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Break-in's at the South Campos August-September 2007

September 27 2007 - From Lori Volk at Rancho Percebu:

Just to report our garage at our Percebu house broken into 9/26/07. Second time in 2 years. A couple of thousand dollars in power and hand tools were stolen. We do not know the extent of the missing items yet... I understand that this was again a problem further south. What if anything can be done. We are continuing to make it increasingly difficult to break in, but you can only do so much.

How do we file a report? (see the bottom of the page here)

Thanks for your wonderful website keeping us informed on a daily basis!

Lori and Tom Volk


September 20th: Break-ins reported at Santa Maria. We just heard this from Susan Duffett from Campo Santa Maria at km 31 on the road to Puertecitos:

There have been 11 houses broken into with items taken including canned food, quads, generators, invertors, and even a stove. Since most of the houses are vacation properties some people may not realize that their property has been violated.

Please let us know of any incidents like this. Residents and potential investors need to be assured that the authorities are doing everything possible to stop these crimes.

More information from Maureen Martinez about the problems at Agua Azul and Cielito Lindo:

In mid-August, there were 5 break-ins in Agua Azul -- quads, tools & generators were taken -- new quads not yet insured. 

Across the arroyo in Campo Cielito Lindo, the end house -- and it's usually homes on the far ends of each campo that are broken into --- a home was broken into for the 6th time -- all the equipment, quads, generators & some solar things were taken. These were all new items that had just been replaced from the prior robbery. 

In the Campo at 38.5 -- across the arroyo from Cielito Lindo, a home and garage was broken into for the 6th time -- while they were filing insurance claims for the 5th instance. This family is so upset they are ready to walk away and are making plans to do so.

I wrote an email with this information to as many persons in the South Campos as I had addresses for and asked them to check houses around them and also to give me information on prior breakin dollar amounts. I only heard from those in our immediate area -- in the 3 Campos around KM 40 - the total for the past 1-1/2 yrs, is in excess of $100,000 in quads, generators, tools, solar, furniture, fixtures, etc.

The Police can only be in one area at a time - and the robbers seem to know this well -- so they hit where they aren't. When prospective buyers, renters ask us about this situation, we all intend to be very up front and let them know what's going on -- maybe if it begins to hit the pocketbooks of Campo owners - something more will be done.

And a follow-up from Spence Carter:

Have you heard about the burglaries in mid-August in Cielito Lindo and
Agua Azul? Four homes were hit. It was reported that one of the four lost
$9,000 worth of quads, tools and other items.

A report (9/25/07) with pictures from Steve Sipos of what was stolen from his house at Bahia Santa Maria:

In a follow up on the Break-ins. They actually occurred on Saturday night the 15th August. A red Suburban with a flat tire was spotted on the new entrance road that leads into Playa Hermosa. There was nobody with this Suburban, according to the 2 local family members from Bahia Santa Maria. They looked into the vehicle and only saw a wheeled type battery charger. The 2 locals began to check on the houses and discovered that my house and others had been broken into.

The main item they noticed was that my 4X4 Polaris 500 sportsman Quad was missing from the garage. It is the large Quad in the rear of the picture. It has a large lock n go storage box on the rear and another storage area in the front that flips up to open. Not may like it down there.

VIN# 4XAMH50A85A365406

They followed my Quad tracks and discovered they lead to bushes near where the suburban had the flat. Then the tracks continued to the location where the Suburban was. Yes I said was. The tracks from my Quad disappear at that location. Left behind in the sand were very distinctive tire tracks from my Quad, the Suburban, and unusual shoe prints. The 2 locals went back to my house and discovered that the same shoe prints were in the sand outside of my house, in my garage and also inside of my house. The locals decided to take photos of the before mentioned and turned in statements into the local police and also into the State police in San Felipe. I also followed suit.

I lost approximately $15k worth of stuff including but not limited to…

1.       Polaris 500 Sportsman Quad 4X4 Red and Black with lock n go storage box VIN# 4XAMH50A85A365406
2.       Keys to all of my Quads, Polaris 500 Sportsman, Polaris 330 Trail boss, Eton 90 Viper, Eton 50 mini
3.       Battery from the Polaris 330 Trail boss
4.       Honda EU1000i generator
5.       Briggs and Stratton 5000 watt generator
6.       Briggs and Stratton 3500 watt generator
7.       Craftsman 3gal. portable air compressor
8.       Trace U2512SB 2.5Kw inverter
9.       Trace C60 Charger Controller
10.   Trace CM LCD Display for C60 Controller
11.   Unknown brand 65 watt solar panel
12.   Unknown brand 85 watt solar panel
13.   Craftsman Professional Series Screwdrivers, Black shanks and handles
·         Standard, #0,#1,#2,#3
·         Phillips, #0,#1,#2,#3
14.   Craftsman Professional Series Pliers, Black handles
·         Various needle nose, standard pliers, right angel cutters etc…
15.   Volt Ohm meter
16.   Makita 12Volt screw gun with charger and case
17.   Makita grinder 5”
18.   Makita grinder discs 5” various types
19.   Craftsman corded skill saw
20.   Craftsman corded Jig saw
21.   100 ft. extension cord
22.   Miscellaneous hand tools
·         Hammers, screwdrivers, saws, razor knives, files, drill bits, etc…
23.   Various pots and pans including
·         2 gal. metal pot
·         4 gal. pot blue with white specks
·         10 inch and 12 inch fry pans
24.   Broken window 6-0 X 3-0
25.   Broken window 1-0 X 3-0
26.   $20.00 cash
27.   Large white igloo cooler
28.   Childs helmet

My neighbor’s house was also hit. Some of his losses include a wheeled type battery charger, 2 boat motors, all of his hand tools, hardware, and a copper line from his propane tanks to his house. They were also going to take the wheels and tires off of his jeep that was parked in the garage, but stopped mid theft.

This is the second time he has been broken into. The first time they got a Quad and a Dirt Bike.


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