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The organizers of San Felipe's Carnival celebration (Friday 4 - Tuesday 8 February) want to make this the best celebration ever. We want your feedback on what you, the visitor, would like to see. We also want local organizations, merchants and tourist establishments to contact us with their plans, suggestions and offers of help as quickly as possible. We will pass all information on to the organizing committee. Contact Juan by phone at 577-1600 or email Juan (Spanish or English) at this address .

The University of Baja California Extension is offering English as a second language. Total hours: 40 (per four week session): (2-1/2 hours each day, Monday - Thursday). Classes commence: February 2; Fee: $130.00 USD (includes materials, coffee and certificate); Deposit: $45.00 USD (to guarantee your placement). Registration: January 31, 2005 at the school, located across the street from Seguro Social (Social Security clinic). ) 577-2316. Contact for next class listing: uabc@sanfelipe.com.mx

Indian Ocean Disaster Relief One of our local residents, Wendell Cutting from Campo Ocotillos is vice president of the San Diego-based organization Rescue Task Force which is involved with the disaster relief effort in Thailand. He just sent us this email and noted that there is a donation link on their web site (above):

January 3, 2005 6:53:35 PM PST

Hi. Thanks for your note. Am in Thailand and heading out in a few to provide more help in Sri Lanka. There is a place at the top of our web site, www.rescuetaskforce.org, where donations can be made. There should be some pictures of our work there also. Great to hear from you. Really looking forward to getting back to San Felipe at some point to rest. Been able to provide a lot of help so far. This is almost overwhelming -- the needs are so very great. Have medical team and supplies to meet up with in Sri Lanka, and then back to here. God Bless everyone there.


see also this article on Wendell Cutting in the Friday 7 January San Diego Union Tribune newspaper.

We are getting additional reports of break-ins and theft from residents who have been out of town for the holiday season and from visitors who were here to have a relaxing vacation. Please let us know if you have been the victim of any crime in this region. Only by collecting reliable data can we approach the authorities and get something done. Some recent items are listed in the link on the left of the main news page under crime reports.

One particularly troubled area of town for visitors has been the various rental houses, condominiums and apartments. During the past year there were many people who lost valuables from their rooms. Also beach toys and vehicles parked overnight were stolen. We urge all visitors to be sure to keep their doors locked at all times, to be sure that the property you are renting has a security plan and that you have adequate insurance to cover losses. Ask the rental agent what insurance they carry to cover any losses or accidents while you are a paying guest. Check if your U.S. home or auto insurance will provide you any coverage while you are in Mexico. Many people come down to San Felipe and do not buy fully comprehensive insurance for their vehicles and towed belongings. We understand that this insurance is expensive, adding $20-30/day to the cost of a visit but you definitely do not want to be without it. Also remember that only total loss of vehicles is covered and contents are excluded!!!

We also urge you to be very careful when driving ATV's on the beach or in town. Many accidents do occur and you need to bear in mind that for any serious injury, a Medivac flight to San Diego will be a $10,000 or more charge on your credit card. Also, please be sensible and do not allow young children to drive them unattended.

Damage to Playa Hermosa.(28 December) - Cyndi from Playa Hermosa reported seven or more houses suffered serious damage to their concrete aprons and patios. There is an actual "Bowl" or lake of sea water that has formed in front of these casas. The campo owner is in the process of gathering equipment to try to protect the houses from further damage. He will attempt to get equipment to move sand in front of the houses. Most of the damage has been caused by the high winds and choppy surf. The high tides have not exceeded 14ft, and the tides will be the same through New Years Eve. This "Window" may allow them to shore-up the houses and prevent the actual walls of the casas from collapsing. It is suggested that those owners with insurance, contact their provider as soon as possible.




Before the damage



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