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February 2005 events of note in San Felipe


Monday, February 28. Race week is over. What a week. The town was over flowing with people throughout the week and into the weekend. The bars were elbow to elbow with people dancing and drinking. The sidewalks in front of Beachcomber and Rocodile were just as packed. We have photos of race cars, Rocodile patrons, Club Bar Miramar, inside and outside; Al's, and the party on the Malecon. Please click here to see for yourself.

Monday, February 21. Our new Delagado, C. Joaquin Sahagun Jimenez, was seen dining out this afternoon. Sitting on the right in this picture, next to Alfredo Ascolani, brother of the owner of Baja Mar Restaurant, Octavio Ascolani. He seems to have moved into his new position with ease and efficiency.

He had his Supervisor of Public Works, Tony Montoya, out on the street this evening, pumping water at the north end of the Malecon. Check out our weather page to see what's happening with the rain. It's rather a busy time for our Delegado, with the Baja 250, Spring Break, and Semana Santa just around the corner. We understand that he is active in a group which meets here in town twice per month. This group wants to see San Felipe as its own muncipality. That would be wonderful if this actually happens. Presidente Municipal Ramos has promised that all tax dollars derived from San Felipe will be returned to us, in the form of new roads, sewers, etc.

Municipal President Samuel Ramos and his lovely wife, Elizabeth, pictured here at the dedication of the new computers for the public library. Mrs. Ramos is very active with DIF, the equivalent of Department of Health and Social Services in the U.S. There was a benefit held last Thursday at the Boom Boom. Unfortunately, they had expected about 300 for the bingo benefit, and there were only about 95 present. If you're interested in helping the poor of San Felipe, contact Sandy (Activities Director) at El Dorado Ranch and she can get you on a committee or direct you to whomever you need to talk to. Or, write to our info line and we'll get you connected.

Department of Public Works at work. Pictured below is Tony Montoya, Supervisor of Public Works, and his crew, pumping water.

The 80th Anniversary of San Felipe was celebrated this year in conjunction with our annual Mardi Gras and the 88th Anniversary of the Constitution of Mexico on Saturday, February 5, 2004. The first stop was the new library and presentation of awards to prominent citizens and businessmen, whose generous contributions allowed for the new computers to be installed. The Pioneers of San Felipe were also honored and plaques awarded. There were so many activities going on the same day, that it was difficult to get from place to place. Photos to follow.


The Net welcomes San Felipe's new Delegado, C. Joaquin Sahagun Jimenez, a long time resident and businessman here, who was sworn into office on Tuesday, February 8, 2004. We wish him the best of luck in his new position and we are confident that he will continue to keep San Felipe's best interests at the forefront. Sr. Sahagun is also the owner of Baja Market and the Casa de Cambio/Curios on the corner of main street. Delegado Sahagun has been a key player in the tourism business for many years in San Felipe and speaks fluent English.

President Vicente Fox Queada visited Northern Baja yesterday, specifically Los Algondones, where he and our Governor of Northern Baja, Eugenio Elorduy Walther, welcomed Snowbirds in a ceremony held for their benefit.

The U.S. Department of State has issued the following travel warning for visitors intending to travel to Mexico. President Fox has responded to this warning indignantly, and with reason, saying that he will not be the scapegoat for the United State's problem with consumption of drugs. We in San Felipe, having our borders in Mexicali (Calexico), Tecate and Algadones, were not mentioned in the warning and please do not take this announcement as fact. We have had no reports of killings at our borders nor have we had reports of bandits killing tourists. It is my opinion that this travel warning release is "politically based" and meant only to hurt Mexico's tourism trade. Believe me; it is safer for you to travel to Mexico than it is to walk the streets of Los Angeles. Common sense needs to be used (don't pick up strangers and do not stop for anyone other than the Mexican military, who are only stationed half way down to San Felipe to protect visitors by checking for drugs and/or arms). We have a huge American community here in San Felipe and many RV's who travel back and forth without incident. khm

"Mexico Says U.S. Warning Is Unfair
Fox 'Laments' Alert On Border Violence
By Mary Jordan
Washington Post Foreign Service
Friday, January 28, 2005; Page A21
MEXICO CITY, Jan. 27 -- A U.S. State Department warning to American citizens about a "deteriorating security situation" on the U.S.-Mexico border provoked an angry response Thursday from Mexican officials, who called it unfair. They pointed out that the United States, as the world's largest consumer of illegal drugs, shares blame in a recent spate of drug-related killings and kidnappings, some of which involved U.S. citizens. President Vicente Fox issued a statement late Thursday that said his government "does not accept judgment" from any foreign government and "laments the alarm" that could be caused by the warning...".

"Office of the Spokesman
This information is current as of today, Sun Jan 30 2005 11:28:19 GMT-0800.
January 26, 2005
This Public Announcement is being issued to alert U.S. citizens to the current security situation along the Mexican side of the U.S.-Mexico border in the wake of increased violence among drug traffickers. Although the majority of travelers in the region visit without mishap, violent criminal activity, including murder and kidnapping, in Mexico's northern border region has increased. The overwhelming majority of the victims of violent crime have been Mexican citizens. Nonetheless, U.S. citizens should be aware of the risk posed by the deteriorating security situation.. . .".

Press Conference held in Mexicali regarding the 88th Anniversary of the Constitution of Mexico and the 80th Anniversary of San Felipe (Saturday, February 5) and San Felipe's Mardi Gras/Carnival (February 4-8)

Pictured: Mexicali Mayor (Presidente Municipal), C.P. Samuel Enrique Ramos Flores; Lic. Victor Rodriguez Silva, Cotuco's Presidente of Mexicali; C.P. Marcelino Diaz Ramirez, Director of Las Cervezas Modelo de B.C.; Lic. Raymundo Jimenez Leon, Delegado Municipal (San Felipe's Mayor); C. Alejandra Quintero Corrales Regidora XVIII Ayuntamiento de Mexicali; Lic. Cristina Teran de Felix, Directora de la Direccion de Cultura Municipal de Mexicali; C.P. Jesus Olmos Gonzalez, Vocal Ejecutivo and also an executive at El Dorado Ranch.

A news conference and luncheon was held at the Dragon Restaurant in Mexicali regarding the celebrations planned for the 80th Anniversary of San Felipe and the 88th Anniversary of the Constitution of Mexico and San Felipe's Mardi Gras or Carnival, all scheduled for next week. This is the first time a Mexicali Mayor has attended one of these functions, which already appears to show that our new Presidente Municipal (Mexicali Mayor) is interested in and will take notice of San Felipe. Corona Beer and Budweiser are donating $11,000.00 towards our celebrations, planned for February 4-8. We're off to a good start with the new Municipal administration. The first order of business for the new Presidente Municipal was to order three new garbage trucks (or the repair of) for San Felipe, which were requested by our Mayor. We believe Sr. Ramos will name his choice for Delegado of San Felipe, on Monday, January 31. Check our news page on Monday afternoon for a full report. khm

Update on CFE: It was quite a site watching the crew put the new poles up and taking them down and drilling holes from a large ladder directly below hot wires. It's a dangerous job, and they were efficient and obviously well trained. They also cleaned up the mess. There was a perceived misunderstanding in our announcement regarding internet access in San Felipe. Only viewers of www.sanfelipe.com.mx (9,000 per hour on Friday) or dial-in/laptop/wireless/walk-in members and tourists who come in to send email to let their families know they've arrived, were affected. There was no loss of mail. khm

Break-in and Theft Update Phil Heck wrote to report that still another burglary has taken place in the south campo's, at km. 44.5 on January 25. Three men broke into a home and stole a number of articles, including a generator, t.v., tool chest, and assorted hand tools. However, this time someone saw them loading up their car with the goods; after all, it was 9:15 in the morning. The suspects were followed and with the help of a cell phone, the police were contacted as the robbers were in route to San Felipe and to their surprise, they were apprehended by local police. This time they were arrested and all the stolen goods were returned to the owner and it looks like neighborhood watch is working and our police department is responding.

Las Amigas Casino Day and Auction, held Friday, January 28 at noon was a success. All proceeds will benefit the fund for scholarships for high school and college students. Shirley Swanson is to be commended for her efforts in organizing the event. Photos to follow.

On Jan 25th approximately 200 tourists and locals were given a tour of San Felipe's restaurants. Each of the 28 restaurants offered a display and a 'taste' of their specialty. Some offered more than a taste. The NET participated with a few photos taken along the way. I saw several cameras hoping someone would bring in their pictures of the group's tour.

A new Neighborhood Committee is proposed to give input to the Municipal authorities on the development plan for San Felipe.(14 January 2005) Please see more here.

National Public Radio comes to the desert. KPBS in San Diego (89.5 FM) has now opened a repeater station on 97.7 MHz FM in Calexico which will broadcast the San Diego NPR program stream to the El Centro/Calexico/Mexicali region. This has been one of the biggest gaps in NPR coverage in the southwest U.S. Only moderate to poor reception of the Los Angeles repeater of KCRW (in Palm Springs at 89.3 FM) has been available in the past. You can now plan your journey and get informative, unbiased, news, information and classical music (evenings) from 40 miles East and North of Calexico to the middle of the Laguna Salada (km 80-90) south of Mexicali. The program listings for the new station can be found here. Memberships and donations are always welcome at this link. (29 Nov 2004) Unfortunately, we do not yet have an NPR station in San Felipe but a possible alternative is to subscribe to the Sirius satellite radio service which does carry two talk channels of NPR, PRI and the BBC World Service.


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