the vantage point of our high deck.  Our place provides the passage way between Snoop and the Moore’s (and Suzy their cute Dachshund) to the North and the Martin’s to the south, with their dogs Ococ (named after his predecessor Coco) and Dachshund Zeke, who is good friends with Suzy.  We’ve lived through several generations of dogs and cats, all passing on from old age, except for Sniff, who was the sister to Snoop, and his spitting image.  She came up missing one day and we all hope that the Coyotes who roam through here at dawn and dusk didn’t find her at a disadvantage like the other small ones who have gone that way before. These animals and good friends all make their trips trough here several times a day and we love the parade.  About the time Snoop is finished with his morning hunt (or haunt) and goes home to rest, Ococ finally gets up and comes over to howl for his “good doggy pat” and morning biscuit


Later, he places his signature on everything upright, but Snoop doesn’t seem to respect his hard work.  As soon as he starts to head home, Snoop lets Ococ see him so they can play the expected and proper game of chase.  At Ococ’s frustration, Snoop is quick to find one of his secure bunkers or rooftops; Ococ looks extremely dejected and finally heads across our yard to home, not even looking for another biscuit.  We all pioneered here at Los Viajeros, Norte in El Dorado Ranch several years ago and still enjoy this place that some call the Gringo Barrio of the north. Furthermore, the area is showing some signs of an extended maturity as are the neighbors.  Anyway, this particular morning, Snoop was over early as usual and tended to want to perch on the pillar on the west rather than the east side of the high deck.  From the looks of his concentration, I believe he heard some birds starting to wake up and chirp on that side of the house.   He owns these vantage points at that time of day and the way I know that is when I tried to move him off to get a good picture of the clouds over Diablo and the other mountains to the west, he chomped on my trigger finger which slightly oozed with blood. Even though it hurt like – well it was painful, I didn’t really mind since it is well known that he only bites people he really likes.  Well, speaking of Snoop, I’d better leave this story for another day. Ococ has left for his all day nap and I see Snoop crossing the road from the other side.  When he finds me on the computer he cannot resist kneading on my key board – Exit Stage Left.  Kat, hope you are feeling well -- I really enjoy your site.  Doc." I really enjoyed this story and thank you Richard.

24 February 2010 - Wednesday. Tonight, Vatos Locos are playing here in the hood at La Vaquita and they have a dinner special going on too.

Once again, it is time to support one of our local racing teams! The Snarlin' Cholla Party is Tuesday March 2 from 1-4 at the Flannigan's house at Playa de Oro! Join us for the Annual 'Cheeseburger in Paradise Party' where you can spend a relaxing afternoon in the beautiful weather of Baja touching bases with your friends. No cover charge. This legendary Sportsman Class Rail finished 3rd in its class for the 2009 SCORE Point Season. Cheeseburgers; Beer & Well Drinks; Cordell’s Famous Margaritas & Baja Brewers Home Brew. Help us raise as few bucks to back our racing team and support our local racers.   Our superstar drivers will be available for Photo ops!  Directions:  Go to the gate a Playa de Oro and follow the signs to the Flannigan's house by the arroyo (towards the beach.)  Tell them Pancho Villa sent you and get a free smile from one of our friendly guards who will help you in any way possible. We traditionally have awesome fun with music by DJ Mehico and the party people of San Felipe!

"Hi Kat, Just a quick note to ask you to post our New Breakfast Info on Kat's Korner!  Fat Boy's is Now Serving Good Old American Style Breakfasts Mondays-Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to Noon!  Our Biscuits & Sausage Gravy, the Fat Slam & Omelets are popular!  We started our New Breakfast Menu on February 15th & Thanks to all of our friends in San Felipe, it's starting to Take Off!  We still have our Sunday Breakfast Special too! Buy an alcoholic beverage & receive a FREE BREAKFAST (Huevos Rancheros, Chorizo & Egg Burritos or Ham & Cheese Quesedillas with Refried Beans!)"

Aida Valencia will be in town again on March 3, 4 and 5.  She will be teaching, along with her staff,  both Mosaics I and II. People must register now and pay half down. The price is $225.00 but you could never find a workshop for this price in the states. It will be at Desert Mother’s Co-op and you call Donna for directions and other information from the U.S. at:  011-52- 576-0089 or 686-169-52-67.  Aida is one of Mexico’s most diverse artists and this is one workshop you won’t want to miss. www.casavalencia.com.

Ray Lloyd a San Felipe resident for many years and a Canadian citizen, who happened to be one year older than San Felipe, passed away in his sleep last night. I’ve know Ray for many years and he was fortunate enough to visit his original homeland, England, over the last few months of his life and even flew a plane.  Ray was a fighter pilot for England during the war.  He will be missed by family and friends.

Don’t forget about the variety show Friday at 2:00 p.m. at the Pavillion Restaurant on Las Caras de Mexico Golf Course.  This is going to be a fun show and strictly for fun – we are all winners (yeah, right).  It’s for a worthy cause and Las Amigas has put many kids through college, so come out and show your support.

And as a follow up to our "horses in the road" story from Karen Bradley, this is a little long but I thought it needed to be read and thank you Patti. "Good Morning Kat.  Upon reading the “snippet” on Kat’s Korner regarding the horse that was hit and killed near the Airport intersection, I thought I would drop you a line with some more information, in hopes that you will write a more detailed and stronger warning/plea for people to watch for horses and SLOW DOWN when they are driving on the Puerticitos road! There is a herd of horses…there were 8 before the young colt was killed, that roam the desert right around La Hacienda. Most of them are young colts and fillies with the exception of the Stallion and two Mares. By all appearances these horses are “owned” by someone, but they are left to their own devices to forage for food and water. As a result, they are in very poor physical condition, and some of them can’t move quickly. Right before Christmas, the two mares were literally starving to death and could barely walk….without food they only had weeks left before they succumbed. As a result, my Husband and I made the commitment to become stewards for this herd by dropping hay for them. Watching these beautiful horses slowly succumb was something that we were not willing to do!  However, since we already have two Mexican rescue horses of our own, we do not have the funds to feed 8 more horses.  As a result, I contacted ZAPP to see if they would be willing to help, and I got on the radio (we live in the south campos) and asked for help.  The response was huge! I collected over $300 and we were able to buy a large load of hay. ZAPP also purchased a load of hay and between the two of us…the horses are now getting fed on a regular basis, several times a week.  As a result, they have all put on some weight and are no longer in critical condition.  It is not our intention to relocate this herd, or rustle these horses from their owner…but rather, to simply offer some assistance in the way of food. The big problem is…this herd crosses the road, mostly at dusk or after dark to look for food and drink from a broken pipe …which is probably their only source of water. As I’m sure you are aware, the Puerticitos road is dark and narrow, and many people drive way too fast!  These horses roam in a very wide area…from the airport intersection all the way down to KM 9.  Since you are able to reach so many people, your help would be so appreciated by issuing a warning!  It breaks my heart to see these horses slowly picked off one by one, now that we have saved them from starvation, not to mention that hitting a horse can cause great injury to the driver as well! Sincerely, Patti Kenmore."

23 February 2010 - Tuesday. It's officially Tuesday morning inasmuch as it's 12:18 a.m. so I'm calling it the next day. Do not forgot about this Friday at the Pavillion where you will get to see some of your feiends get on stage when you see "San Felilpe Has Talent" which is a variety show sponsored by Club Las Amigas beginning at 2:00 p.m. It's going to be a lot of fun and one act you're going to see, even I can't believe it's happening. You'll have to go to the Pavillion to see it and much more. All the monies collected, of course, go to college scholarships. Today is the Food Bank Meeting at 4:00 next to the bookstore at the food office bank office/aution house. Photo by Victor Rodriguez Ratliff. I have a ton more, but I'll get caught up with all of Hop-a-Long's photos slowly.

Baja Java has a brunch this Sunday and I heard from Carlos and just to make sure it doesn't fall down the cracks, I'm puttin it on now. T"Dear Kat, I'm writing to invite you out to Baja Java at Playa San Rafael this coming Sunday, Feb 28th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm for a live music event featuring myself playing classical guitar. The usual Baja Java menu will be served. Please pass this invitation on to your friends, and I'd be most grateful if you could kindly post something about it on Kat's Korner too. I'm attaching my flyer for the event in a Word document. It would be good to see you, so I hope you can make it! Best wishes, Carlos Bono."

22 February 2010 - Monday. My friend, former boookkeeper and English student, now attending the University Autonom of Baja California studying to be certified public accountant and her name is Abril, is asking us to fill out the following survey for a school project. These are Abril's words: "Hello - that is the link I need you to post, only the first 100 people can answer it, and it is about a Stingray meat product. We want to put in to the market as a school project and soon we will do some dishes and put a stand on the Malécon so people can taste them and probably buy some. THANKS." Please click the arrows for the survey >> and please do take the time out of your busy schedules take it to help the kids out. I have much more to write so keep refreshing your page, but I wanted to let you know I'm still one with the world and San Felipe.

For those of you wondering about the latest at the Sentri lane at the border, from Tom: "Hi Kat, Found out yesterday by accident the east crossing in Mexicali is putting in Centri lane in the far left lane, it is not in operation but they have concrete K-rails in from the bridge to the entry gate and if the vendors move the cones as they did Fri. morning and you end up in the left lane you are stuck single file.  We did not see any signs warning about the left lane so thought you may want to post this info.  We were told it may be in operation in couple weeks if Mexico can get their part of the work done. Tom". Thanks Tom and some other people told me if you're driving a huge motor home, you might be better off taking the Mexicali border and I don't have alll the facts, only something about low cameras which are easy to hit.

And from our "Illustrated Lady" who is now resting comfortably in her own home: "Kat, just wanted you to know I am doing well slowly, but surely, and I would like to thank all the San Felipians that came forward and helped and believed in me...the case is closed and I have been completely absolved and exonerated of all charges   HOOray ...special thanks to Heather and Vatos Locos for their help and support, there are just too many who were there for me to  list them all but they know who they are ...again thank you for your help and belief in me ....I LUV SAN FELIPE.. and it proves what I always say about we are all here for one another....much love and hugs to all. Please post this on the Korner so the most people may see it.  Again thanks".  Irene called me when she was getting ready to leave the Abasolo Annex to the slammer and naturally, the photo op of the year can't be accomplished because I don't have my car and Hop-a-Long didn't have his camera with him and no one at the clinic had one with them. Of course, we had this planned before we knew about her attorney's traggic accident.

This is a link which is featured on George Pucket's MexicoMySpace, where incidentally he has our video posted of "Abrazos Gratis. This is a post from a San Diego Immigration attorney and I believe you must go onto George's site first. Che it out - it's got a lot of scoop on other parts of Mexico. Please click the arrows >> (you may get the artile) and if not, here is the link to MexioMySpace >>.

What a weekend, Unfortunately, I was home either in bed or in bed and on my computer. I did venture out for one evening dinner for "A' Child's Garden" (short) but I'm paying for it now. At any rate, I have some new and old scoop and if I repeat myself, please blame in on the pneumonia.  I’ll start with Friday, at least.  I posted something about the problems out of PDO and I’ve received a response from Mr. Bruce Parkman, the developer involved and at the end is the “email” which was distributed regarding the current problems.  I am not posting any photo of the military out there because I like living in San Felipe.  I want you to keep in mind that I am only posting what inquiring minds want to know – I take no sides in this issue.  This is the response I received from Mr. Parkman: “Hi Kat, Playa De Oro and myself have taken some big hits over the past year and I have now reached the point where I intend to respond to these allegations. The most recent and most egregious was Russ Ferrall invasion of property and the ensuing Flagrant Criminal Charges filed against him by Parkstrong and myself. I have attached a news release regarding this event that you may or may not want to publish, your decision. The point I want to make is Parkstrong and myself did everything legal and above board and the Mexican law is valid and does work. Gringos cannot just decide to do illegal things and get away with it. Thank you for your time and should you desire to discuss this further I am available by phone 509.981.4891, email parkstrong [at] yahoo [dot] com. l and will be in PDO next week. Good to hear you are getting well. Bruce".

san felipe

Please read the rest of the saga below, but first I would like to explain that I did not post the this first because it came to me "unsigned" and I believe in hearing "both" sides of the story. 'TOW' at PDO TROUBLE IN PARADISE. Recent events at PDO have left homeowners with a less than 'safe' feeling as problems continue to brew between property owners and developer.  Plagued by poor security. crime and unrest, [Edited by Kat as not relevant to the rebuttal]. Most recently, in a standoff staged by Russ Ferrell, the first sales manager at PDO, on the advice of his attorney and with court papers in hand claimed ownership of a beach front lot.  Ferrell  fenced in the lot with orange construction fencing then parked his RV on it to establish his rights.    When the police came he produced evidence that he was the owner.   The matter was then set for court on Saturday Feb... 20th.  In the interim, Mr. Parkman took matters into his own hands and decided to do the fencing & towing with the help of some of his police officers.   On the 17 of February, the RV was towed away by Bruce Parkman, the fenced removed and a new chain link installed by Parkman with concrete pillars on all corners. The  matter is yet to be settled by the courts. As this plays out, Playa de Oro's  phrase, 'Doing it Right' seems to have taken new on new connotations asking the question, 'Doing What Right?" Stay tuned.

19 February 2010 - Friday. I forgot to mention that Karen Bradley had written me to let people know the following: “Kat - please let people know that there are horses on the road in various places. I almost got one just a little north of the circle Friday morning. One of my customers hit one south of town near the airport corner Saturday night. I only saw one, but there were more than one south of town. Karen.” Also, Baja Java is having their Sunday brunch beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Also, please mark your calendars for March 3, 4 and 5 for Desert Mother's Work Shop with Aida Valencia from 10 to 4:00 p.m. "She will teaching with her staff both Mosaics one and two. People must register now and pay half down. The price is $225.00. It will be at the co-opt out on the highway. Please call me (Donna Roberts) for directions to the location and other information.  576-0089 or 686-169-52-67. Aida is one of Mexico's most diverse artist in Mexico. She has won too many awards to mention. People who have taken this play shop in the past have raved about it". Here are photos of the first workshop with Aida if you will click the arrows >>.

Thank you to all for sending get well wishes. I am feeling much better and today I take my last shot so I should be good as new by tomorrow. My buddy Double-A brought over some patches, so hopefully I'll be a non-smoker soon. However, if you see me smoking, you'll know it didn't work.

I read on a google alert that our “Abrazos’s Gratis” held the record on Mexico My Space for the most video views and we’ve gotten a lot of very positive feed back for that little event.  If you haven’t seen the video, please click on the YouTube icon to the left and you can see it.  It’s very touching.

Tomorrow is a busy day in San Felipe.  In the morning around 10:00 a.m., at the Cancer Awareness Clinic on Mar de Cortez, they are having a little party, which is free, but donations are encouraged.  After that is the Paella Festival at the El Cortez Hotel and it looks like the weather is going to hold out for that. 

Out at El Dorado Ranch, aside from the swap meet, Butch and Linda Williams are hosting a “Compass Draw Tennis Tournament” and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Cancer Walk for Prostrate Cancer screening in San Felipe.   It begins at about 7:45 on February 20 at the courts near the swap meet.  The public is invited to watch, but you must be a member or a guest of a member to play.  Kudos to Butch and Linda for giving back to the community of San Felipe.

It’s been so long since I’ve been out and about, I don’t remember what’s going on Saturday night, so I’ll have to look in my Brenda Star book and also my emails.  Tonight, I believe Val's Event list has what's going on. Seems like there’s been a lot of activity in the last few weeks out at Playa de Oro.  Some one sent me a photo of a fence being torn down and a motor home being towed, with the pop out still out.  Between the military, the homeowners associations (yes, there are two) and tow trucks, it’s becoming little Peyton place. 

18 February 2010 -- Pod cast 31 is up and running featuring: The San Felipe Cancer Society with Jan Goode and Dr. Anel Becerra. Click on image to listen.


16 February 2010 -- Kat has pneumonia and is under doctor's orders to rest for two days, so she will not be posting on Kat's Korner for a couple of days.

Don't forget the Paella Festival is on Saturday, and the Tequila Festival March 5, 6 and 7 on the Malécon, with Natasha James's playing all three days. Also, the Fat Tuesday celebration at La Vaquita was cancelled but if you were going to go to it, you can go to La Vaquita tonight and they will give you 20% off.

And from Jim Manning: Hi Kat..Baja Boys are enjoying being at Jolly Mon on Thursday @ 6pm.. In fact, last week we had a late drop in group that was so much fun, we're thinking of adding a Jitterbug/Swing contest. So if anyone is interested, show up and we will make it happen.. And we're still at La Vaquita on Friday ..Wonderful Dinner crowd last week. Thanks Kat...Later..Jim

14 February 2010 – Sunday.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Tomorrow in the United States Presidents Day is being observed so plan accordingly. Because it's a federal holiday, the banks and post offices will be closed as well as any state or federal offices. I have lots of photos of the Carnival and parade and I'll get those up along with the "Abrazos Gratis" photos later this afternoon. I need to take a nap.

It seems rather odd having Valentine’s Day fall on a Sunday, but being the last day of Carnival 2010, after brunch or breakfast in bed, you might want to take a stroll down the Malécon and listen to some music by Tavo’s Revolution and one other group which I believe start playing at about noon until 5:00, but I’ll check with Hop-a-Long again as I was sleeping when he got back, and I don’t retain much when I’m just waking up.  We’ll have one more parade today and kudos to those people who took time off of their busy schedules to make costumes and decorate floats for San Felipe’s Carnival.

It's official - we are having a "Tequila Festival" on the Malécon on March 5, 6 and 7 and, along with some of the best tequila you'll ever put to your lips "Crossover Queen" Natasha James and her band will perform all three days. Put this one on your calendar because it's going to be a blast.

I really want to thank the people who took time out of their busy schedules and for no other reason than to help promote the town, came out for our “Abrazos Gratis” campaign, especially Kenneth Whitmore and Bonny McNair, Juanita from Washtub Laundry, Yolanda McCracken (who will be volunteering at Kat’s new Korner); Briana Vega, AnitaNet, Mary Hainey and, of course, Hop-a-Long.  I didn't’t get down there until about 1:00 p.m. and there weren't’t too many people on the Malécon, but the reception from the locals and tourists was pretty good, especially the little kids.  South Beach Karen took a sign down to the beach where a family was sitting and after the little boy gave Karen a hug, he swiped her sign and ran to his mom and gave her a hug.  You see, the purpose of this event was to promote good will in San Felipe; it was not a fund raiser nor  was it a competition between any groups.  The main purpose was to help promote tourism without any agenda.  I was a bit disappointed that out of at least 4,000 American and Canadian residents, just a drop in the bucket took the time to help promote San Felipe. But I was more delighted to see real, down to earth caring people giving and receiving hugs.

13 February 2010 - Saturday. Tomorrow at Baja Java you'll find Carlos Bono strumming away and he writes: "Dear Kat, I'm writing to invite you out to Baja Java at Playa San Rafael this coming Valentine's Day Sunday, Feb 14th for a classical guitar musical brunch from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm featuring myself on guitar. Please pass this invitation on to your friends, and I'd be most grateful if you could kindly post something about it on Kat's Korner too. Also, congrats on your nice new office! I hope you can make it! Best wishes, Carlos Bono". Also, Latin Gardens has their Saturday Super $7 tonight.

Today on the Malécon at noon is Kat's Korner's Promotion "Abrazos Gratis" and the band, Tavo's Revolution starts to play at 12:00 p.m. (but it will probably be more like 2:00 p.m.) If you are going to participate, please be there by a few minutes before noon to get your sign. This will be filmed and featured on MexicoMySpace and YouTube.


Last night, they had the opening ceremonies and the traditional burning of the "mal humor" guy which I understand included Marcos Negrete (for the third time I believe) Chema and Telnor. I'm sure there were more listed but that's all Anita heard.

carnival san felipe 2010

There was a pretty good turnout for the first night, but most of the crowd was contained to one area, which was in front of the bandstand on the Malécon.

carnival san felipe

The royalty for Carnival was also there but because I wasn't there for the crowning, I don't know who the queen is but we will find out at the parade this afternoon and let you know. I think it's the pretty one in the purple dress, but we'll just have to wait and see.

carnival queen

12 February 2010 - Friday. Carnival 2010 with the theme "Movie Stars" begins this afternoon on the Malécon around 6:00 p.m. with the opening ceremonies by local officials, the Burning of the “Mal Humor” person and dancing on the street.  “Mal Humor” really means “bad mood” but in this case, it’s just a joke.  There are no written programs, but I’m told there will be two parades; one on Saturday and one on Sunday beginning at around 2:00, but get here early to get a good seat.  Tomorrow, they will have Tavo’s Revolution playing at noon for about an hour and again, later in the evening.  They’ll also have a group from 12:00 to 3:00 called Los Secretos de Susanna and it ends on Sunday evening.  More in a minute.

Please try and come down to the Malécon on Saturday at about noon where we’ll begin San Felipe’s first “Abrazos Gratis” campaign, which we’ll be filming.  It’s going to be a lot of fun. We have about 50 signs so there are more than enough for you to pick one up and join in the fun.

I show Casino Day at El Dorado to benefit Cruz Roja presented by and written on the Las Amigas calendar for today, but there is no time stated.  It’s also on for next month so, there is a chance it’s a mistake. If you know of a person in Las Amigas, give them a call to make sure.

Guess whose coming to town? Our original "Pie Lady" from El Dorado - Millie: Hi, Kat, it's Millie Ternasky; it's been 6 or 7 years since we were in the play after the chicken feathers were swept up!!!  I just finished a performance  called Painting Churches with Loveland Community Theater.  It was a benefit for Alzheimer's Association.  It's good to know that I am still able to memorize scripts even though I'm getting a little "long in the tooth".  I am living in Colorado now and have scheduled a trip to my favorite place for next Tuesday, the 16th.  I still have so many friends there and have not had the means or inclination to come visit since Christine's death in January, 2003.  I read your Kat's Korner regularly and love seeing pictures and hearing news of everyone.  I will make a point to come check out your new office spot. See you next week.  Millie.

Sunday is Valentine’s Day and you’ll find some of the specials in town on Val’s Events List and here are the specials for The Lighthouse which I received from Tim yesterday: “The Lighthouse is having a Valentine weekend. Friday we have Tavo's Revolution returning at 6 p.m. they will be outside with a bonfire and heater or you can dance and cuddle to stay warm.  Saturday we have 2AM playing’ also starting at 6 p.m. Both nights we will have our shrimp dinner special of soup or salad, shrimp dinner (any style) drink & desert for  $10. Buy any two dinners, including our special and you’ll receive steamed clams as an appetizer free of charge. Sunday, February 14 we will have champagne included with our brunch. We are open at 9 a.m. but the champagne starts at 10 a.m. (I am also working on having live music at this time). We will also still have our dollar day all day Thursday & Sunday after 1p.m. for anyone on a budget. We do not have sushi until further notice (looking for a new cook, and it’s not easy).  Mark your calendars for March 20 at 6 p.m., as Tony Norris will be here at the lighthouse for his folk Festival. Thank you. Tim.”

1 February 2010 - Thursday. Tonight at the Jollymon Bar, the Baja Boys will be playing their "jazzy, snazzy music" from 6 to 9 p.m. It's a great sound for listening or dancing and one of my favorite groups. We are slowly making the move up to what I like to refer as "Kat's Korner's Penthouse at La Plazita" which will be our "new" Kat's Korner office. It's going to be very cool when I'm done.

On February 12, 2010 Jollymon Bar is having a Mardi Gras Celebration with Agave Blues and the fun begins around 6:00 p.m.  I understand they successfully recorded a live cd last week which will be on sale at the Blues Festival.

My buddy Ms. Rice sent me this "Hi Kat, Would you be so kind as to post this on "Kat's Corner". Would appreciate it - Thanks, Gayle. "Valentine' Day Harley Ride to Puertecitos this Sunday. Meet at the Pemex Station at El Dorado between 10 and 10:30 a.m. Sea Ya, Gayle (and Bob) in San Felipe, Where the sun spends the Winter." Sounds like a fun trip. Gayle actually drives a Harley cross country with her husband, Bob.

On April 3, 2009 Villas de Cortez is again sponsoring the Grand Fun Poker Run.  Plan to come and camp for the weekend; enjoy the pool and the Sea of Cortez, the Palapa Bar and a great poker run.  More information to follow.

10 February 2010 - Wednesday Late. I meant to post a few lines today, but I've been in bed with a fever and what I am sure is walking pneumonia. However, Luis has been working on both pod casts and Sal Fish, CEO of Score-International along with his attorney, Oscar Ramos, Desiree and Kat are all featured on this, our 30th pod cast. Please have a listen; I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Listen Now >>


9 February 2010 - Tuesday. I have revised Val's Upcoming Events page to include what information we have received from different restaurants for Valentine's Day. If you have a special for that day, let us know and you'll be added. Baja Chocolate Lovers is getting in a fresh supply of premo strawberries which he will dip in chocolate and they are delicious. You can see a photo and contact information on Val's page. Best to order early!

The theme for carnival this year is "Movie Stars" and I heard today there may be three parades, rather than two, but I'll confirm it in the morning. Try to be on the Malécon on Saturday at noon for our "Abrazos Gratis" campaign and if we pull it off, we'll be the first in Baja to do it. It's going to be fun and might even make the news.

I just want to make one thing very clear. I do not write on our news page and if you have comments or complaints, please contact Tony Colleraine directly as he is the only one who puts the news he chooses on that page. You can find his contact information under "contact us". Any comments you may have regarding Kat's Korner, please direct them to me at sanfelipeinfo [at] Gmail [dot] com.

8 February 2010 - Monday. I received this email from Catalina Meders: "The San Felipe Title Book Store will begin their new hours starting tomorrow, February 9. We will be open Tuesday - Saturday 9AM - 4PM. Our weekly movie will be scheduled at a later date. Thanks so much."

7 February 2010 - Sunday. Hot off the press: "Latin Garden Restaurant, Sunday February 7, 2010. Announcement: The Latin Garden is closing February 15, 2010. February 11 thru February 14 will be our last days open. So make your reservation. Remember Valentines Day is just around the corner. Jesus and Stephanie can be found at “The Sweet Spot” opening in March on the Malécon next to what used to be called Casa Crystal. This is very exciting for us and we will be offering our same menu with a few new enticing items for your dining pleasure. Call for Reservations at 686-209-6369. Thank you to all our clients for your love and support. Jesus Camargo and Stephanie Wadsworth." What great news for the hood.

I went to the Happy Jack Ass today thinking I would just stay for a bit, but it was such a good game and they had a spread of food that just kept coming, including Prime Rib and Crab legs, plus all the well drinks or beer you could drink for one price. I won one of the pools but I split it with my buddy who bought my ticket. I should have followed my first instinct and went to Caliente Sports Bar to place a bet. I just knew the Colts would lose, and I would have made a few bucks. Or maybe not. I understand that the residents of New Orleans were going to have a parade for their team whether or not they won. It was a great game, even if I did think they were playing St. Louis.

happy jack ass san felipe

In case you are looking for our new office for Kat's Korner, it's across the street from Tavo's pharmacy and Bancomer on Curio Street (or Mar de Cortez North) and we are on the very top floor. However, if you have a problem with steps, we'll be glad to come down to see and chat with you. We are in the process of moving in, so email or my cell phone (686-210-2840) are a good option until the phone is installed and we are still "in process", but this is what the front of the building looks like with your back to the bank and facing the Sea of Cortez.

san felipe

Carole Kina wrote this morning to ask me about the shrimp I had the other day. Evidently I didn't make it clear that it was from Baja Mar Restaurant on the Malécon. Here's a photo of the happy bride and groom at the wedding of the year, Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Leon. I'll post more photos later, but I have to meet Doreen and I'm betting on New Orleans or whomever is playing against the Colts. The pod cast of Sal Fish of Score-International will be ready to listen to tomorrow afternoon as well as the revisions to Val's list of events for Valentine's Day.

This cold of mine has managed to move from my chest and now I simply have an uncontrollable runny nose, so I think I may take a decongestant. Just in case you are making plans for the month of March, aside from the San Felipe 250 March 12, 13 and 14, the "Abrazos Gratis" a Kat's Korner promotion which was started in Peru, will be held on February 13 on the Malécon; the Caminata Contra el Cancer on March 20, San Felipe also has the 4th Annual International Blues & Arts Fiesta being held at the San Felipe Baseball Stadium where you'll hear live Blues, beautiful art & sculpture, amazing talent all encapsulated in cool sea breezes and majestic mountains. A San Felipe concert and art event like no other. Held downtown San Felipe at the base of the mountains along the Sea of Cortez. You can log onto their web site for more scoop on whose playing, etc. at http://www.bluesandarts.com and where to buy your tickets.

6 February 2010 - Saturday. Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and if you're into placing bets, it's legal at the Caliente Sports Bar on the main drag of Mar de Cortez. As I said before, most people will be watching it somewhere, so I may just sleep in and write more in the afternoon. Okay, I've been on this computer way too long and my back is killing me, so I'm shutting down until tomorrow without doing a spelling check - heaven forbid. Happy Sunday!

san felipe 250

I've been busy answering email most of the day as I got behind and I have a chest cold and I was unable to go to Sergio's wedding and reception today. I swear - if it's not one thing, it's another. I think I caught a bit of a cold when I went outside of the Pavillion to smoke or the last person I shook hands with had a cold. Plus it's like mega cold in my house and I had to go out this morning and sit in the sun to warm up. So, between me whining about my back and now my cold, I'm guess I'm nearly whined out. I fell out yesterday early evening and slept until 7:00 a.m. I actually had a wake-up call but I slept through it, so I flaked out on my friends last night too. I'm hoping I feel better in the morning. Mea Culpa! It's a little late, but Brian wrote me today about Nan and Mac out of Playa del Oro on Wednesday and Saturday nights. I'm going to save this right now, in case you haven't gone out yet. Then, I'll give the back a rest and get to posting the San Felipe Scoop - your information center in San Felipe since 1997 and hopefully, for many more years! This absolutely delicious dish may look like Coconut Shrimp, but it's not. It's shredded carrots and deep fried in the sweetest Blue San Felipe Shrimp I have tasted in a long time. I am so serious. It came with mashed potatoes and I dipped the shrimp in them and the sauce around the vegetables (you can tell I don't get out much) but it was muy sabrosa. I put one of them in my hand and took the photo myself, but you get my drift. I hope so anyway. I'm trying to show you the size in my hand and the shrimp, which I later scarffed down, but I did share with Curt!

shrimp shrimp

I was there with Octavio Ascolani, Curt Porter, Ing. Javier Lechuga Leal or Mr. Lettuce as I nick named him. (Lechuga is Spanish for lettuce). At any rate, we are having the third annual Tequila Festival on the Malécon with a Mariachi band and folkloric dancers and tequila from all over - and the best from the Blue Agave plant. I believe this man is the head honcho for Select Tequilas and used to inspect the factories to make sure they are using only the Blue Agave, as they make the best. There will be food, but for either $4.00 or $10.00 per person (per day) you get a card and they stamp it or punch it and you can sample some of the finest tequilas available in Baja or Mexico for that matter, listen to good music, watch great dancing, eat some good San Felipe food and enjoy a nice day on the Malécon. If you can, appoint a designated driver or get a motel in town. There are some really good prices on the newer ones. Hotel Mar Caribe is $449 pesos per night mas o menus and there are other newly built rooms that are clean and safe and you won't have to worry about how much Tah-kill-a you drink. Mark your calendars for March 5, 6 an 7 and Sal Fish will be here to cut the ribbon for the beginning of the ceremony. There should be a lot of pre-runners in and around town, so it will be fun and that's a good price. Well, the lower of the two is a good price, but $10 is not too much for what you'll get and part of the proceeds go to "A Child's Garden" to help the disabled kids of San Felipe. Octavio is a good friend of Natasha James and I suggested they get in touch with her and invite her down for the festival and he said she was a wonderful friend and would help our little town. By the by, Caliente Sports Bar is not moving to the Taco Factory and no reason was given (that I could print anyway). Also, Century 21 has shut it's doors, however, El Dorado sales will continue from there and I'm told some property is moving, moving so that's good news.

baja mar

Okay, so yesterday was a very busy day. I went to the ground breaking ceremony for San Felipe's new Cultural Center next to the Public Library and all the dignitaries were there, as well as El Presidente Rodolfo Valdez Gutierrez, Mayor of Mexicali and his Delegado, the Mayor of San Felipe, Hazael Sierra. There were many other dignitaries present - almost too many to name, but there were also many students holding balloons and all in the same shirts. After the speeches, the ribbon was cut and they proceeded to Cocuto's San Felipe office, where the Manager, Ruben de la Péna and others watched as Sal Fish signed the contract for the 24th MasterCraft Safety-Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 being held here in San Felipe March 12, 13 and 14. I missed the signing because I chose to come home and post something on Kat's Korner, but I did meet up with Sal in front of the building and along with his attorney, Oscar Ramos, we agreed to meet at Baja Java on the way out of town. To see more photos, please click the arrows >>. Por mas fotos, por favor, empuje las flechas. >>

Now mind you, I thought I was only going to have ten minutes with them, but it turned out a bit longer and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. We are getting a few in the can so to speak, but the pod cast for the Tequila Festival with Octavio and friends must be done again (not the lunch; just the pod cast). When I saved it, I got the old beach ball spinning and I let it spin for about an hour and I didn't want to lose my pod cast with Sal Fish, so I had to force quit the application and in other words, we lost it. So Curt, I know you read my Korner and if you would arrange a time when Sr. A and his friend Javier are available, we can do it again. Practice makes perfect. It really wasn't my fault; these things happen on occasional with Apple computers. Luis is working his magic on the pod cast for the cancer center and Score, so we may have to overlap. If I finish the last one with a plugged nose, I'll sound like I'm in need of nasal spray. We'll have those up very soon, so stay tuned and remember to make reservations now. The Marina Resort has a special for racers and has 24 hour security and a huge parking lot. You can reach them by going to the business section of sanfelipe.com.mx or click the logo to the left and down below the Security Company. Sal Fish is a really nice guy and so is Oscar his friend and attorney for fourteen years. Look for his pod cast coming soon on katskorner.com.mx or for a while, the black bar above. Photo by Manual of Baja Java

score pod cast

"Just a reminder that Tom & Marge Scott will be singing at Baja Java on Sunday, February 7th from 9 am till noon.  Their breakfasts are absolutely delicious!  Hope to see you there". That was from my buddies Tom and Marge who were not insulted in the least that I changed their last name to Smith last week. I told them don't feel bad. I've changed the name of Diane Pilato's store, Sea and Star or Sand about four times - well, make it five because that's not the right name either. I can only keep so much in this pee brain of mine and when I don't write things down in my handy Brenda Star notebook, unless Hop-a-Long is around, I usually mix it up.

score 250 contract sign

Here's something I'll bet a lot of you don't know - in the history of Score, it's never been called the Baja 250, so we as a community need to get the recognition we deserve so, let's all refer to it as the MasterCraft Safety-Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 and MasterCraft Safety has just became another sponsor of the former Tecate Score San Felipe 250. This is so cute and was sent to me by Doc Packard, whom I haven't seen in forever: "Kat, thought you may be interested in seeing this picture of Snoop, our neighbors Dean & Jackie Moore's cat.  The picture was taken from our high deck.  He is always over helping me do things.  It was great of him to help me get the sun up out of the Sea of Cortez.  He thinks he owns our Los Viajeros Norte neighborhood and I'm fairly sure he believes he's a dog -- I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't bark one day. Best of luck in your new location. Richard "Doc" Packard." I've know Dean and Jackie since the olden days of the solar section of El Dorado Ranch when they were Net members and very good friends. Actually, I did a pod cast with Dean and I was surprised at how much he knows and has done in his life. You might want to give it a listen. Nice view of the Sea of Cortes and the volcano. >>

kat's korner

This is something new and Baja inspired, as is Natasha James "Tequila Time", only this is a poem by a relative of Karen Farrell of the Ejido Nacional and she lives in Oklahoma I believe. Here it is and it's very pretty although it's hard to figure out if she met a man or fell in love with the Baja. For her sake, I hope it wasn't a man I'll have to ask her:

"Window to My Soul"
By Patti Caffey... Baja inspired

I have no expectations you see
except your friendship you freely gave to me
We are pulled where the tides go, and
We drift where the sands blow,
I feel you are touching the window to my soul
Yes it happened just that way
The birth of a friendship in a single day.
You made me laugh, and
You made me smile
Over what some would see as a million miles
Soon after a long winter toil,
I shall see you face to face, then
I want you to kiss the window to my Soul. 

This is from Santa Kay Gabbard: "By the way, if you would like to help the shelter receive a monetary award, please go to www.theanimalrescuesite.com to vote every day until midnight April 18.  You don't have to register and voting is free.  Vote for shelter name:  San Felipe Animal Rescue and the State name:  AZ (because the shelter is register both in Arizona and Mexico as a tax exempt organization.  Many of the San Felipe puppies are taken to the shelter in Arizona and adopted our at Pet Smart.)  From the looks of what I've been seeing happening on the streets, in a few weeks there are going to be more puppies.  Thousands have been neutered, but obviously the problem isn't solved.  Thanks for your help." Kay is retired, but you would never know it.

"Thank you for addressing the problems that are going in in the South Camps.  I don't get down to San Felipe often enough, but we do lease some property north of town and this is the kind of info everyone needs to know.  I don't subscribe to the Gringo Gazette so I don't know what was said in the editorial.  We can't be prepared if we are not forewarned that problems could arise.  Our landowners have always treated us well but it is helpful to know that there are problems in some areas. Keep up the good work, I log onto the web site daily." I did not print this name intentionally but I received this email yesterday.

5 February 2010 - Friday. It's kind of overcast today and after writing about three paragraphs and posting photos, I lost it and now I must retype it again. This is so frustrating! At any rate, it's a bit over cast today and there is a ground breaking ceremony at noon for the new cultural center next to the public library. Yesterday, there was a party at The Lighthouse for Janice Fisher and Kay Gabbard and they had a great crowd these lovely ladies are pictured below.

san felipe baja

Also, last night there was a birthday party at the Pavillion for Art and Maria's birthdays. That was fun and Hop-a-Long and I went out and had some cake and took some photos. I actually screeched out a Patsy Cline song. You can see more photos of this event on the You Tube video or wait until I have the photos on my gallery. Check the link below for the YouTube video.

Hop-a-Long had gone to Jollymon when Agave Blues were recording and I just got the photos from him. We forgot he had them on his camera, so I downloaded them last night and you can see the YouTube Video here, along with photos of all three parties >>.

Tonight in San Felipe at about 8:00 p.m. there is a karaoke contest at the Rockodile and everyone is invited to participate or at least come and watch. The Pavillion has it's Friday night fish fry and try the new El Capitan Restaurant - his food is good and authentic. The Baja Boys will be at La Vaquita; Eddie G is going to be playing at The Lighthouse on Saturday nights, but that's not set in stone, so don't hold me to it. Tavo's Revolution will be at La Vaquita on Saturday night and Vatos Locos at the Jollymon. As always, Agave Blues will be at the Jollymon tonight. Check out Val's list which I will revise today to add the Valentine's Day Specials, as it's fast approaching! Don't forget about "Abrazos Gratis" day on the Malécon Saturday, February 13. We'll all be out there holding signs up and it will be filmed, so help us promote San Felipe.

We finished the pod cast of Jan Goode and Dr. Bercerra yesterday and that should be mixed and up in a couple of days. I did want to mention that funding for the Cancer Center is strictly from fund raisers, donations, contributions from local and state agencies; the annual San Felipe Walk Against Cancer; a grant from the Rotary International Foundation, a mammogram machine which was donated by the Rotary Club of Clayton Valley and the cooperation and support of Las Amigas, San Felipe Association of Retired Persons and the Rotary Club of San Felipe. If ever donations were needed, they are for this wonderful project to help save the lives of women in San Felipe. They can't operate with financial help.

With regard to an editorial written in the Gringo Gazette regarding The Net posting emails from upset south beach campo residents, I am only going to respond that first of all - I didn't post them - second of all - we received many emails from real people who requested we not use their names for fear of retribution from campo owners and these people had already gone through the channels suggested in her editorial which is why they wrote to us. And in closing, had I been given the courtesy of an email asking me, I would have told Junio that we have more emails than Tony actually posted, but I made the decision not to post them. So, in closing, no, I didn't not overstep any boundaries and Junio and I have been friends for years, which surprised me all the more that she didn't write me and ask me for any sort of explanation and therefore, I was also appalled that she would print what she did. Some of these people told us they asked the Gringo Gazette to post their emails and they were refused. That's all I'm saying on the subject except I did receive one email accusing The Net of "hiding" or not posting the truth because of the bad economy.

The Rotary Club of San Felipe's 8th annual Steak BBQ In The Park and Silent Auction will be held on Thursday March 11, 2010 in the municipal park of San Felipe next to the Centro De Salud.  The event will begin at 1:00 pm and end at 4:00 pm and will feature a complete steak dinner with dessert, a no host bar serving beer, wine and soft drinks.  The silent auction will feature quality items that participants may bid on donated by Rotary Club members, local businesses, artists and others.  Tickets for a 50/50 drawing and Chinese Raffle will be available for purchase at the event.  This event helps The Rotary Club of San Felipe to raise funds for the various programs that aid the local population of San Felipe.  Individuals and businesses who wish to make a cash donation to aid us in making this event a success will have a plaque featuring the name of the business or individual displayed at the event.  This years event will coincide with the Baja 250 race which will begin and end in San Felipe, so invite your friends from the states down to enjoy the festivities. Tickets for the event sell for $12.50 or 160 pesos and will be available for sale in February at The Peoples Gallery, the saturday Venders Market at El Dorado Ranch (Swap Meet) or from any Rotarian.  For more information call Terry Smith: 576-0484 or 001-760-554-7184 or e-mail ttsmith [at] netzero [dot] net.

4 February 2010 - Thursday. Kat's Korner has a new home perched high above La Plazita. We have a wonderful little outdoor patio and a great view of the Sea of Cortez on the top floor and a great Gladys Cravits site for Mar de Cortez. I'll let you know when we have our grand opening. Jim and Val Domer are celebrating 55 years of marriage today and congratulations. The Latin Gardens will have their Super $7 special on Saturday, rather than Super Bowl Sunday as they will be closed. I'll give you the menu when I get back from doing a pod cast!

It's going to be a busy day today and tonight is a birthday celebration at the Pavillion for Art and Maria who I believe have birthdays in the same week or at least the same month. At any rate, Maria will have her karaoke show and birthday cake at about 6:00 p.m. so come out and join us. God willing and the creek don't run dry, I plan to be there - and the only thing that will prevent it is if Sal Fish calls and he's ready for his pod cast.

Those of you who know South Beach Karen are aware that she has been around town for quite some time. As a matter of fact, one of the first photos ever put on Kat's Korner was of Karen and others dancing at Juanito's Cantina at El Dorado Ranch. Every Friday night we would all go out to hear Third Generation with Tavo and Arturo, Bebo and Ray. So, to make a long story short, Karen has rented Juanitos for a kind of "when it was all so simple" party. Tavo's Revolution and Vatos Locos are playing for sure and the fountain of margaritas will flow until it's empty and after that it's byob. Because the restaurant isn't officially open, food will not be served but there will be salsa and chips. I'm sure you'll see posters up shortly, but I thought I'd get the "scoop" out there in case you were planning on leaving before April 11. Again, it's a party South Beach Karen is giving to honor people in San Felipe who have impacted her life and she'd like to see 200 people there dancing the night away. The fun starts at 6:00 p.m. April 11 at Juanito's Cantina, as Karen says, where it all started. There is only one requirement - no perfume nor aftershave. That may sound odd, but Karen is allergic to both and as the song tells us "It's My Party and I'll Do What I Want To" by some group I can't remember the name of. Mark your calendars cause it's going to be fun and seeing all the old timers at Juanitos is going to be very cool. Pat and Doreen - you are being honored, so please be in town!!

We also have Steak in the Park coming up but I'm waiting in information on that, however, in years past it has been at the city park and they have a silent auction and great steaks with salad, baked potatoes and dessert I believe. Stay tune for more scoop on that event and it is sponsored by the Rotary Club of San Felipe. For those of you who didn't see the photos of the whale which was beached (I received a few emails asking where "more" information was and you need to scroll down) here it is again and a very happy ending I might add. Please click on the little arrows and hopefully, all four photos will appear. >>. I just checked it and the fourth photo came up, so Rich, who thinks he's simple minded, here's another photo for you to see and thank you again to Sheri Nichols for sharing them with us.

Here's a bit more information on the next Desert Mothers' Workshop with Iron Man Sherrod, however, the location has changed. It will be held at Donna Robert's Pai Pai home as the co-op does not have 220 voltage and it's needed for the welding machines. "Desert  Mothers will be hosting another 3 day workshop (February 15, 16 and 17 from  10 am to 4 pm each day) with San Filo Ornamental Iron’s “Iron Man Steve” as the visiting artist.  This workshop will be held at the Hershey Castle at Campo Pai Pai. Steve will be teaching you to “Shape” sheet metal as well as fine tuning your welding knowledge as you build small planter pot stands that are “cartoon” versions of pets.  No need to bring anything but your attention and creativity, as all will be provided. The cost for the 3 day workshop will be $100 plus $20 for materials. Sincerely, Steve Sherrod."

3 February 2010 - Wednesday. Mea Culpa. I heard from the photographer who took the moon shots below, James Venard, and I was wrong about him having a Canon. He writes: "Oh no. The worst thing that you can say about a Nikon photographer is that he or she is using Canon!!!! Pure Nikon Here". I use a Canon but maybe I should look into a Nikon because I am getting a new camera - at least it's on my wish list. Thank you for the clarification James and may I add that when you save a photo for web, it takes away some of the pixels so the full vibrancy of the actual shot doesn't show as well as the original. They do this to save downloading time.

Happy Birthday to Denny Flannigan who is about 60 now, give or take a few years. I think he's eligible for Medicare. I hope he has a great day today and many more birthdays! Happy Birthday to Janice Fisher who turns something like 65 or 70 tomorrow. Also, the ladies of Campo Ocotillos are celebrating birthdays tomorrow at La Vaquita Restaurant.

Iron Man Steve Sherrod is holding another workshop for Desert Mothers on February 15, 16 and 17. The last one was a sell out and I only heard ravings about it. You can write to Donna Roberts at bajadonna [at] gmail [com] for more information or call 576-0089. I'll find the photos of the last one and post them in a little minute or two, along with the prices, etc.

The Food Bank auction house needs your items to sell. You can bring furniture, cars, art, office equipment and the Food Bank keeps only ten (10%). If you'd like to donate your items to the food bank, they will sell it at auction and use the money to buy food for the needy. We are located next to the bookstore and you can reach Mark LaPointe at 577-2005 or 576-0176 to arrange a pickup, if needed.

It's official - next Saturday, February 13, 2010 - San Felipe will have it's first "Abrazos Gratis" and we will be making the posters in English and Spanish so any group who would like to join in, you are more than welcome to wear your club t-shirt and pick up a sign. This is not a fund raiser! Kat's Korner is sponsoring "Free Hugs" day on the boardwalk to promote our little town. We are filming this to show the world that we are a friendly bunch down here and if they can do it in Peru, we can do it in San Felipe. On the Malécon beginning around noon. There will also be music, etc. and Carnival will be in full swing, so come join us. If you haven't seen the video they did in Peru, you can go onto MexicoMySpace >>.

Thanks to Baja Lou, the old desert rat from the ranch who asked "Why is Score giving awards a month (Feb 14) before the race (Mar 13)?" and I replied that I accidentally put February's date for the races but missed one when I changed it. I do appreciate it when my buddies write and let me know something's wrong on the page. So, if you read the date as February - it's March! On Friday, at The Net we will be having a "garage sale" and we have cables, cd's, books, tables, computer desks and some computers and all kinds of stuff which we are selling and you'll find some good deals. Anyone interested in a Cisco Router, please write me as that won't be in the sale. That's this Friday beginning at 10:00 a.m. in front of and in the Net, which is located next to the El Cortez Hotel.

It's officially "hump day" in the Best Little Town in the Baja (2:08 a.m.) and this week is just flying by. I can't believe how fast last month went. I be live today is the SFARP meeting down at the Ocotillos Lodge and rumor has it there were four would be robbers there the other night, but were chased away. Community watch works in San Felipe; El Dorado Ranch has a "S.A.F.E." program, so be a good neighbor and watch out for any strangers you see and listen to the dogs bark. If it's a different bark then normal, you know it's because someone is around who shouldn't be. At least, I can tell if my dogs are barking at people or other dogs, just by the tone and some times I'll yell outside in Spanish for my dogs to jump the fence. The Ground Hog saw his shadow today so that means six more weeks of winter, although I hear it was a balmy 50 F in Seattle, Washington, which is pretty warm for February . It was really nice here today too. Bubba (DJ Mexico) stopped by with a flyer for Super bowl Sunday out at Pete's Camp. They have five (5) Plasma televisions and lots of food specials with $.50 hot dogs and $1.25 and $1.50 for beer. Sounds like a good deal.

It's actually 11:21 p.m. Tuesday night and so I'm fudging a little. I just got done with email and I didn't wake up until 12:30 p.m. today! I had taken my phone off the hook the night before and took a muscle re laxer for my back and went into a coma for the night. It was a nice rest but I had things I needed to get done, but what the hey. I can't do much about it now, so I waded through email and just finished and had a few Skype calls and I think I hurt my daughter's feelings because I was answering email while talking to her and then my house phone rang. It's been kind of crazy around here, but a good crazy. Sal Fish, CEO of Score-International will be in town this week and I believe we are doing a pod cast with him, so that's going to be exciting and hopefully, we'll get the scoop on the route for the Baja 250 or it's official name "The 24th MasterCraft Safety-Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250" however, I think that "Baja" is still in the title. Contingency is Friday, March 12; the race begins on Saturday, March 13. The awards ceremony will be presented March 14 and is usually on the Malécon or if the weather doesn't permit it, in the Baja Mar (at least it has been in the past). Race week is really one of my favorite times because of the energy in the town. Of course, just seeing tourists these days is a treat. One year during contingency, Desiree (my daughter) Hop-a-Long and I gave out free t-shirts to the drivers and one year we gave away bumper stickers. I believe they keep the route a secret until pre-running begins, but we'll find out about that and more, I hope.

Tomorrow is the pod cast of Tony Reyes, Jr., son of legendary Tony Reyes, Sr. and Tony Reyes Sports Fishing; we will have Barefoot Productions, a new actors' workshop and much more next week. Incidentally they will be having "open auditions" on February 18 at Juanito's at El Dorado Ranch from 2:00 - 4:00 and 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., but we'll talk more about that on their pod cast. Jan Goode from the Cancer Center who is spearheading the Cancer Walk this year will also be a pod cast victim on Thursday. Some of you may not know this, but the Cancer Clinic is open to every one and I believe Dra. Annel Beccerra will be on the same pod cast with Jan and she'll tell you about her education and what services the clinic offers in addition to mammogram. She's a female doctor, so that's a plus. I don't know about you, but male doctors giving pelvics is kind of creepy - no offense to you male doctors. It's not set in stone yet, but we believe our Secretary of Tourism, Oscar Jesus Escobedo Carignan and Rolando Ortiz Silva, sub-delegado for Tourism will be interviewed next week. At this rate, I may have to open a pod cast booth. By the way, if you download them to your computer, you can play them at your leisure and not depend on bandwidth or to your iPod as Wornout does.

"Here are some photos of the Moon rise from Jan 29. All photos are copyrighted by Jim VeNard 2010 but you may publish them on your web site with my permission". (So, please do not pull them off the page por favor). I'm wondering what type of camera he uses - probably a Canon with a wide lens. They are beautiful photos by Jim Venard. Please click on the photos to see a larger view and thank Jim for sharing them with us. Forgive the squished look of the photo on the right, but I wanted them the same size. When you see the larger view, you'll appreciate the beauty of the majestic Sea of Cortes.

san felipe moonsan felipe baja moon

"Starting this Wednesday and every Wednesday we will begin to have Dollar Night back at EDR. Starting at 5:00 p.m. at the Pavilion restaurant. So please let everyone know." That was from Cesar at the Pavillion and La Palapa at El Dorado Ranch. Thank you Val also for sending me the new scoop.

Debbie and Dale Moore are on a little trip right now but the cook books are here! Because Deb couldn't find anyone to man the station at the swapmeet this Saturday, they will be available for purchase next Saturday at the El Dorado Swap Meet, also known as the "Vendor's Market" (someone from the Bay Area renamed it jaja - just kidding). It's just that it's been called the Cachanilla or El Dorado Swap Meet for years so when I hear someone refer to it as "Vendors Market" it cracks me up, but as you know, I'm easily amused. Back to the subject at hand and that is the San Felipe Cooks (I think) cookbooks with original recipes and art work and all proceeds after costs of printing go to feed the hungry of San Felipe and a huge thank you to Deb and Dale Moore for caring and helping their community (when their not freezing their butts off in Edmonton).

I did receive a response to my request for input to put on a hugging promotion like they did in Peru and this is what Elaine tells me: Hi "Kat, Back where we live there is a church group that goes to different events that are going on throughout the year and give "free hugs". I think they have tshirts that promote their church. Maybe you could get a few groups like the Rotary, Lions, Food Bank etc that would have a few people at each event to keep it going. A good way to promote the group or cause. They make up their own creative signs for the hugs. Just a suggestion. Have a great day! A free hug from a DIVA! LOL!" I think that's a great idea and you can't get swine flu from a hug. I'll bet if I got the Tecate girls or the chicks from the Imperial, all the men would come out. The idea is to promote world peace and equality and get a little advertising via You Tube while we're at it. It's not a fund raiser, it's a "love" raiser and how profound was that?

1 February 2010 - Monday. Luis and I have just returned from the meeting at Cotuco. Carnival will be held in San Felipe on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - February 12, 13 and 14. Many hotels have lowered their rates for this weekend and most are offering Sunday night free if you stay two nights (Friday and Saturday). We will post the schedule of events as soon as we receive them. Again, Carnival is not February 26, 27 or 28 - those dates are canceled. If you would like to help San Felipe get this off the ground, please get in touch with Ruben de la Peña or Rolando Ortiz at Turismo and offer what you can. You might say "San Felipe needs help" as we have no money to speak of to put on the event.

Baja Jimmy will not be opening his new restaurant as he's just returned from the doctor in the United States and his health will not permit it. So, I guess some one will have to learn how to make cheeseburgers like Jimmy did.

Happy Anniversary to Darly and Vicki Silva of El Dorado Ranch. They have been married 36 years and a special award to Vicki - cause she deserves it (just kidding). Congratulations!

Another manic Monday. Do me a favor and check out this video on Mexico My Space by clicking the those pesky little arrows >>. I am organizing exactly the same thing for here in San Felipe on the Malécon, so Founderdude, San Felipe is going to be the first as we are the Best Little Town in the Baja. If you'd like to help, get some poster boards and write on each side "Abrazos Gratis" which means in English "Free Hugs". Thanks for the great idea George! As soon as we have all the posters done, I'll let you know what day and time to be on the Malécon! For some reason, and I think I know what it was, the text below is underlined and linked to the article "Hunker Down". I had to use a "free" web builder on my laptop and it's put all kinds of strange codes on and changed the font, so I've spent an hour trying to go through the html codes and removed one, but I think it's a lost cause, unless I go on my laptop to try and get rid of it. So, the underlined text below is actually a hot link to a weather report, but try and ignore it. The moon last night from my back yard.

moon san felipe

As today is the first of the month, I want to let you all know the status of the Net. I have officially close the Net as of January 31. However, I am moving to a different location as soon as I find a suitable place. With the economy as it is in San Felipe, it's almost impossible to run a small business as everything has gone up and the average Joe doesn't understand what it costs to have employees. So, if you are interested in advertising with us, we will still be running both sites - sanfelipe.com.mx and katskorner.com.mx (being revamped right now) and our site is still number one on Google - which is something to be very proud of. If you would like to sponsor a pod cast, let me know and we'll splash your name throughout the interview; we can build you a web site or host it or get your laptop fixed for you. I plan to work out of my house until I move and when the big re-opening occurs, you'll all be invited. You can reach me through the email link at the top or bajakat [at] gmail [dot] com and we will have the same telephone number, 686-577-1600 - but not until Thursday. Until then, you can leave a message at 686-577-2577. We're not going anywhere so don't worry - we are just going to do it virtually for a bit. If you're coming to town and want to meet with me, just send me an email and I can meet you downtown or you can come to my home and meet my seven dogs. We finished the latest pod cast this afternoon and Luis should have it up tomorrow mid afternoon.

I can hardly believe it's already February, but it is. There is a chance that Carnival may be changed back to the original dates of February 12 through 16 and after the meeting at Cotuco today at 11:00, we'll know for sure. That's all I have to say on that matter. I meant to post this Saturday, but didn't and my back is feeling the effects of being on this computer way too long, so I'll post this and then write more throughout the day. This was submitted by my friend, Cory Dudley, who is also the tennis pro out at El Dorado Ranch and the photos were taken by Cory or his girlfriend, Trudy: "Hola San Felipe, Trudy and I headed out for Valle de Trinidad this morning with brunch in mind. There is nice restaurant just as you turn into town with just the sweetest owner and the service is great. The road between here and San Matias offers us two things, a chance to sharpen our driving skills as we dodged potholes. There are only two potholes between here and there; the bad news is, they are connected. It was the usually slow climb up the hill and the change in foliage was welcomed as it starts to green up. One could tell they had some recent rain, sand on the road where a small creek had crossed.  Once out of there and as we started down the hill toward Valle things changed drastically. The road before you got to Valle was completely washed out, I mean completely.

san felipe baja

This whole area was over six feet deep in water. You could see the mess it created in town, the main drag had been a mini-river and many homes were washed away.  The area that was the old trash dump has been completely washed away, there must be a lot of debris out there somewhere.  Adios.” Thanks for the photos and the report!

san felipe baja

31 January 2010 - Sunday. The following is an email I received from Elaine, regarding Diane Pilato and I absolutely agree an as a matter of fact, we passed each other at her shop. I was just getting done and Elaine was coming in: "Hi Kat - Wow! I thought our new home we built here in San Felipe was awesome......the weather great...BUT today it was topped off by an incredible body massage at Sea Star Body Shop! Diane was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I came back to the casa and my husband said by the look on my face that it was all I expected. My husband said I couldn't go everyday (he didn't say anything about once a week). Diane also took me next door to her health food store which was very well stocked with vitamins, organic foods etc. Diane has a promo going for Valentine's so, guys, head over for a gift certificate for that special someone. You'll be glad you did! (I know my husband will be!) I feel Diane deserved to be recognized here in town. Elaine - The Diva!" This is a photo of the full moon on Friday, sent to me and taken by G. Kimmey.

We are in the process of finishing our latest pod cast which should be up and running tomorrow. We tried a "Skype" interview with my daughter, Desiree, and it worked out well, so we'll be doing more of those. This is a pretty cool video that was sent to me by Gary Burnham >>. The shot below was taken after our pod cast with Dr. Abasolo, his daughter Chelita and President of "A Child's Garden", Kenneth Whitmore and Bonnie McNair, Founders and Directors. Photo by Luis Almodovar.

This may sound weird, but I forgot to post on Kat's Korner yesterday. I don't know what I was thinking, but I missed a day. Well, actually, I did write yesterday but once again, my power went out and I lost it but it's no one's fault but my own, as I know better. Today, beginning at 10:00 until 3:00 is the art show at the Lighthouse. It is presented by Andrena Joyce and she will will be offering selected paintings "for whatever it's worth to you" because she has paintings piling up and needs the room! All proceeds will benefit Women for Women International, a charity she has supported for years that helps women all over the world. I believe there will be other artists showing today too and the Lighthouse will have food specials. I've already told you about all the brunches we have today and I'll be right back with a great photo of a beached whale that managed to get back into the Sea of Cortez, thanks to some very dedicated people. But first, a cup of java. By the way, please refresh your page as I'm saving and adding as the morning moves on.

Sheri McNicol (and Sandi Flannigan) sent me photos of the beached Whale we had in front of Club de Pesca. In Sheri's words: "Hi Kat;  I don't know if you heard about the whale last night, but here are some pic's of the experience.  I have to say I was very impressed with the people of San Felipe.  It all started about 4:00 and by the time I got home there were lots of people out there. They had put a blanket over him to keep him wet. They dug holes to get water to bucket over him.  The water was out too far to carry back and forth.  Then a back hoe came and dug a ditch so they could get enough water fast enough.  I stood right next to him, looked right into his eye, and told him he was going to be okay,  and it was like he knew everybody was trying to help him. Thank goodness he was beached on his tummy, so he was straight, and didn't get hurt. Everyone worked until about 9:00 until the water came in. Then the police boats went back and forth to make sure he went out so he wouldn't get stuck again. It was quite an experience.  Love you Shari." Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and thank you for sending them to me. We think this may be a Gray Whale, rather than a Tiger or Shark Whale. More photos here if you'll click those pesky little arrows >>.


San Felipe Animal Rescue is raffling off a five star condo in Cabo San Lucas. Cascadas de Baja is located on the beach. There are two bedrooms, two baths, internet is available, no TV, no phone. Time share week is week 34 until 2017. Tickets are $10/130 pesos and are available at the segunda, with volunteers, and at the El Dorado swap meet on Saturdays. The drawing will be at SFAR's St. Patricks Day Dinner on March 17th. You need not be present to win. Please click on their logo to the left for contact information or write to Stephanie at stephaniehays820 [at] gmail [dot] com.

On Tuesday, February 16 which most people know as "Fat Tuesday" Sergio is planning a carnival party at La Vaquita Restaurant, here in the hood. There will be great food, music and fun. Wear your carnival costume and help celebrate "Fat Tuesday". As I told you earlier, San Felipe is having carnival February 26, 27 and 28 which is one week after Fat Tuesday, so mark your calendar and I'll get you more information on the time and which bands will play as soon as we know. All proceeds will go for the Tiburones Secondaria Team which starts up again in March. By the way, Sergio is getting married next Saturday in the Catholic Church, so that will be a fun day and he's having a band from Ensenada at his reception which will be held at the Pavillion (by invitation).

Today, being Sunday, is Latin Gardens "Sunday's Seven Dollar Day" - "Latin Garden Restaurant, Sunday January 31, 2010. Sunday Super Seven. $7 Chef Plate (Blue cheese hamburger with fries). $7 Chicken Cesar Salad. $7 Peel and eat Shrimp. Happy hour 4-10 pm $1 Beer. Please call 686-209-6369 call for reservations as they have limited indoor seating. This is a photo that Victor sent me but I forgot to put it up during the storms we had a while back. This photo, I believe, was in the mountain area coming back from TJ. Photo by VRR.

san felipe baja

Happy Birthday to Art Kellner who will be about 65 tomorrow (I'm sure he's a little bit older) but his birthday is February 1. Art has been an El Dorado resident for many years and has his home for sale where you can see it here >>. I'm not sure if he's having a party or not, but if he is, and it's for the public, I'll let you know. If he's not and I'm not invited, Happy Birthday anyway!!

29 January 2010 - Friday late.   I did not make it out to the recording session at JM because of my stupid back but Hop-a-Long went out to meet Abril and Maria Flores and take a few photos.  I'll get those up tomorrow. We did stop at La Vaquita Restaurant here in the hood this afternoon on my way back from the tax office and had some good laughs with Sergio and his staff while discussing Carnival.  You would be surprised (if you spoke and understood Spanish) what great senses of humor Mexicans have.  He wanted to let everyone know that the Friday night special has increased $1.00 because the cost of the beef went up, and not because he wants a 52" screen television for a wedding present.  Seriously, he does want the 52" "black" chingadera but the reason for the price increase is because his supplier raised it that much and he wants to keep the quality of beef as good as it is.  Also, for $1.00 more, you may have the salad bar (which is on its way) and that's Wednesdays and Fridays or Saturdays. Ill have to check. 

I wanted to let you know that the tax office i(where the Mayor's office is) s directly across the street from the Mexican post office and next to the fire station.  One block towards town after the new Oxxo on Chetumal, turn right (you can't turn left).  Normally, they are not open on Saturdays but they will stay open until 3:00 p.m. for those of you who want to get 15% discount before the January 31 deadline to pay your  property taxes. The discount in February is 10%. When I bought my house in 1995, my taxes were 360 MN a year and today I had to pay 1,767 MN.  Make sure you keep your receipts for any taxes paid.  There are sirens going off right near my house, but the dogs aren't barking, so it's probably not on my street.  Monday is a legal holiday in Mexico, so banks and federal offices, schools, etc, will be closed.  More tomorrow when I return from Sea Star where Diane works her magic.  

las amigas san felipe 

Friday afternoon.   I have confirmed with Tourism that yes, the dates for Carnival have changed to  February  26, 27 and 28, a week after  Fat Tuesday.  So, if you were unfortunate enough to make a reservation for the  original dates of Carnival, which have been the same for as long as I can remember, you will have to contact the hotel or condo where you made the reservations  and if you are unable to make it on those dates, request a refund.  I have written to  the manager of  Cotuco for an explanation  for the change in the date this late in the  game, but have not received a response.  I have an idea of why, but I'll wait until I hear from an official before I open my sometimes "big" mouth.  

Karen Bradley wrote to let me know (in response to my remark about "where else can you get a breakfast for $5.00) and here it is: "Just wanted to let you know that Baja Java has 10 full breakfast choices $4.60 or less, 8-10 choices for $5.00-$5.50, bagel sandwiches $2.00-$3.00. These are available every day and include music on Sunday.  A free car wash is included with a meal purchase Monday through Saturday.  If you want to enjoy a hearty home made American style breakfast, here it is."

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and if you have a special for that day, please let me or Val know so we can add it to the upcoming events list.  

Friday early.  I heard today that the dates for Carnival have been changed from February 12-16 to March 25 through 28, but I'll need to contact Ruben de la Peña of Cotuco tomorrow to see if it's true.  I was told by a third party who said he had just left his office, but I like to get it from the horse's mouth.  If Carnival is moved, those who have already made their reservations and paid deposits are not going to be be very happy.  I will give you the "411" when I find out tomorrow and I certainly hope it's simply a rumor or isn't definite.  In case you don't know what "411" means, I'll tell you.  A long time ago, you would call 411 to get the information operator.  Now, you dial the area code and some other numbers to get an operator. Slang 101. 

This Sunday, the Baja Boys will be playing during brunch at Baja Java, not Marge and Tom Smith. They will be playing the following Sunday, which is February 7.  Karen tells me her grand nephew who is now in Michigan and seeing snow for the first time, made it out of Haiti and is now with his three new blond, blue eyed siblings.  His first meal was at McDonalds.  A very nice ending to what could have been a tragedy. At any rate, Baja Boys Sunday, January 31 and Tom and Marge the following Sunday from 9:00 to noon.

Cesar at the Pavillion wrote to to remind everyone that Friday night is our Fish special Eddie G. will be playing there Friday nights and Sunday mornings for their $5.00 dollar breakfast special. He says he knows it's a long drive for from town but where else can you get breakfast with music for $5.00 (those are my words).  He actually invited me out and if I'm up to it, I'll be there.  He also wanted me to remind everyone that the Palapa Bar and Restaurant is open for food and libations and you will receive 20% on breakfast with free coffee and 20% off on lunch, which includes a free glass of ice tea.  Juanitos has not reopened yet.

The San Felipe Animal Rescue will hold their annual St. Patrick's Day corn beef and cabbage party on St. Patty's Day at the Lodge at Campo Ocotillos and I'll give you more scoop on the time and which band will play as the time draws nearer.  All monies collected go for the care of the animals and it's a very worthy cause.

My back was feeling much better today and so I ventured out and we did the pod cast at Dr. Abasolo's office and as soon as we record Hop-a-Longs gardening tips and my upcoming events and other blather, we will have it up and ready for you to listen to.  It's a pretty good pod cast so far and you'll learn a lot about "A Child's Garden" and our new mini hospital at Dr. Abasolo's clinic.  Our next pod cast victim will be Tony Reyes, Jr. on Monday and this will be a very special pod cast as we'll talk about growing up with a legend and continuing on with Tony Reyes Sports Fishing.  Tony Jr. is such a sweet man; his father was always so proud of him, so I'm really looking forward to that pod cast.  After that we'll be doing a pod cast with Jan I believe regarding the upcoming Cancer Walk which is scheduled for March. I said my back was feeling much better, but I think I overdid it today as it's kind of a dull ache.  I'll try not to whine too much, but you know how I like to share everything and misery does love company.  Kat's Korner Gallery has had 85,197 views!

Just a reminder that Agave Blues will be recording live at the Jollymon tonight beginning at about 6:00 p.m. and if my back feels alright, I'm going to go out and listen to it.

From my buddy Ms. Rice: "Next time you are in town and hungry, try Nauti Taco in the Plazita upstairs across from the bank...It's truly great food and service......a lovely family that can cook up a great meal....Try the mole and the enchiladas ......the best we have had here in San Felipe....oh...did I mention the rice.....  Carlos is from the Mainland (Puebla) and so the food is different than here.  Good alternative for a change.... Carlos is charming as are his children who serve.  He is opened  Tues., Wed., Thurs., 9am to 6pm...Fri., Sat., Sun., 9am to 8pm. Sea Ya, Gayle (and Bob) in San Felipe."  As a matter of fact, Carlos invited me for lunch and I'll give you my review of the mole enchiladas, but I'm sure they will be great.

28 January 2010 - Thursday early.  l was unable to do the pod cast with Dr. Abasolo and his group, partially because of a misunderstanding of the day and partially because Dr. Abasolo's office looked like the lobby of a hospital, he had so many patients waiting to see him.  We have rescheduled it for tomorrow at 1:00 and it should happen as long as there are no emergencies. My back is feeling a little better and I want to thank Diane Pilato of Sea Star Beauty and Health for coming to my rescue.  There is nothing worse (other than a toothache) than a lower back injury, at least not as far as I'm concerned.  Thank you Lisa Sonnenberg for baking some cookies for me and Walt for dropping them by.  Hopefully, tomorrow my back will be pain free and miraculously cured and the town will be full of tourists.  I did hear from a few people who have rentals, and their reservations are trickling in slowly for the races, but not like they normally do.  It's still early so we'll just have to wait and see. 

Karen Emery wrote to let me know Baja Jimmy's Restaurant, scheduled to open on February 1 here in town has been delayed until February 15.  His new location is across the street from La Vaquita III on Mar Bermejo and the main drag coming into town.  He'll still have the same great cheeseburgers and he's lowered his prices a bit.  

Tom and Marge Smith will be performing at Baja Java this Sunday for their delicious brunch and it begins at 9:00 a.m. to noon.  Stop in and have a great brunch while you listen to this couple do their thing.  The Singout Sisters and Chuy are taking a break from Karaoke on Tuesdays at Jollymon until I hear differently.  I was told they would not be performing until February, but that's next week, so I'll let you know on Monday.  Denny Flannigan's Name That Tune is also on a bit of a break from the Jollymon until further notice and I'll let you know when they return, but I would imagine it will be in a few weeks.  The economy is affecting all of us and I encourage you all to try and shop locally to help out the smaller businesses.  It may be that you can buy it cheaper in the states, but there are a lot of people in town and out who are in real trouble because of the lack of tourists.  I think we need a fund raiser to help save San Felipe.  

I received an email the other day from a woman (a very nice lady) who was concerned about the violence here and which restaurants were the best ones to go to.  I wrote her back and told her the only real violence we have is when a married couple gets into an argument and gave her my take on the restaurants.  She wrote back and said she had confused the problems they were having last year in Tijuana, not here and her fear was gone.  That is part of the problem you know; people don't understand that we are 128 miles from the border and very soon we'll have a brand new highway to drive down. 

This is a note from Erv Hand of Club de Pesca "Hi! Just a quick question! Last week I was on a page (I believe it was yours) that had listed several restaurants, and their specials.  I can't seem to find that page again. How do I get to it? I answered his email and in case you're looking for it, it's the Turtle logo to the left and Val has sent an updated version, I just haven't been able (had the time, not the ability for once) to get it on.  The real reason why I am posting Erv's email is because I really like and appreciate his signature line, which you don't see too often, but it is so true.  Here's what he has at the bottom of his emails and if we all followed this rule of thumb, not everyone and their brother would be building an email address list bigger than the size of Texas.  Here it is:  "REMEMBER:  If you forward this PLEASE REMOVE all e-mail addresses before you send it on, and use the BCC area when forwarding to one or more people at once.  "BE KIND TO YOUR E-MAIL FRIENDS".  Bravo Irv! I really have been trying to get this across for many years, so let's see if this helps.  I'm serious - if you could see the amount of emails I have archived which people have forwarded to me with tons of email addresses on them, you wouldn't believe it.  If I ever lose my mind, I could make a huge list of about 100,000 email addresses and sell them to spammers (just kidding). I'm just kidding about the "if" I ever lose my mind, cause I'm certain I already have.

Arnulfo Zarate, the General Manager of the Marina Resort wrote today to say they are having specials each night of the week and a wonderful brunch on Sunday mornings.  I've been to the brunch before and it's very good and reasonable, plus you have the added treat of gazing at the Sea of Cortez while eating because the restaurant is practically on the beach.  It's called "El Secreto" at the Marina Resort and Spa.

Okay,my back is killing me so I'm signing off for the day. I will get caughtup on the rest of the town scoop tomorrow and let you know what I findout.  I almost forgot to mention Maria, the Queen of Karaoke. She will be performing at the Pavillion on Thursday nightsbeginning at 6:00 p.m. and I'm sure Cesar will have a great specialplanned for dinner.  Maria has been doing Karaoke here for aboutten years and she's got a great selection, so give it a try.

26 January 2010 - Tuesday early. I was not able to post yesterday as I threw my back out so I've spent most of the day and evening in bed and I'm hear to tell you the pain is excruciating. I believe it is related to my fall off of the bench onto the cement, but I could hardly move let alone walk. Thank God for Hop-a-Long and my co-madre, as they brought over food for me, so that was nice. It's just so painful, I can't believe it and I can only sit for a small periods of time. I did post about three paragraphs, but then the power went out and I lost everything I wrote. Today we are doing a pod cast with Dr. Abasolo, Kenneth Whitmore and Bonnie McNair, founders of the group "A Child's Garden" and we'll also have gardening tips from Hop-a-Long and a few Skype call interviews, which will be a nice surprise during that pod cast. I was just looking at the stats for the pod casts and Juliet Vega of Juliet's Baja Beach Condos has been listened to 1,148 times since we put it up. http://katskornerpodcast.com/2009/02/20/kats-podcast-22-featuring-juliet-vega.aspx - Natasha James 686 times, so people are aware and listening, which is very cool.

Mark your calendars for "Saturday, January 30 when Steve and Carol Lord will perform at the bookstore......the time will be 2PM and there will be complimentary refreshments. This is a very popular couple and we expect a good crowd." Also, this Friday at the Jollymon, Agave Blues will be recording live and Jim Moore sent an invite so I'll being going to that. When I have the time it begins (which is probably around 6:30) I'll post it. This is a photo Victor took on his trip back from Ensenada via TJ. It looks like the army has a truck stuck in the mud. I will post the photos of the SFAR Hoe Down tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned.

san felipe baja

Val Domer has sent an update to her event calendar and I'll revise that tomorrow as my time for sitting up has come to an end. I may be hobbling into the pod cast tomorrow, but I'll be there and please stay tuned as we should have it up in a few days. Our plan is to do them twice a month and as we are mobile, we can go just about anywhere. This afternoon at 4:00 p.m. is the Food Bank meeting at the new El Capitan Restaurant (right around the corner from the old one, behind tourism). I will be speaking at the SFARP meeting on February 17 and I understand I'm the only speaker, so I'll have to do a tap dance or something to fill the entire hour. Cheeky and Chaquita's debut has been delayed because of an illness in the family, but it's still in the oven, so don't think it's not going to happen, cause it is. I hear there are a lot of changes going on at Playa de Oro and the army was out there the other day. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

For those of you waiting to hear where The Net (or Kat's Korner) is going to move to, I will announce that on the last day of the month. With the economy the way it is, I am considering holding off on reopening a store front until next season. I'll still do everything I do, but from my home and if I need to meet anyone, I live so close to town I can meet them at their offices or at a restaurant or business downtown. I haven't made my final decision yet, but most professionals I've spoken to have agreed with me that it's not a good idea to spend a lot of money fixing up a new place in the middle of the season. I'm still considering a store on the Malécon, but again, the costs of maintaining an office and business are very high and with air conditioning right around the corner, I have to really think this out. If we don't get more tourists here and they make it even more difficult to cross back and forth, I'm afraid our little village by the sea is going to be very quiet and many people are going to suffer because of it.

24 January 2010 - Sunday morning. This is from Cesar at the Pavillion "Hola gata loca! How are you hope it’s not too late to post this on your site. Eddie G will be playing at the Pavilion Friday nights and Sunday mornings. And I will have more info for you regarding the new Pavilion schedule for 2010 it’s going to be fabulous!!! Thank you Cesar." Photos of the sierras by Victor Rodriguez Ratliff.

san felipe baja

It's such a beautiful day today and with the snow on Mt. Diablo, it makes for a beautiful photo opportunity. Victor Rodriguez Ratliff has a new camera or he was going to get one, but he sent some photos of the mountains with snow on them which are beautiful. You can read more about the Sierra de Baja California by clicking the link below.

san felipe baja

"Baja California has two sea shores. It borders the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of California to the east. Even though the state is not large in area, its geography is very diverse. The Sierra de Baja California (also known as the Peninsular Ranges) runs in the middle of the state with different denominations. The two most important are the Sierra de Juarez and the Sierra de San Pedro Martir. These ranges are home to forests similar to those in Southern California."

san felipe baja

The Pistachio del Diablo is the highest peak in the whole peninsula, offering spectacular views of the Gulf of California. Lying in between these mountain ranges, there are some valleys that are suitable for agriculture such as the Valle de Guadalupe and the Valle de Ojos Negros. The mild weather makes this area excellent for the production of citrus fruits and grapes. This area is also rich in minerals. The mountain range gets closer to the Gulf of California towards the south of the state and the western slope becomes wider, forming the Llanos del Berrendo in the border with Baja California Sur. The mountain ranges located in the center and southern part of the state include the Sierra de La Asamblea, Sierra de Calamajué, Sierra de San Luis and the Sierra de San Borja (This information was taken from the site: http://wapedia.mobi/en/Baja_California).

san felipe baja

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