Gary Seiler/Ron Bell
Entertainment Show


Gary Seiler and Ron Bell play their hearts out for the crowd.

At break time we shot these photos of

Gary and his girlfriend Audrey
Lenny Altee and his wife Lauriann
Ron and Gary with Kevin & Melody

photos by Melodie Honey, written by Shirley Thompson


Gary Seiler and Ron Bell, from San Diego, team up to become their own Musical Entertainment Show. San Felipe was forunate to have them here at El Dorado, May 19 & 20. Gary, at times, seemed to be singing directly to his girlfriend Audrey who took it all in so gracefully. Producer of their CD's, Lenny Altee was also here with his wife Lauriann.

Gary and Ron play hits of Jimmy Buffet's, favorites of their own, also songs written by Gary, and some written by Ron. Multi-talented and delightful to listen to, we are fortunate to have them at Juanita's Cantina. Friday they faced stiff competition because El Dorado also had another big affair at the Golf Course Pavilian. But there's also Saturday.

Gary and Ron put on a great show, played their hearts out complete with commentaries to the audience. In some cases the audiance even joined in singing favorites known to most. At other times, we listened to tales unwind as Gary sang his own creations. Not to be outdone, Ron entertained us with verses of his own. A song he wrote will stay with me for a long time.


Gary and Ron will be at Juanita's again Saturday night, May 20, with more of their favorites.

Don't miss it.