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8 December 2004
SECOND CHRISTMAS PARADE OF LIGHTS(English and Spanish versions)

We were able to capture these pictures for your pleasure.

Pictures of the parade here.The mayor of this great little Port City of San Felipe, Raymundo Jimenez León wants to leave office with a bang, so he is trying to organize the best Christmas Parade ever. This will actually be the "SEGUNDO DESFILE DE LUCES NAVIDEÑO" (SECOND CHRISTSMAS PARADE OF LIGHTS) to take place this Tuesday, December 14, starting at 4:30 pm.

So get into the spirit. You have plenty of time to dress up your buggy as a snow sleigh and shake the dust off that old Santa suit you used to don for Christmasses past, shampoo your white goat tee, buy a sack of candy, tamales, chestnuts, what have you, and come join the parade and help spread cheer to the people of San Felipe. Maybe we can organize a "Posada" later for all of us at the Malecon with the band “Third Generation” or something.

Delegado Jimenez is asking you to call him to confirm your participation at phone No's 577 1021 and 577 1650 or call or write me here at The Net, with your suggestions, instructions, advice, point of view.

Muchas gracias



El Presidente de este pequeño y gran Puerto de San Felipe, Lic. Raymundo Jimenez León, quiere dejar el cargo con estruendo, así es que se encuentra organizando el mejor Desfile Navideño en la historia. Este de hecho es el”SEGUNDO DESFILE NAVIDEÑO DE LUCES” que se llevará a cabo este día Martes 14 de Diciembre  a las 4:30 pm.

Así que a llenarse del espíritu, aun hay tiempo suficiente para agarrar el carcachón, vestirlo de trineo, sacudir el trajecito de Santa de navidades pasadas, despercudirce las barbas y comprar un costal de dulces, tamales, castañas o lo que sea y véngase al desfile y ayude a distribuir felicidad a la gente de San Felipe, quizás podamos organizar una Posada en el Malecon con la banda “Third Generation” de Ernesto y Tavo y los demás efectivos.

El Delegado Raymundo Jimenez quiere que le llamen para confirmar su participación a los teléfonos No’s 577 1021 y 577 1650 o llame o escríbame aquí en “The Net”, con sus sugerencias, instrucciones, consejos, punto de vista.

Muchas gracias

Juan Tapia

National Public Radio comes to the desert. KPBS in San Diego (89.5 FM) has now opened a repeater station on 97.7 MHz FM in Calexico which will broadcast the San Diego NPR program stream to the El Centro/Calexico/Mexicali region. This has been one of the biggest gaps in NPR coverage in the southwest U.S. Only moderate to poor reception of the Los Angeles repeater of KCRW (in Palm Springs at 89.3 FM) has been available in the past. You can now plan your journey and get informative, unbiased, news, information and classical music (evenings) from 40 miles East and North of Calexico to the middle of the Laguna Salada (km 80-90) south of Mexicali. The program listings for the new station can be found here. Memberships and donations are always welcome at this link. (29 Nov 2004) Unfortunately, we do not yet have an NPR station in San Felipe but a possible alternative is to subscribe to the Sirius satellite radio service which does carry two talk channels of NPR, PRI and the BBC World Service.

Tecate Score Baja 1000 Photos. The race was run on November 17 - 20, 2004. Check this link for great photos. NBC Sports will air a one-hour special on the 2004 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 on December 11 from 2:30-3:30 pm EST. The pre-running segment will air on the Jeep World of Adventure Sports on Saturday, December 4, from 2-3 pm EST. Thanks to Jim Hatton for photos and info and the lemons!

Nov 20 the last day of the race. You might like to see some pictures taken by Kathleen Smith of a previous race. Check this URL HTTP://www.lazydazers.com

Nov 4-7 Shrimp Festival... Afterwards
(English and Spanish versions)
Well (sigh), another great Shrimp Festival has come and gone faster than the heap of shrimp I consumed every day I was at the malecon. The weather was there for us, sometimes as liquid sunshine and slightly nippy at night, but great all around. The vendors were happy pushing more than elotes (corn on the cob) and churros. The rest of the gastronomical samples were superb.
Along with the official activities, spiels and presentations, which included the awards for the “Amigo de San Felipe,” this year given to the Mayor of Mexicali, Jaime Diaz in absentia, and the “Tony Reyes’s” won by Carlos Kuttler of San Felipe’s ReMax for his outstanding work in promoting tourism and real estate development for the area. There was also an enjoyable concert played by the Baja California Youth Orchestra at the grandstand and the music of several Sinaloa style bands, for the delight of those who enjoy shaking the skeleton to the tune of cumbias and what have you.
I must have been too distracted with other exciting goings-on as I missed the presentation of the “Día de Muertos”, the Art Exhibit, the Ollin Yoliztli Dance Group, and some of the other events announced in the program. But what I did enjoy, were the fire works (a bit scant I thought), the parade of beautiful señoritas of all ages, shapes and sizes and most of all, as I am a Rock ‘n Roller from way back, Arturo and Tavo’s band and their super repertoire of great songs, played to perfection by all four of the band’s members.
As I listened in glee and watched some of the crowd react to the music, I couldn’t help but smile with some affliction, realizing what I have unconsciously resisted for some (long) time to accept, that Rock ‘n Roll has aged and me along with it. I still remember how, it seems like not too long  ago around the late sixties, the gang and I would come to San Felipe, go skinny dipping near by, grossed every body out and were turned back from some of  the RV camps in town just because we were ragged and hairy. They thought I was some kind of Jerry Garcia or that we were remnants of the Charles Manson gang or something. But we would Rock the town down. Now it is nostalgically amusing to watch how us old fogies cling to good ol’ Rock and how we still shake our booties with fruition to the sounds of Santana, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Grateful Dead and even The Beatles and Bob Dylan songs that the band, “Third Generation” play so well.
I also watched how the kids in front of the grandstand did what passed as dancing to the noise of some weird techno stuff a la Michael Jackson, moving their bodies like rusted machinery and twirled and did somersaults like slinkies, and I couldn’t help but think what my Daddy used to say… “they don’t make music… ”
On the other hand, the bad news is that some people may have come down with the dreaded “D” from eating food blessed by Moctezuma. But it seems that even those who did not attend the fiesta were also touched by some kind of bug. So do as the boss says: wash your hands often, watch where you eat and be wary of door knobs. The intestinal flu is best transmitted by hand shakes and utensils handled by contaminated people.
J. Tapia
Despues del Festival del Camaron
Bueno (suspiro), otro gran Festival del Camarón vino y se fue más rápido que el cerro de camarones que consumí todos los días que estuve en el malecón. El clima estuvo con nosotros como sol líquido y un poco fresco en la noche, pero buen clima en general. Los vendedores estaban contentos empujando más que elotes y churros y el resto de las excelentes pruebas gastronómicas.
Junto con las actividades oficiales, discursos y presentaciones, que incluyeron los reconocimientos al “Amigo de San Felipe” que este año le fue entregado al Alcalde de Mexicali Jaime Díaz en ausencia y el diploma “Tony Reyes” ganado por Carlos Kuttler de ReMax de San Felipe por su extraordinario trabajo de promotor de turismo y empresario de Bienes Raices para el area. Nos deleitamos también con un agradable concierto de la Orquesta Juvenil de Baja California en el estrado y varios grupos de  música de banda estilo Sinaloa, para el disfrute de quienes gustan de sacudir el esqueleto al ritmo de cumbias y lo demás.
Debí haber estado distraido con otros excitantes sucesos ya que me perdí la presentación del “Día de Muertos,” la Exhibición de Arte, la danza de Ollin Yoliztli, y algunos de los otros eventos anunciados en el programa. Pero lo que sí disfruté, fueron los fuegos artificiales (un poco escasos creo),  el desfile de hermosas señoritas de todas las edades, formas y tamaños y más que todo, ya que soy rocanrolero de tiempo atrás, la banda de Arturo y Tavo, su super repertorio de buenas rolas tocadas a la perfección por los cuatro miembros de la banda.
Mientras escuchaba la música con deleite y miraba la reacción de algunos en el público, no pude evitar sonreir con algo de tristeza, comprendiendo lo que inconcientemente me he resistido aceptar por algún (mucho) tiempo, que el Rock ‘n Roll está envejeciendo y yo junto con el. Aun recuerdo como, hace mucho, al final de los sesentas veníamos a San Felón, nos metíamos al mar bichis por aquí cerca y sacábamos de onda a todo mundo y nos retachaban de los parques de RV’s solo por desarrapados y peludos. Creían que yo era como algun Jerry Garcia o que eramos restos de la banda de Charles Manson o algo parecido. Pero roqueábamos a San Felo a más no poder. Ahora es nostalgicamente divertido mirar como nuestros ruquitos aferrados al buen Rock, aun movemos la colita con fruición al son de Santana, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Grateful Dead y hasta The Beatles y Bob Dylan, rolas que el grupo “Third Generation” tocan tan bien.
Después me tocó mirar a los morros que enfrente del estrado hacían como que bailaban al ruido de algo como techno a la Michael Jackson, movían sus cuerpos como si fueran maquinas oxidadas, se retorcían y pegaban brincos como “slinkies” y no pude evitar pensar -como decía mi papi-, “ya no hacen la música como antes.”
Por otro lado, las malas noticias es que algunas personas pueden haber contraido la temida diarrea por comer alimentos bendecidos por “Moctezuma”. Pero parece que aun hasta quienes no fueron a la fiesta fueron atacados también por algún tipo de bicho. Asi que hay que hacer lo que dice el patrón: lavarse las manos seguido, tener cuidado donde se come y no se confíe de las perillas de las puertas. El flu intestinal (influenza) se transmite mucho por el saludo de manos y utensilios manipulados por personas contaminadas.
J. Tapia.

Traffic Nightmare in Mexicali (23 November update)(English and Spanish versions)

For those drivers coming through Mexicali to San Felipe, you should be advised to stay off Lopez Mateos Blvd, where road work is being conducted at its intersection with Lazaro Cardenas Blvd. A huge new flyover is under construction. (20 August 2004)

There is an excellent Map at of the situation here. (follow the yellow dots to get to San Felipe)

When driving through Mexicali, you may have encountered humongous amounts of vehicles (about 400 thousand) tangled in traffic all over the city. The reasons are many, from improvement works going on in some of the principal thoroughfares, to congested alternate routes and even rain soaked streets. But the biggest culprits seem to be the inefficient functioning of the “intelligent” traffic lights being installed and the construction of the road distributor at López Mateos and Lázaro Cárdenas Blvds.

López Mateos is one of the two large streets you take towards San Felipe. The other one being Madero Ave. on to Calz. Justo Sierra, which turns into Benito Juarez, which takes you out to Hwy 5 to San Felipe.

            This chaos is happening not only during peak hours, and it seems to be going on forever, but the traffic lights installation is only one month old, and it is intended to ease traffic once the construction is completed.

            According to the latest reports, the most conflictive crossroads on your way here are: Benito Juarez and Independencia, Independencia and López Mateos, Independencia and L. Montejano. The worst and longest lines and constant detours are: Lázaro Cardenas and López Mateos, due to an over pass being built there.

So here you are, be forewarned.


Pesadilla de Tráfico en Mexicali (Actualización)

Al manejar por Mexicali, puede que haya usted encontrado enormes cantidades de vehiculos (cerca de 400 mil) enmarañados con el trafico por toda la ciudad. Las razones son muchas, desde los trabajos para mejorar algunas de las principales vialidades, a rutas alternativas congestionadas y hasta calles anegadas por la lluvia. Pero los peores culpables parecen ser los semáforos “inteligentes” que están siendo instalados y la construcción del distribuidor vial en los bulevares López Mateos y Lázaro Cárdenas.

            López Mateos es una de las vías grandes que uno sigue rumbo a San Felipe. La otra es la Ave. Madero hacia la Calz. Justo Sierra, que se vuelve Benito Juárez, que lo lleva a la carretera No. 5 hacia San Felipe.

            Este caos sucede no solo durante las horas pico y parece de duración eterna, pero la instalación de los semáforos solo tiene un mes y la intención es de facilitar el tráfico una vez que la construcción sea complementada.

            De acuerdo a los últimos reportes, los cruceros más conflictivos en su camino hacia San Felipe son: Benito Juárez e Independencia, Independencia y López Mateos, Independencia y L. Montejano. Las peores y más largas colas y constantes desviaciones son: Lázaro Cárdenas y Lápez Mateos, debido al paso a desnivel que se está construyendo ahí.

            Así que, está usted avisado.

J. Tapia



Buying Shrimp. San Felipe is famous for its shrimp and one of the treats is for visitors to take back a few pounds to share with the family and friends back home. We have learned that the authorities have started enforcing a law that forbids tourists from taking more than 5 kilos (around 10 pounds) of shrimp out of the town. We had a case yesterday where visitors arrived at the military checkpoint at the Ensenada road and were told that they could not proceed north with the cooler full of shrimp they had in the car. Only 5 kg would be approved for export. The family had to return to San Felipe and sell the excess shrimp back to the fisherman that they bought them from. (At $15-20/kg you can't afford to throw them away!). We understand that this law is very unfortunate but you need to be aware of it and respect it. (Update 20 Oct 04. The limit for shrimp has been raised to 10 kilograms per car. If you have a cedular and can get the shrimp fisherman to give you a factura, you may take this legal receipt to the Oficina de Pescadors (Fish Office) at the marina, phone 577-1030, and they will give you an authorization form to take more than 10 kg. If you do not know what a cedular or a factura is, you probably do not qualify to export shrimp.)

One other item that concerns visitors when buying shrimp is the accuracy of the scales used to do the weighing. I had a personal experience on 18 October of buying 2 Kg of shrimp from a vendor on the Malecon. As with most trades of this type, the vendor uses a spring balance scale to do the weighing. The first kilo that I purchased read 1 Kg when the shrimp was on the scale but I noticed that the balance still read 400 grams (0.4 Kg) when the bag of shrimp was taken off the scale - I was really paying $25 dollars per Kg with this error. I complained about this and the seller was really irate that I would question his integrity. I insisted that if I was going to pay $15 for a kilo of shrimp, I wanted that kilo to be fairly weighed. He refused to let me reweigh the packages so I went to another supplier that had a scale that was correctly zeroed.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Belly Dancing An event enjoyed by a chosen few.
(English and Spanish versions)

The second one in a line of yearly activities, this truly surprisingly, wonderful event was enjoyed by a chosen few at the Club Rotario premises-as their ad reads-right here in San Felipe. The Belad'd Baja Gala Show was celebrated this past Saturday 23rd by Basilon 'd Babylon and friends who transported us on a flying carpet to the magic of Middle Eastern music and dance. Masters Oudist John Bilezikjian, drummer Souhail Kaspar and last but not least, dancer Angelika Nemeth also conducted workshops for local aficionados. The exotic Middle Eastern atmosphere was enhanced by the presence of beautiful dancers from California, Arizona, New Mexico and Tijuana, Old Mexico. This delightful show deserves to be experienced by a greater number of people, especially in San Felipe, where there is no abundance of quality entertainment. Let's hope that next year, if not sooner, now that there are more local dancers and players trained in the fine art of eastern music and belly dance, there will be larger crowds attending these colorful, wonderful
events. The interaction of the Oud, a kind of 12 string mandolin, the exotic sound of the drum and the drummer‚s eyes and hands which seemed geared with the dancer's rhythmical belly dancing, is something to behold. Thanks and congratulations to the organizers of this unique spectacle.

El segundo de una linea de actividades anuales, éste sorpresivamente maravilloso evento fue disfrutado por unos cuantos pero escogidos espectadores en las instalaciones del Club Rotario-como dice su anuncio-aquí mismo en San Felipe. El Show Gala Beladi‚d Baja fue presentado este pasado Sabado 23 por Basilon‚d Babylon y amigos quienes nos transportaron en un tapete volador hacia la magia de la música y la danza del Medio Oriente. Los Maestros Oudista John Bilezikjian, el tamborilero Soujail Kaspar y la no menos asombrosa bailarina Angelika Nemeth, tambien condujeron talleres para las aficionadas locales. El ambiente exótico del Medio Oriente fue engalanado por la presencia de
hermosas bailarinas de California, Arizona, Nuevo Mexico y Tijuana Mexico. Este magnifico espectaculo merece ser experimentado por un número mayor de gente, especialmente en San Felipe, donde no hay una abundancia de
entretenimiento de calidad. Esperemos que el próximo año sino antes, ahora que hay un número mayor de
bailarinas locales entrenadas en el bello arte de la „danza del ombligo‰, acudirá más gente a disfrutar estos coloridos y maravillosos eventos. La interacción del Oud, una especie de mandolina de 12 cuerdas, el tambor de exótico sonido y su ejecutante que con la vista y las manos parecía engranado con el movimiento ritmico del vientre de la bailarina, es algo
que se tiene que observar, entender y disfrutar.

Gracias y congratulaciones a los organizadores de éste exclusivo espectáculo.


More on World Elections and Other Niceties.

(English and Spanish versions)

With the election races settled in two important parts of the world, slowly first in Baja then the United States, we can now go back to our normal pace here in San Felipe, and just in time. It seems that the authorities of COTUCO timed it just right. That is, the Shrimp Festival is due to start today, Thursday, November 4, and both winner George and looser John, also lame duck Mayor Jaime (Diaz) and Sam (Ramos) Mayor Elect of Mexicali, can now have the time to attend the festivities that will take place at the malecon, from 6 pm until Sunday, November 7, according to the official program available here at The Net.

And well, President Bush will have four more years to try and kill all the terrorists that frighten half of the population of the United States who voted for him. Even if it takes taking the war from Iraq to Iran and to all those other Muslim and fundamentalist Countries in the world that are a threat to the oil interests of Papa Bush and associates.

And I dare to wonder; if it were not for those angry Muslims who take it out on their women and against all infidels of the world. If it were not for the tyrant dictators, with or without weapons of mass destruction like the US and Korea, among others, who have them.... If it were not for a Jewish state eternally waging war against its neighbors for the right to expand the Promised Land and their hegemony through out the Middle East.... If it were not for the poor and jobless peasants in the America south of the US who were voted out of everything in Arizona, and keep migrating to the Land of Plenty, even if it means dying in the scorching, parched or frozen deserts or at the hands of heartless wrongdoers, and many other countless ways of dying for the right to live.... If it were not for the fear or-and hate that drives many of us, would Mr. Bush have been re-elected?

Oh well, that is why I am in San Felipe I guess, and I feel it is our duty to try and make this town a lovely spot, a better place to live for all Anglos, Mexicans and other cultures and be an experiment and a melting pot where we can show the world that people of different origins and races, religious and sexual persuasions, can interact and prosper, evolve and be happy here and everywhere.

I feel like a man with a mission.

Más Acerca De Las Elecciones y Otras Linduras.

Con las contiendas electorales derimidas en dos importantes partes del mundo, aunque lentas primero en Baja California y rápido en los Estados Unidos, ahora podemos regresar a nuesta rutina normal en San Felipe, y justo a tiempo. Parece que las autoridades de COTUCO lo calcularon al día, esto es, el Festival del Camarón empieza hoy, Jueves 4 de Noviembre, y ambos el ganador George y el perdedor John, el aun Alcalde Jaime (Diaz) y Sam (Ramos) Alcalde Electo de Mexicali, se pueden dar el tiempo ya de asistir a las festividades que se llevarán a cabo en el malecón, desde las 6 pm hasta el Domingo 7, de acuerdo al programa oficial disponible aquí en The Net (La Red).

Y bien, el Presidente Bush tendrá otros cuatro años para matar a todos los terroristas que tanto asustan a la mitad de la poblacion de los Estados Unidos que votaron por el, aunque eso signifique llevar la guerra de Irak a Iran y a todos los paises musulmanes y fundamentalistas en el mundo que signifiquen una amenaza para los intereses petroleros de Papa Bush y asociados.

Y me atrevo a dudar; si no fuera por esos iracundos musulmanes que la agarran contra sus mujeres y contra todos los infieles del mundo. Si no fuera por los dictadores tiranos con o sin armas de destrucción masiva como las que tienen los Coreanos y los Estados Unidos entre otros. Si no fuera por el Estado Judío que hace una  guerra eterna contra sus vecinos por el derecho de extender la Tierra Prometida y su egemonía por todo el Medio Oriente. Si no fuera por los pobres y desempleados campesinos al sur de la  América de Estados Unidos y que en Arizona fueron votados fuera de todos lados; y que emigran a la Tierra de la Abundancia, aunque eso signifique morir en los candentes o congelados desiertos o a manos de desalmados y tantas otras maneras de morir por el derecho a vivir. Si no fuera por el miedo o-y odio que nos motiva a algunos; ¿habría sido reelegido el Sr. Bush?

Bueno; creo que por eso es que estoy en San Felipe y creo que nuestra obligación es intentar hacer de este maravilloso sitio, un mejor lugar para vivir, tanto para Anglos, Mexicanos y otras culturas y ser un experimento y un caldero donde podemos mostrarle al mundo que individuos de diferentes orígenes, razas y persuasiones religiosas y sexuales, podemos interactuar, prosperar, evolucionar y ser felices aquí y en todas partes

Me siento como un hombre con una misión

J. Tapia


1 November 2004

Election News Everywhere

English and Spanish versions

The political joust between Sam and Alex is settled. The coalition (PRI et al) won over PAN in the State Elections in Baja California. Samuel Ramos finally was declared Presidente Municipal elect (Mayor of Mexicali’s Municipality which includes San Felipe) over his close contender Alejandro Bahena. A victory for the left-center coalition over the right-off-center Partido Acción Nacional.

Who cares? We may ask ourselves, when in two days George and John will vie for the Big One in the USA. I hear John Kerry has a running chance to win (except in Florida?). And then there is Bin Laden making a case for Bush, Arafat is ailing and Sub Comandante Marcos of the Zapatista Liberation Front is back in the news in Oaxaca.

            Does all of this matter or have any meaning? Does the business of war over the threat of terrorism make living in San Felipe more agreeable all the time? Am I telling you things you prefer not to read?

            Ok, the election race in Mexicali was so close and conflictive, it warranted the Federal Electoral Tribunals in Mexico City to get involved and their definitive count gave Samuel Ramos a very small but decisive margin to win. Mayor elect Ramos now has the task of naming the Delegado (Mayor’s representative) of San Felipe, along with the rest of his municipal cabinet including the COTUCO’S (local tourism authorities). Shouldn’t all of this make us care?

            San Felipe has a knack for growing on you. I myself am getting addicted to the landscape and the peaceful clean atmosphere we still enjoy here. Although sometimes, when I drive to work from the northern campo where I live, I can see a heavy layer of smoke over the city, on the sea and the surrounding hills and mountains, which is the result of careless disposing, handling and burning of trash. There is a work crew gnawing away at a hillside near the road, I hope it is to make it wider or something good, but I fear tasks like this may someday erase the scenery I am getting so fond of.

            My motive for pointing this up is that with the new elected officials, San Felipe should get authorities concerned with the environment and the embellishment of our surroundings. Administrators who will look after an orderly growth, so that families can begin to feel proud of their town and wish to stay here and make this a better place to work, educate and enjoy themselves.

Now is when to strive for a municipality of our own.


Noticias Electorales por Doquiera.

La contienda electoral entre Sam y Alex ha terminado. La coalición (PRI et al) le ganó al PAN en las elecciones estatales en Baja California. Samuel Ramos finalmente fué declarado Presidente Municipal electo (por la municipalidad de Mexicali que incluye a San Felipe) sobre su muy próximo contrincante Alejandr Bahena. Una victoria para la coalición  de centro-izquierda sobre el Partido Acción Nacional de medio-centro-derecha.

¿A quien le importa? Nos podemos preguntar, cuando en un par de días George y John pelearán la grande en los Estados Unidos. He oido que John Kerry tiene una buena oportunidad de ganar (¿excepto en la Florida?) y ahora Bin Laden aparece para Bush, Arafat está enfermo y el Sub Comandante Marcos del Frente Zapatista de Liberación Nacional vuelve a las noticias en Oaxaca.

¿Tiene todo esto algún sentido o importancia? ¿Hace el negocio de la guerra sobre la amenaza del terrorismo vivir en San Felipe más agradable cada vez? ¿Les estoy diciendo cosas que prefieren no leer?

Bien; la carrera electoral en Mexicali fue tan cerrada y conflictiva, que mareció la intervención de los Tribunales Electorales Federales en la Ciudad de México y su conteo definitivo le dió a Samuel Ramos un muy pequeño pero decisivo margen de gane. El Presidente Municipal electo ahora tiene la tarea de nombrar al delegado municipal de San Felipe y al resto del gabinete municipal, incluyendo a las autoridades turísticas de  COTUCO. Entonces ¿todo esto nos debería importar?

San Felipe tiene la bondad de crecer en uno. Yo mismo me estoy haciendo adicto a los paisajes y a la pacífica y limpia atmósfera que aun disfrutamos aquí. Aunque algunas veces, cuando manejo al trabajo desde el campo al norte donde vivo, puedo ver una densa capa de humo sobre la ciudad y en el mar, los cerros y montañas, que es el resultado del descuido con que se tira, maneja y quema la basura.  Hay un grupo de trabajadores destajando un cerro cerca del camino. Yo espero que séa para hacer la carretera más ancha o para algo benéfico, pero temo que tareas como ésta algún día borraran el paisaje al que tanto me estoy encariñando.

El motivo por el que señalo ésto es que con los nuevos oficiales electos, San Felipe debería tener autoridades preocupadas con el medio ambiente y el embellecimiento de nuestros alrededores. Administradores que vigilen por un crecimiento ordenado, de modo que las familias empiecen a sentirse orgullosas de su ciudad y deseen quedarse aquí y hacer de éste un mejor lugar para trabajar, educarse y disfrutar la existencia.

Ahora es cuando debemos intentar lograr nuestra municipalización.


25 October 2004

Baja California's Municipal Election results still up in the air.
(English and Spanish versions)

Regardless of the outcome next month of the elections for Mayors of Tijuana and
Mexicali, the Partido Accion Nacional (PAN) -National Action Party will
respect the Federal Elections Tribunal decision.
Amidst allegations of pressure being exerted by PAN‚s big wigs and threats
of violence from the coalition's (PRI, PVEM, PEBC, PT) followers, PAN's
leaders in the state declared they have always obeyed the maximum
tribunal's final say.
Among the reasons for the delayed verification, is the small margin of
votes by which each faction claims to have won, arguing foul play when the
elections were held and at the time the votes were counted.
Both factions each (PAN and the PRI Coalition) are confident they will win
and the decision should be in by next month.

Independientemente del resultado de las elecciones para Presidentes
Municipal de Tijuana y Mexicali, el Partido Accion Nacional (PAN)
respetará la decisión del
Tribunal Federal Electoral.
Entre acusaciones de presión ejercida por los jerarcas del PAN y amenazas
de actos de violencia por los seguidores de la coalisión (PRI, PVEM, PEBC,
PT), los líderes del PAN estatal declararon que ellos siempre han acatado
las decisiones del Máximo Tribunal Electoral.
Una de las razones por la dilatada verificación, es el leve margen de
votos con que cada facción dice haber ganado, alegando malos manejos el
día de las elecciones y al momento del conteo de votos.
Cada una de las dos facciones (PAN y la coalisión del PRI) confían ser los
ganadores y la desición deberá darse el próximo mes.

By J. Tapia



Friday, October 08, 2004
Baja California does well in attracting Tourism Investment
Together with four other states, B.C. gets the best part of tourism projects
By J. Tapia from an article published in La Crónica de B.C. and Agencia Reforma.

Eleven of the most important tourism development projects in the Country, with an investment of 406 million dollars are located in five states including Baja California.
Together, these investment projects will total 5 thousand 356.7 million dollars once they are concluded, according to the Secretary of Tourism.
Of this year’s total investment, 57% comes from National sources and 35% is totally foreign. The rest is mixed capital: Mexican in partnership with U.S. and Spanish sources.
“This is the best year for the actual administration”, the funds are applied along the country but a hefty 46% is destined for beach resorts and the northern areas as well as Maya World and some of the central states.
Projects in progress include, among others, Las Palomas, Playa Norte and Laguna del Mar in Puerto Peñasco and La Ventana in San Felipe.
Hotels, villas, golf courses, marinas, night clubs, spas and restaurants are mainly the venues targeted for development.
Of the 226 projects being developed actually, 88 correspond to tourist developments, mega-developments and real estate developments, with an investment of 131 million dollars, according to a study by the Secretary of Tourism.

Versión en Español.-
Once de los proyectos de desarrollo turístico más importantes del Pais, con una inversión de 406 millones de dólares estan localizados en cinco estados, incluyendo Baja California.
Juntos, estos proyectos totalizarán 5 mil 356.7 millones de dólares al ser concluidos, de acuerdo con información de la Secretaría de Turismo.
De la inversión total de este año, el 57% proviene de inversionistas nacionales y el 35% es totalmente extranjero. El resto es capital mixto: Mexicano en sociedad con inversionistas de Estados Unidos y de España.
“Este es el mejor año de la actual administración”, la inversión se distribuye a lo largo del Pais pero un buen 46% se aplica para destinos de playa y la frontera norte, así como Mundo Maya y algunos estados del centro.
Los proyectos en progreso incluyen entre otros, Las Palomas, Playa Norte y Laguna del Mar en Puerto Peñasco y La Ventana en San Felipe.
Hoteles, villas, campos de golf, marinas, centros nocturnos, spas, restaurantes son los principales lugares de inversion. De los 226 proyectos en desarrollo actualmente, 88 corresponden a desarrollos turísticos, mega-desarrollos y desarrollos inmobiliarios, con una inversión de 131 millones de dólares de acuerdo al estudio de la Secretaría de Turismo.



Oct 25, 2004

Roadwork has stopped for the time-being. We do not know if or when they will be finished. However the road is very dangerous with such a high level of blacktop, and absolutely no shoulders. Vehicles which veer too far to the right are bound to roll. Trying to enter the highway from our Campos has been hampered by this high lift. Today we noticed they are dumping truckloads of red dirt along these shoulders, at least at every driveway.
They have not progressed any further up Highway 5 than our last report. st

Smooth, Shiny new surface for San Felipe snowbirds.
By Lynne Ruegger

September 21, 2004--I was wondering if the highway work was finished. After all, they did get as far as the turn-in to Palo Verde South of El Dorado Ranch. But no-o-o. They are back after the holidays (their Independence Day) and the work continues. They are applying the final surface from the Ejido working northward. Soon there will be paint added and we'll see how far this new surafce will go. There seems to be something different about the paint. It is a solid line all the way. I wonder if they really think no one will pass vehicles moving at the speed limit?

It was rough getting past the work areas.....but

this is a beautiful section of the road completed.

The road hasn't grown any longer this past week. The final surface has been painted though, so hopefully we know which side of it we're suppose to be driving on. Although the new road is a little wider, there still are no paved shoulders. If you must pull over to the roadside, be sure to select a spot with secure bedding rather than soft sand. The drop-off from the new pavement to other roads or to the shoulder is a good jolt, so take it slowly.

September 6, 2004
That new surface is getting longer. As of Saturday, the 4th, the entire road was open for the weekend. Last week, the final surace was applied from the pila hill (water storage) north beyond Ejido Agrario, and the road has been replaced as far north as the turn-in to Palo Verde South/South of El Dorado Ranch. By the way, obviously some don't know, but a solid line in the middle of the highway means NO PASSING. Break the law, pay a fine if they stop you. I've been asked how far they will go and also if it is a four-lane. No, it is not four lanes, but the two lanes will be wider. As for how far it will get the new surface, I honestly don't know. I've heard it will go to El Dorado Ranch. I've heard to the first set of mountains. I've heard that it will go to km 88. Take your pick. Me, I'm going to wait to see how far it goes and be thankful for every foot of the shiny, smooth new surface.

8/9/04. It's not so smooth right now, but it will be when it's finished. The new surface on the highway started about a month ago at the Gateway to the Sea of Cortez Arches and is working northward toward the El Dorado Ranch. Beware. The new surfacing work might sneak up on you. It requires driving on the so-called (frontage road) in areas where machines are working. It is rough. It is dusty. And it's not exactly the surface you would choose to travel right now given a choice. (See Repaving Highway 5 below to see a couple of overturned sand trucks along the off-road thoroughfare.) By the time most of you come down, it should be finished and give you a smooth shiny new surface for sailing into San Felipe this season.

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