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Mailing address:
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Calexico, CA 92232

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Mar de Cortez
San Felipe, Baja


Life & News of San Felipe, North & South Campos .

The Gringo Gazette is available only by subscription. We print nine months of the year: October to June. Subscriptions cost only $20.00, mailed to the United States or Baja California Mexico. Canada is extra postage.

NOTE: Since many subscribers are in the San Felipe area or one of the camps, north or south on an irregular basis, (i.e.), gone during the summer months and spend the winters in their Baja homes, we have set up a special delivery service to insure that you receive your Gazette on a regular basis. Just advise us when you will be here and when you will not. State which Baja mail service you have, be it Sundance or Yet Mail. If you do not have a mail service, Juanita of the Wash Tub Laundry has graciously set up a service where you may pick up your Gazette there. She is located on Mar de Cortéz, next to The Net. Take advantage of this and do your laundry there, or she will do it for you while you go shopping or out to eat!

If you have any more questions we are as close as your telephone or e-mail:
Telephone: 686-111-3692

Tenga un buen dia! - Have a nice day!