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June 2005


The flyover construction in Mexicali at the junction of Calz. Lopez Mateos and Lazaro Cardenas is now going full steam ahead. Here you see the support pillars being prepared for the roadway top. Avoid this bottleneck at all cost. See our recommended route on the map page.


4th of July Weekend! Beachcomber and Rocodile bars are having their weekend blow-outs again this year. Get your pass to both places and don't wait in long lines.

Highschool Grads get to visit San Felipe: On Monday morning we counted 14 grand tour buses parked along the side streets near the main hotels in San Felipe. A little birdie told us that ........ the buses are S.W.A.T.'s group, which is about 1,500 high school grads. They are here from Sunday to Thursday. They have chosen to change the dress code in San Felipe, bringing the beach garb (or lack of it) straight into town in full parade fashion. We, the locals, love it. I hope everything is well chaperoned and that they have a great time. Update: They all left this morning, Wednesday, at 10:00 a.m.

A gentleman was admitted to St. James Hospital with a Rattle Snake bite on Sunday evening. He was camping in Gonzaga Bay and taking a hike when he was bit. Lukily, St. James had the anti-venom shot and he was transferred to the States yesterday. On a lighter note, this photo was taken at Gonzaga last summer and sent to us by Don.

Telnor Alerts Users of the Internet About Serious Fraud. See article here.
As published in La Voz de la Frontera, Tue. June 7, 2005, Page 3 A.

New Date for Spanish lessons - UABC is offering beginning Spanish lessons, Monday through Friday, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Materials, coffee/cookies included. 40 hours. $130.00. Call 577-2316. Classes begin June 27 to July 22, 2005. Please give Betty a call or write UABC at uabc@sanfelipe.com.mx.

2 June - Important: IMSS (Mexican Social Security Administration) is committed to facilitate obtaining Liberation Letters for the residents of San Felipe and to collect any unpaid tax. If you had any construction done in the last 5 years, taxes may be due. Please read this Liberation Letter. (Background information: many people who contract to have a house built do not realize that it is their responsibility to pay the social security taxes on all the workers on their project. Many people assume that these substantial costs are included in the deal they have with the contractor. Well, maybe they are or maybe they are not. It is very important for you to verify that your contractor is paying these costs on your behalf. If they are unpaid, the social security administartion will come round to you sooner or later and demand the back taxes plus penalties be paid. You will need to have copies of all payroll records from your contractor to verify that the taxes have been paid on your behalf.)

30 May -Availability of organic foods in San Felipe. On a number of occasions we have had inquiries about getting certified organic foods in San Felipe....more

25 May - Real Estate sales in San Felipe are phenomenal and building is going on everywhere along the coast and even in some good locations away from the water......more.

Coming soon: We will discuss some of the infrastructure problems, including sewage treatment, domestic potable water, future electricity supplies, the Mexicali-San Felipe highway upgrade, law enforcement and security services, abysmal banking services, telephone services, cellular services, the never-ending saga of the airport, critical needs for health emergency services, the deteriorating conditions of our beaches and coastal waters........ to name just a few.

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Effective now - the CESPM (water company) has moved it's offices from behind the Tourist Bureau, to Mar Caribe Sur, next to the AM/PM. You can also arrange to have your water billed paid automatically by Bancomer deduction. They are open 8-2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 to 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays. They do take personal checks drawn on local Mexican banks. Here's a photo of their new offices. Update: I went to pay my water bill on Friday and they have a drive-through. Very nice offices. Arismal speaks English.


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