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10 April, 2009 - Friday. Everyone have a safe and sane holiday weekend. I swear, there are more cops in town than Carters has pills, but it's actually needed or this town would be torn up. Don't forget about the Fine Arts Gallery grand opening on April 11 and Rosario and MaryLou's Gallery, on the highway. There have been sirens all evening and the town was pretty crazy down towards the Net. Hats off to the cops for trying to control the animals racing around without helmets nor respect for stop signs. One guy on an ATV intentionally did a skid to raise dust all over a taco stand and we've seen many people with small children and no helmets. However, the city is going to be rich before this weekend is over with. I was going to write a lot tonight, but by the time I finished email, it's already after 2:00 a.m. and I have to be up early. I'll try and post some things here and there over the weekend, but I'm outta here tomorrow and I'll return on Monday morning. After eleven years of listening to all this noise, I can't take it another year. A Kat's Korner reader from Wyoming who happens to know one of the coolest ladies down south, Ruthie, who was celebrating 48 years with the same man. He stopped by the Net today to meet meet me and invite me to BajaMar for dinner where he was meeting his group, including Ruthie. His name is Reno and he's the one who sent me the info on the packs of dogs. I'll take a rain check Reno.

If you don't have to go out this weekend, stay home, especially if you're out drinking, unless of course, you're partial to sleeping on cement floors and no blankets, water, toilet paper or food and you want your car towed away until you can prove you own it. Shall I go on? There is an update in the Karen Wright (Randy) case, and as soon as it's on the Merced news and papers, I will post it. I understand one of our local Canadian citizens was arrested at 2:00 a.m. by United States Federal Marshalls where they found the stolen car. She was taken away in handcuffs and wisked out of the country. The Net will be open Friday, from 9:00-2:00 p.m. and you can use the internet, buy a Baja Map, Baja Chocolate Lovers Candy, bumper stickers, license plate holders, Tide Calendars and now, we have our very own Bimbo (machine) which has real orange juice, and other drinks and chips and twinkies. We had the unveiling this afternoon and it was pretty funny.

Our "Bimbo" boys had 17 more machines to fill, trying to get through the traffic and this afternoon, we all waited with anticipation while "Bebo" put is nine pesos in and proudly displayed this booty. So, if you're down our way, and you can't miss us as we are right down the street from the cop shop, stop in and meet Briana and Britney, two Cobach students who are great kids. Juanita from the Washtub was on hand for the unveiling.

Wednesday evening, I also forgot to mention that "Team Pilato" was also dining at Baja Jimmy's. Diane and John both have businesses here in town. John runs Sand and Sea Realty, on Curio street, next to the Bar Miramar. He's one of the most ethical real estate men I've met in this town, so if you want the scoop on what's legal and what's not and some good deals, give him a call. Diane has her shop and massage business on Mar Caribe South, in the strip mall near Pisos. Diane gives a mean oil massage. I'll get the links on later, as I'm starting to see double.

9 April, 2009 - Thursday. We had some strong winds last night, but it died down around 2:00 a.m. I was asked to attend what I thought was a surprise birthday party for Audrey Cauffman. It turns out, her husband, Dan (Smoke Signals) planned the surprise party for Audrey and she thought they were just going to dinner and all these people showed up and the kat was out of the bag, so to speak. The food was supurb as was the service. Dan and Audrey inside at Baja Jimmy's. More photos to follow and I promised you, you're going to like them. By the way Paco, I'm open to selling the photos and destroying the negatives, for a price, of course. Oh wait, I have digital so no negatives. Baja Jimmy's is located out on the highway, where the old Coloradito used to be or near Mota 2000 (to the left, on the corner). Update: I've decided to post only the group photo, as I wouldn't want to embarrass anyone, unless I don't like them, and I like Paco and the group. We were goofing around talking about men who smoke cigars so, use your imagination.

I have written on a napkin, the names of everyone at this table, so while I'm out of town, I'll get the names on and the rest of the story as Paul Harey would say. This was the original El Coloradito restaurant, they moved to a bigger place, moved out and the former tenants down the street a bit, Juanitos Restaurant, moved into their place. I could go on, but why bore you. Needless to say, this is the group of happy well wishers for Dan and Audrey's 9th Wedding Anniversary.

There will be a memorial for Ron Campbell, formerly of San Felipe Development Tours to be held on Friday April 17, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the home of Eric Garcia's in Playas de San Felipe, 1519 Mission San Fernando, (what we locals used to call "Millionnaire Row") and they are requesting everyone bring finger foods. Our prayers go out to his widow, whom I understand is having a hard time.

I want to get this information right away which was received from one of our El Dorado residents, who will walk in the Seattle 3-day, 60 mile walk. Read on "Kat: My wife Karen and I live permanently in El Dorado Ranch. Karen is registered to start the 3-day 60 mile walk for breast cancer in Seattle on September 11, her 70th birthday. Due to the economy and the many worthwhile charities in San Felipe, most which we support including sponsoring three school children thru Las Amigas, it is extremely difficult to raise the donations required to participate in the walk. Karen has always said "the walking is easy, asking for money is the hard part" so I am doing the asking for her. To date Karen has raised about 40% of the $2,300 needed so we have decided to sell t-shirts to help raise funds. These are white, 100% cotton with "I SAVED BOOBS TODAY" in blue and the pink breast cancer ribbon and "3-day 60 mile Breast Cancer Walk" in black on the upper right. They sell for US $14.95. Of course, we will happily accept tax deductible donations, a $100 donation gets a free t-shirt. Shirts can be purchased by contacting me at Aussiemick@aol.com. Donations can be made using the link below or email me for a donation form. Thanks in advance, Kat, for any assistance you can provide. Mick Maurer". You can also read Karen's fundraising website here. As we all know, any money that can be generated to find a cure for this killer, is worthwhile and many of us down here in San Felipe either have had cancer or know someone who has. I'll take a shirt Mick and Karen! Anyone who can walk 60 miles without dropping dead (like I would) deserves to make her goal. Alright fellow San Felipians, get out your check book or make a donation on line and help make a difference. Ladies who waked in the San Felipe Cancer Walk, pictured outside of The Net.

In The Net yesterday was Sara Polverino-Wilson, who lives in El Dorado Ranch and Arnold, California. Thanks for reading Kat's Korner and for stopping by The Net to say hello. I know I say this a lot, but I do appreiciate it when people write me and tell me they enjoy reading Kat's Korner and especially when they stop in to introduce themselves. Nice to have met you Sara and you have a nice smile.

Today I heard from a long time Net member and friend, however, from Hawaii. "Dear Kat, I have enjoyed all your news and photos..you look wonderful I really like your hair. Evelyn Cass sends blessings to all. She is very happy and always busy in Honolulu. Life is good I thank the Lord each day for taking good care of me. Please say Hi! to the Amigas Gals. Aloha - God Bless. Lynne Shanahan." Both Lynn and Evelyn are former "Net Members" and both lived here for many years. They now live in Hawaii and Dorothy Beily and others have been over to visit them. Great hearing from you Lynne and when are you two coming here for a visit? So, if you see a Las Amigan from the old school, please give them their blessings. If any one has any information regarding a very expensive quad stolen from Campo Laura (next to Casey's), please contact the police or the San Felipe fire department. The Modesto firenman, who have been staying there for the last 20 years and also donating equipment, trucks, hoses, etc., to our community, were hit yet again at that same campo. They cut the chain on the quad and rolled it out. I would't blame them if they never came back or donated a damn thing. I am appalled that this would happen to a group of people who have done nothing but help San Felipe. They also stole all of their shoes. On behalf of the community, we are all embarrassed by this disgusting crime. If you know who took the quad (it has a clear gas tank), tell them to take it back or go tell the San Felipe Firemen as I'm sure they'll take care of the lowlife(s) who took it. We are trying to impress upon the world that San Felipe is a safe place to come to, but it's rather hard when this kind of thing goes on. I'm pretty sure they'll never return to Playa Laura, and they were hesitant to stay there, but because they had been coming to the same place for 20 years, they felt "loyal". Forget about loyalty. Find a new place to camp, and please don't take what's happened to you all (twice in two days) as a reflection of the town. We have a lot of great people living here and our Bomberos and the city truly appreciate all you've done for us. On a side note, if you're getting ready to pack up and leave for the summer, my suggestion to you is to remove anything of value and put it in storage or take it with you, unless you live in a gated community, where there is security in place.

8 April, 2009 - Wednesday. Busy day today. I thought we were going to have a chilly one, but in the sun, it was quite warm. However, there's some kind of cold front that must be hanging around, waiting to sneak up on us. In keeping with tradition, the four wheelers, dirt bikes, cars and trucks just zoomed by The Net today and, as usual, didn't bother to stop at the stop sign. I saw five or six without helmets and with little kids on their ATV's. Tonight, there were sirens going off and on my way into town, there were police at the Los Arcos Motel. I understand there was a fatal accident at about 5:30 this morning, at the same place where four crosses now stand. Hello! If there have been four deaths and now five, one wold think the powers that be would put up a barrier or something. The place I am talking about is the curve right past Campo Las Arenas. It's sharp turn, but the real problem is the road slants and it needs to be fixed. I don't know who was in the fatal accident, but my heart goes out to the family. Let's see, what more depressing news can I tell you to brighten your day? We have two new Cobach students (twins) working at The Net, Brittney and Briana or as I fondly call them "BeeBees". Great kids and they are Dame Juliet's grandchildren. They will work through their Spring break and when they return to school, you'll see them at the Net after school. Stop by and meet them; they are bilinguel and smart kids.

While you're there, you can pick up a copy of "Don't Need No Reason to Party" and if you're real nice, I autograph one for you (I'm kidding about the being nice). Denny Flannigan and I co-wrote a song called "Gata Loca", however, I have to give a little credit to Mrs. Flannigan, as she did chirp in with a few lines here and there while we were working at their home. It was fun and we are planning a "release party" very soon (well, as soon as Chuy, who designed the cover, can take a day off). There are other "locals" in town who also are on the CD, so it should be a fun party. I'll keep you posted. This photo is explained in the next paragraph, but it's the construction of the mini marina for pangas. Speaking of which, there have been four whales reportedly found dead from Km. 13 on down. One, I was told, is floating out in the sea. Also, a little more scoop. A few people went for a trip up to the mouth of the Sea of Cortes and witnessed fishermen netting the fish that are going up to spawn. I can't stress the need for community education or enforcement of laws.

Last night there was the most beautiful moon, with a large ring around it. Tomorrow night is the full moon, so all you "cancers" who are moon children, you are allowed to howl. This is a photo of the moon from my back yard and you can almost see the "red" in the tree to the left. The tree right under the moon is a Salt Pine, which never seems to stop growng and I never water it. I understand the tree gets it's water from the humidity. Good thing, or it would be dead, which would make my neighbor happy. The pines needles drop on her side of the fence but I just can't bring myself to cut it down, although the wind did knock a huge branch down a couple of months ago. Click the photo to see a larger view. (More tomorrow, as it's 12:19 a.m. and I have to get some sleep.

It's about 11:45 p.m. Wednesday evening, and I can hear the wind picking up. We've had more than one wind/sand storm during this holy week, but we've also had some great weather. I had an oportunity to go to the marina (harbor) Tuesday early evening, and I enjoyed a nice dinner with some friends and took a few photos. They have really come a long way with the slips. They have water and electric just like a real "marina" and quite a few boats moored there.

Directly accross from the the marina, they are constructing another mini "panga marina" which will house the fishing pangas. From what I understand, the will have to dredge this part a bit, but that's expected. There was a lot of activity out there, as many boats were coming in and they have to take their turns while someone goes for the trailer to pull the boat out. There is also a heavy army and navy presence out there, so that just adds to the safety of the boats moored there and often times deters any would be mistchief makers. (I'm being kind tonight). The Tony Reyes and a couple of other boats were up on shore for maintenance, but will soon find their way back into the harbor when they are finished, as there are trips planned.

You can see here where the gas tanks are (one the left). The tide was out and ou can see that by the pillers on the dock. The building in the background is the condo project called Playa Paraiso. While I was taking a shot of the mini marina, I took a shot of a panga surrounded by Seagulls, which looked pretty cool against the sun setting. In the background is the Jose Andres (one first Tony Reyes boat.

7 April, 2009 - Tuesday. The town is really buzzing and preparing for the onslaught of people expected for Easter Week or Semana Santa. It was hot yesterday and the fashion show held at the El Cortez was very nice. I didn't go to the luncheon because I didn't have time, but I did model my two outfits and then ran back to The Net. I receieved a disturbing call from DogMan. Evidently, there is a round-up planned for tomorrow. They will probably pick up about 150 dogs and it's not clear what will happen to them, although DogMan has the little car out to inform the public here in town. If you have a dog or know someone who has a dog without a fenced yard, please give them a call to let them know and to keep their dogs in the house or securely tied up. A meeting with officials has been planned, but we just have to wait and see. Photo by Hop-a-Long.

We had a wedding over the weekend. Nichole (Silva) and Mike Byrd of Fresno, California took a surprise trip down to surprise Darryl & Vickie and decided during karaoke Friday night to get married Saturday. Nichole is youngest daughter of Darryl & Vickie Silva of El Dorado Ranch. I always thought they lived at the fish club. I went to dinner at Latin Gardens on Saturday night and on the way home, we stopped at Los Arcos to listen to some karaoke. Nichole has a beautiful voice and as I told her, she needs to be singing profesionally. She said "I can't; I have a job". I think I told her she should switch jobs and sing. Really, she sang "I will Always Love You" and not too many people can sing that song. As for me, I'm never signing in public again! Felicidades Nichole and Mike. Photo by Mac of Nan and Mac.

Jeff Routsong, "A loyal and daily reader of Kat's Korner" brought his wife into The Net today to meet me and if you'll recall, I wrote about Jeff before. He is a soon to be retired fireman from Modesto, California. There is a group of them staying at Playa Laura down from The Net. Jeff and his lovely wife, Kristin have a home out at Mission Sahauros and thanks to Hop-a-Long, she was able to hook up on Skype with her office and she was delighted. The group brought down a lot of equipment for our local bomberos, but they did have a slight mishap at the campo the other firemen were staying at. Evidently, some idiot or idiots stole some of the donations but a local Mexican gentleman saw the would be thief dragging a huge duffle bag and questioned him and he dropped it and ran. He happened to be the brother of one our firemen. At any rate, the other nimrod got away and so, if you see anyone wearing a "Modesto Fire Department" shirt, contact the fire department. The rest of the goods were delivered to the bomberos this morning. Jeff and Kristen are going to bring the whole tribe down for a photo before they leave. It was a pleasure meeting you (Jeff has been down before and brought shoes and goodies for the poor) and only one more year before you can live in paradise full time. Until then, keep reading Kat's Korner to get the scoop.

I heard from my buddy Elaine: "Hi Kat, My hubby is home in Oyster Bay on Vancouver Island and I have my new license plate holder mounted .Looks great with my personalized plate. Our casa is finished in San Felipe. I will send you pic's if you like later in the week. Take care. See you next year! Elaine." That looks very cool on your car. We have them for sale at The Net! Photo by Elaine. Thanks Elaine!

I meant to post this photo a while back and spaced it out. This is Mel and Shirley and their friends who came for the Arts and Blues Fiesta. Mel and Shirley were in the VIP section and their friends were in the general admission. I told them to jump the fence. Hopefully, Shirley will write me with their names. We also have Denny Flannigan's new CD, featuring our very own Arturo Yee and I am proud to say I co-wrote the lyrics on Gata Loca. Stop in the Net and do a little shopping and help out the local economy!

Remember the photo of the white Pelicans taken during the cancer walk? I have two different readers who have sent me photos of what they look like. This photo was taken by William L. Newton. As you can see, I'm trying to catch up so if I stop to wade through my notes, I won't get these photos up, but this is what a white Pelican looks like.

This is a photo of the highway construction I took last week. They have since moved, however, drive with caution. From what I understand, there will be police trucks guiding the traffic down in order to avoid any crazy driving and passing as we normally do. If you're coming down for Semana Santa, remember, it's illegal to drink and drive. It's also illegal to brings arms into Mexico and please, remember you are a guest in this country and we must all respect the laws and the community. That said, drive carefully so you can arrive here to enjoy the beautiful weather. We recommend you do not drive at night, however, if that's not possible, please remember the speed is in kilometers, not miles.

I have been working on photos for about four hours as it's been almost two years since my gallery was dumped. Hopefully, in the next week or so, I'll have it all ready to go. I just haven't had the time to get all the photos up that I've taken, but I think I've found a solution. Yesterday at the fashion show, San Felipe's chocolate couple, were there giving samples away and when the models walked by, ChocoBob would shove a piece of candy at us and who can refuse Baja Chocolate Lover's marshmello delight. Of course, some of us were chewing as we walked. Bob and Yolanda will be getting married on May 16. Photo by Hop-a-Long.

Juanita of the Washtub Laundry will be closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so if you have laundry you need done, I would suggest you get it to her tomorrow or Wednesday. It's too hard to get there during Semana Santa. Juanita and her husband, Bill and a happy staff (now I'm stretching it) will wash, iron or dryclean your clothing. Most gratefully, I have two twins coming in to work at The Net tomorrow, so Hop-a-Long can get caught up on the laundry. He has a lot of chores to do around the old homestead before he leaves on May 5

6 April, 2009 - Monday. Hey, our Rockodile U-Tube here has received #28 Top Rated from U-Tube and if you click over at the "here" you can see it. This is the first time we've made the "top rated" so hats off to San Felipe and thank you Hop-a-long for taking the video and John and Laura and their staff at the Rockodile for helping to make their stay great. This is so cool! Thanks U-Tube and viewers and JB for posting it! I just about have the gallery finished for the Desert Mothers Art Playshop, and I was so sorry to miss Aida and Donna this morning. I had errands to run early, so Hop-a-Long greeted them. I would imagine Donna has been sleeping all day. I was invited out to dinner with them last night, but I was too tired; as it turned out, they were also almost too tired to eat. More info on the next workshop to come.

Another weekend full of many things to do, however, the highlight of the weekend was the Desert Mothers Art Playshop, which was a huge success. A very special thanks to Aida Valencia and Alfonso Arambula Robles, two of Mexico's finest artisans, for their hard work in helping Donna Roberts to pull this off. Everyone who attended the workshop turned out a beautiful mosaic masterpiece and I don't believe anyone had done this before in either community. I am so happy this baby got off the ground. I'll write more about the next "Playshop" and attempt to finish day 2 and 3 photo posting. Also, San Felipe's "Futbol Americana" or American Football team The Tiburones had their first game on Sunday. Before I went to the playshop, I dropped Hop-a-Long off at the Del Mar field (on the highway going south, behind the old Catholic School). We played against the Tijuana Tigers and pounded them 14 to zero or 18 to zero, but whose counting. It's a great start and I'll let you know when the next game is. These kids are from Cobach High school and they love the game. Today is the Final Fashion Fling Bling luncheon and fashion show from Carole's One of a Kind Fashions next to The Net. The fun begins at 11:00 a.m. This is the first day of Samana Santa (yesterday was Palm Sunday) and on my way to work, I'll see how many tents are up on the Malecon. By the way, a few people have commented to Hop that they don't like his "nick name". I didn't give it to him; it was given to him at a Burning Man event and as he says "I belong to a Native American church and you couldn't pronounce my real name". Just to clarify, his birth name is Jerry. Aida, Mari and Donna with Mari's "Happy Boat". More as the day progresses.


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