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Break-in and Theft Melanie from Campo SanFrancisco at km 47 south of San Felipe reported that their house was broken into (27 December) and the car stolen. If you see this vehicle:

1990 Jeep Wrangler
Lic #2TLH137 (California)
White with Grey lambswool seat covers
black roll bar and black bikini top
stock tires with brushed aluminum rims

please report it to police or email our info line and we will forward information to the owner.

We also learned of another car theft and very bad experience of a group of tourists on 28 December:

In an e-mail 7 Jan 05 Marianne writes:

Subject: Car Thefts

I read with interest your notice regarding the Jeep theft at Campo San Francisco and wish them best of luck in trying to find it.

However, I felt compelled to write and let you know that while camping with family and friends at Pete's Camp (20 of us taking up 5 campsites for 10 days), on December 28th our friend's $7000 Kawasaki was stolen (the cable locked around it was cut) and then our 2002 Chevy Duramax was stolen on December 30th -- parked right in front of our trailer.

This was a first time visit to San Felipe for most of us and out of our party, three families say they will never go to Mexico again -- and the rest of us, at a minimum, will never stay at Pete's Camp again. We were quite dismayed at the lack of concern regarding security demonstrated by the owner of Pete's Camp, as well as the outright apathy of the local police.

2002 Chevrolet Diesel 4X4
Extended Cab/Long Bed
Color: Silver
California Lic Plate 6Z20367

Just FYI.

We have yet another report of a break-in over the Christmas Holiday from Pam from km 38:

Date: January 11, 2005 4:13:22 PM PST
Subject: Breakin

After reading about the stolen vehicles; I just had to email in to say that we were also broken into on Sunday evening, December 26, 2004.  We live at KM 38 south of San Felipe. 
It appeared that the thieves drove and parked in the arroyo and hiked up the hill to our home so that they couldn't be seen.  They were unable to get into the house and garage, as the doors are all bolt-locked, but our battery room and laundry room were broken into because there is only a padlock on the doors.  Those were easily broken using bolt cutters.  Consequently, they took our generators, electric cords, tools and everything else we had stored in there for a quick sell.  Thank goodness they didn't try for the invertor and batteries. 
We have been coming to Baja since 1994 and will continue coming to Baja.  This is the first time and hopefully, last time we are broken into.
There used to be a military checkpoint at KM 1 north of us and now that they are not there it seems that there have been more thefts south of town.  


On Jan 29, 2005, at 7:17 AM, we received this message:

I just want to report that still another burglary has taken place in the south campos, at km. 44.5,on Jan.25th.....3 men broke into a home and stole a number of articles,generator,t.v.,tool chest,and assorted hand tools........but this time someone had seen the 3 loading up their car with the goods, afterall it was 9:15 a.m..........the suspects were followed and with the help of a cell phone the police were contacted as the robbers were in route to San Felipe........and to there surprise they were apprehended by local police........this time they were arrested and all the goods were returned to the owner.... looks like neighborhood watch is working......

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