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March, April and May 2007 News in San Felipe

31 May - The "Dia del Marino" festival started today, have a look at the Program of Activities:

24 May 2007 - Be very careful about dealing with legal problems. A surprising number of Americans are experiencing major problems connected with building construction lawsuits. Both tourists and residents need to immediately contact their country's consulate if they are threatened with arrest for any violation. The US and other Consulate phone numbers are here.

Very preliminary discussions are starting amongst groups of foreigners in the San Felipe region on establishing an association to represent their interests in San Felipe. This is to provide some unified response to the needs of the overall community in addressing health, security, infrastructure and quality-of-life issues. The sentiment is that the various homeowners, civic and fraternal associations need to speak with a unified voice and have some input into the development of this beautiful region of Baja California.

22 May 2007 - Sorry we are late with the weather and news today. It has been a harrowing day here at the Net because our server room air conditioning system went bad on Monday afternoon. Anyway, the repair man got right to it and now we know the local meaning of the phrase "24 hour service". Outside, the skies are clear and there are gentle breezes from the East. The tide is coming in and we have a very pleasant 80 degrees in the shade. Town is pretty empty but we do expect a good crowd for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Camping should be a fabulous experience as outdoor nighttime temperatures are still in the mid-sixties.(ej)

The Association of Homeowners of La Hacienda wants to remind all property owners that they will hold their annual meeting this Saturday 26 May at 1 p.m at the home of Farris and Mileski.

The Las Palmas Homeowners Association will also hold their annual meeting at Las Chabelas Restaurant at 10 a.m on the 26th May.


17 May, 2007 - The Flying Samaritans’ flew a fifteen-person medical team into town on Thursday May 10 to perform eye surgeries on San Felipe residents. Over 20 people benefited from the visit. Dr. Greg Tesluk, of the Samaritans, performed six eye (cataract) surgeries on Saturday and post-operation examinations on Sunday at the San Felipe Hospital. Carlos Kuttler, hospital administrator, opened his facility and staff to the Samaritans. To read the press release in its entirety and photos click here.

11 May, 2007 - The Flying Sams will conduct examinations today and perform cataract surgeries tomorrow at San Felipe Hospital (formerly St. James). Dr. Abasolo pre-screened patients on May 3rd and, working with the Lions Club San Felipe, B.C., provided patients' charts for the Flying Samaritans. Local optometrist donated his services and examined about 80 people last Sunday and provided those who needed them with eyeglasses donated to the Lions Club.

Cinco de Mayo

Local Announcements:

Rosa Sanudo wrote to me to suggest that we start a page listing local achievements and items primarily of interest to our local townspeople. Good Idea, Rosa! We will get this going as soon as we can. Local readers should feel free to stop by our office or telephone 577-1600 and let us know of what is going on in the schools, the local sports world, and anything that will help them to get some more publicity for their events. Don't forget that Katherine keeps up with as much as she can of the local social scene (and gardening tips) in Kats Korner. Here are a couple of items that Rosa sent in:

  • The kids of the "equipo de remo" of San Felipe are in the team of Baja California. They are going to Merida, Yucatan to compete on the nationals, the 27 of May,
  • the other major event is: the State's Math competition, this event is being held right now in the Escuela Tecnica Pesquera.


Notice for all Veterans in the San Felipe area: This is your chance to become a charter Member of the Fisrt American Legion Post in Baja Mexico (American Legion Post Baja Frontera) which is in the process of being formed. We have two more planning meetings this season on May 10th and 24th at noon, that will be held at the El Capitan Hotel in town, with formation of the chapter at the start of next season. Interested? Questions? Contact Walt (jarhead) Jones on the marine radio or Telcel (686) 111-4465, or email shajo37@earthlink.net


Tuesday 1 May - Baja Diamante Launch Party Sparks Prominent Interest. On Thursday April 26th, Samuel Ramos Flores, the Mayor of Mexicali, Steve Games, founder of Prudential California Realty, and luxury real estate buyers and investors from Southern California and Mexico, to name a few, gathered at Hotel Solamar, in downtown San Diego, to support Baja’s newest development – Baja Diamante. “ I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the event,” stated Armando Ramos, Sr., developer of Baja Diamante. “The tremendous support from the Mayor of Mexicali, as well as the community and business leaders from Mexico City and Southern California, demonstrates that we are establishing a sought-after, one-of-a-kind development in San Felipe”. (To read the press release in its entirety, click here. Look for photos of the event on Kat's Korner.)


Sunday 29 April - Another accident on the Laguna Salada. Here is another example of the devastation that can be caused by blowing sand on the highway. As Shirley mentioned on her weather report (5/2/07), there was a lot of sand blown onto the road pavement over the weekend and when a vehicle hits one of the little sand piles that are created, it can throw the vehicle off course and into the oncoming traffic lane.

The above picture was sent to us by Claudia Miller who was driving north on Sunday around noon. She, and we, plead for people to go slow during these windy periods when sand is drifting everywhere. The road crews try their hardest to keep the road clear of sand bumps but everyone who lives here is very familiar with the way that the wind can come up very suddenly, blow hard for an hour and then return to calm conditions. This is also another very good reason not to drive at night - running into a sand drift in the dark is a frightening experience. It would be very useful if the Green Angels (the tourist department trucks that patrol the highways) and the highway police could put out warning flags or flares on the road to alert drivers to the hazardous conditions ahead.

Wednesday 25 April - Update on the Baja 250 race situation. Victor Rodriguez Silva, President of the Tourism and Conventions Office in Mexicali (COTUCO) has informed us that they are requesting a meeting with Sal Fish, CEO of SCORE International which runs the Baja races. It is hoped that Sal Fish will be able to meet with COTUCO and the representatives of the Ejido in May to discuss bringing the Baja 250 race back to San Felipe in 2008. This event is a major tourist event for San Felipe and it has a very large financial impact on our region. We fully support the efforts that are being made and wish the negotiators every success. A faximile of the letter to Sal Fish is shown below.



Tuesday 24 April - The Baja Diamante Development announced that they will be hosting an exclusive launching event on 26th April in San Diego. The development, on the land adjacent to the San Felipe Marina Resort, will include a high-rise luxury condominium building (already almost sold out) together with the new construction of 101 custom homes (Crystal Beach Villas) and a Jack Niklaus golf course. A 300 slip marina is also in the first phase of construction. This development represents a new advance in the deLuxe property market for the San Felipe region. The overall site plan can be seen here.

Saturday 21 April - Some time ago, the St. James Infirmary/Hospital, founded by Dr. Lowell Somers and his wife Carolyn, changed ownership and much of the equipment assembled by the founders reportedly was dispersed. This has been a major problem for the retiree community of San Felipe as so many people make their decision to relocate from the US to Mexico based upon available medical care facilities in the area of their choice. In part, the loss of a high quality emergency medical facility in San Felipe has contributed to the slowdown in sales and immigration to this area and to the decision of older residents to start moving back to the United States. (Note that Dr Abasolo has recently constructed a small new clinic and he is a highly respected medical practicioner amongst both the Mexican and American resident community.)

We now hear that a Playa de Oro resident, Daniel Slepian, has brought down $500,000 worth of functioning equipment for the medical community here:

$500,000 Medical Equipment Donation to Local Community in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

ORIMtec, Playa de Oro, Lions Club team up to provide $500K of needed medial equipment to San Felipe Medical Community.

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico (PRWEB) April 18, 2007 -- Playa de Oro resident, Daniel Slepian, recognized a need three years ago for medical equipment in San Felipe. Dan, along with his brother Richard, owners and founders of ORIMtec (a Neurophysological Interoperative Monitoring company), knew of functional medical equipment in hospitals across central and northern California that were being upgraded. With that in mind, Dan set his sights on procuring three truck loads and over $500,000 worth of diverse equipment to provide to the local San Felipe medical community.

Dan acquired an operating room microscope, anesthesia machine, surgical fiber optic head lamps, two ICU beds, and multiple hospital beds, gurneys and other miscellaneous medical equipment. Obtaining the equipment was one thing, picking it up, storing and transporting was another.

He approached Bruce Parkman, PM&D Developer of Playa de Oro and Playa San Rafael, who agreed to help. Having already donated tens of thousands of dollars to the medical community, Bruce volunteered to pay for the storage and transporting of the equipment to the border. Experiencing frustrating delays at the border, Dan finally approached the Lions Club of San Felipe for assistance. With the help of the Lions Club, members Gary Dilly, Sam Grubb and Scott Parkman were able to accomplish the mission.

Sam provided three trucks from his company, San Felipe Storage, to bring the equipment across the border and into San Felipe. Dilly, Grubb, and Parkman also donated employee labor to distribute equipment throughout the medical community. At 900 lbs. per bed, this was no easy job! There is one more load waiting in San Luis Obispo with storage and transportation charges again being paid by PM&D. A big thank you from all residents of San Felipe should go to Dan and Richard Slepian. They are truly givers and the amount of work and persuasion it took for Dan to achieve this goal was truly monumental.

Collectively, the Slepians, the Lions Club combined with Dilly, Grub and the Parkmans, have made San Felipe a better place for us all to live and to receive medical care. And, overall, a safer place to be.

Friday April 19. UPDATE Saturday - The dog was found thanks to a vigilant person on the beach that called and reported seeing him at Playa del Sol . LOST. Large Black Labrador Puppy 3 1/2 months old- with one white spot on front leg. Wearing a shiny yellow Collar. Lost in Campo Ocotillos - Please Help.

U.S Department of State issued another warning about travel to Mexico. We give you the gist here but want to emphasize that San Felipe is not a danger spot.

his information is current as of today, Fri Apr 20 2007 17:37:04 GMT-0700 (PDT).

April 19, 2007

This Public Announcement advises U.S. citizens on security situations in Mexico that may affect their activities while in that country. This Public Announcement supersedes previous Public Announcements for Mexico dated January 18, 2007 and September 15, 2006. This Public Announcement expires on October 16, 2007.

Narcotics-Related Violence - U.S. citizens residing and traveling in Mexico should exercise caution when in unfamiliar areas and be aware of their surroundings at all times. Violence by criminal elements affects many parts of the country, urban and rural, including border areas. In recent months there have been execution-style murders of Mexican officials in Tamaulipas (particularly Nuevo Laredo), Michoacan, Baja California, Guerrero (particularly Acapulco), Nuevo Leon (especially in and around Monterrey) and other states. Though there is no evidence that U.S. citizens are specifically targeted, Mexican and foreign bystanders have been injured or killed in some violent attacks demonstrating the heightened risk in public places. In its effort to combat violence, the Government of Mexico has deployed military troops in various parts of the country. U.S. citizens are advised to cooperate with official checkpoints when traveling on Mexican highways.

In recent years dozens of U.S. citizens have been kidnapped in Nuevo Laredo with more than two dozen cases still unresolved and new cases of kidnap for ransom continue to be reported. No one can be considered immune from kidnapping on the basis of occupation, nationality, or other factors. Drug cartel members have been known to follow and harass U.S. citizens traveling in their vehicles, particularly in border areas including Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros. U.S. citizens who believe they are being followed should notify officials as soon as possible. U.S. citizens should make every attempt to travel on main roads during daylight hours, particularly the toll (“cuota”) roads, which are generally more secure. It is preferable for U.S. citizens to stay in well-known tourist destinations and tourist areas of the cities with more adequate security, and provide an itinerary to a friend or family member not traveling with them. U.S. citizens should refrain from displaying expensive-looking jewelry, large amounts of money, or other valuable items.

more info here.


Sunday 15 April. Mike Labriola, a local resident here in San Felipe, but also involved in the Iraq communications industry, sent me this photo when he read the news:

Just read the news about the sandstorm. I grew up in AZ and experienced many a sandstorm, but they pale in comparison to those in the Middle East. Attached is a photo taken at 1pm halfway between Amman and Baghdad in May 2003, during an epic sandstorm which turned day into night for about six hours. 55 vehicle pile-ups were reported that day on the straight, divided highway (equivalent to our Interstates).

Mike Labriola
Villas San Francisco


Friday 13 April. Well, the town was battered by high winds starting at around 6 p.m. Thursday evening and a sandstorm enveloped the region. Patio furniture flew all over the place and this morning we have sand in every nook and cranny of the house. In town, at our office, the gale ripped our awning off and many signs along the streets have been blown down or bent sideways. The pools and jacuzzis at private homes and also at hotels have received a generous helping of sand and have the new, contemporary, brown bottom appearance. Wise owners are turning off the pumps and unclogging the filters before something burns out. Visitors who drove up from Gonzaga Bay yesterday evening reported that they had also experienced incredible windstorms overnight Wednesday-Thursday and they had to abandon their tents and sleep in the cars. They also reported that the store at Gonzaga now is excellently stocked with fresh meats and fish and that good supplies of all tourist needs are available. The gas station there is open and in operation (though the one in Puertecitos is not). The road north is pretty rough and there is quite a bit of traffic on it in both directions. A hardy Toyota, baja-equipped, truck with an experienced driver can make it from Gonzaga to San Felipe in three hours. Most casual drivers should plan to take longer.

Update from Barbara Anderson in Rancho Percebu: "There was a lot of wind damage. Windows broken, roof tiles blown off, skylights damaged, solar panels blown off roofs and many plants lost. Also, patio furniture blown all over the place and umbrellas ruined. This is only the ones I know of in Rancho Percebu. I am sure there was much more...."

From a visitor who drove to San Felipe on Thursday afternoon " ... On the way down from Mexicali on Thursday afternoon I crossed the Laguna Salada in an almost zero visibility sandstorm. I crawled along following the taillights of the truck in front of me which was only 10 feet away. I could hardly see him. I am an experienced driver with over 500, 000 miles driving and this was the worst experience I have ever had. It is a miracle that I made it..."

Easter Day - The sea of tents on the Malecon beach in the center of San Felipe. It sure beats paying for a hotel and it provides a unique communal camping experience.

Kids enjoying themselves on the bay beaches. We just wish that they would wear safety helmets!


April 6 - Good Friday -The Malecon is packed and there is a line to use the bathrooms, especially the womens. People do not seem to know that there are plenty of Porta-Potties around the corner on Mar de Cortez down towards the Net.

April 4 - The Wednesday afternoon traffic to San Felipe for the Easter Holidays

Driving south on the highway to San Felipe, you cross the dry lake bed (the Laguna Salada) about 80 km south of Mexicali. Recent winds have piled up sand along the northbound edge of the road and as traffic hits these sand piles a huge cloud of dust drifts across the road and reduces visibility to zero for southbound traffic. Be very careful, especially at night when headlamp glare will make things even worse.

Here you see a line of police cars parked on the road at La Ventana on Wednesday. These oficers, together with more busloads of police will be in San Felipe for the next few days to help to keep order. We hope they will be able to keep the drinking from glass bottles on the Malecon to a minimum during this time.

March 29 - San Felipe Medical Services and Doctors Receive Equipment - Medical equipment worth about $500,000 U.S. was distributed by the Lions Club San Felipe, B.C. to San Felipe medical facilities on Friday, March 23rd. Dan Slepian, Playa De Oro, procured beds, gurneys, an anesthesia machine, microscope and other equipment from 34 different California hospitals who had upgraded their stock over the past couple of years. The hospitals donated three truckloads of medical equipment which Dan said he found difficult to get across the border. Scott approached the Lions Club San Felipe for help in distributing the equipment. Gary Dilley, president of the newly-formed Lions Club, with some of his workers from San Felipe Disposal helped Scott and his crew to load the equipment and distributed them to San Felipe Hospital (formerly St. James) and local doctors Abasolo, Gracia and Lopez. Another truckload of equipment is still in San Luis Obispo. Playa De Oro paid for the transportation and storage charges in the U.S. while the equipment was being gathered. In a letter to Lions Club Members, dated March 26, 2007, Scott thanked the Club for its support and help with distribution of the medical equipment. "We especially want to thank your president Gary Dilley for the supervision and the use of his truck." He went on to say that, without Gary’s organization and perseverance it would have been difficult to distribute the medical equipment through-out the community. We "look forward to working with the Lions on many more projects to help make our community a better place to live and work." (By Elayne Caldwell)

March 24 - On Saturday, March 24 at the "5 de Febrero School" in Colonia Los Arcos, the "Macro Brigada Medica Asitencial" (Macro Medical Assitance Brigade) held classes and clinics for vaccines (vacunas antirrabicas), collective weddings, hair cuts, social work, legal counseling, preventative workshop for addictions and a program for kids in risk situations.

March 19 - A San Diego TV station, KFMB Channel 8, reports that San Diego Crimestoppers is offering a reward of $1000 for new information on the murder one year ago of Jane Kling of Vista (northern San Diego county). It is now known that Kling spent a couple of days at the Costa Azul Hotel in San Felipe with a heavyset woman before being found dead just north of Puertecitos on Saturday 24th March 2006. ...more

March 18. A complaint that comes up again-and-again is summarized in this latest quote from email I receive:

As a visitor of many years and a home owner in the south campos, I am concerned about the litter, especially the proliferation of plastic. I've been trying to get full-timers to take this issue on, but have no action yet.

I think all of us are concerned about the garbage problem. When you drive down from Mexicali you see the proliferation of roadside trash as you approach San Felipe. If you drive through town and on to the scenic highway that leads to Puertecitos, you will see plastic garbage bags caught in virtually every bush and ocotillo plant along the highway. Trash is everywhere; it is such an eyesore and it causes potential home buyers to have second thoughts on the value of investing here. Although nobody likes paying more in taxes, the time is coming when we need to get serious and tackle such problems once and for all. The American community in particular complains about the need for more municipal services to improve our infrastructure, yet they delight in having annual property tax bills of a couple of hundred dollars or less. Perhaps we need to establish a new "voluntary" donation from our North American residents to help pay for the things that they miss.

MARCH 17. The next big racing event of the year will be the McMillin CODE 500 mile event from Mexicali to San Felipe and back on 31 March. Practice runs will be taking place over the next two weeks. A link to the race website can be found on our calendar of events for those who want to see the schedule and the map of the course. We would like to note that the CODE officials and the Ejido Plan Nacional Agrario representatives have had absolutely no problems in their negotiations for the race to use the ejido lands in San Felipe.

MARCH 13. Further information on the cancellation of the SCORE Baja 250 in San Felipe.

The race was supposed to occur 10 March but was switched to Ensenada at short notice because of disputes with San Felipe authorities. The race normally passes through the Ejido lands and damage occurs as a result. The President of the Ejido Plan Nacional, Ing. Samuel Gonzales Lara, has sent us the following statement on the position of the Ejido in this matter. We are publishing a faximile of his signed letter so that its authenticity is not questioned. (A translation into English may be found here.)

March 12

I just got this email from a former resident of San Felipe, Arnoldo Arostegui Jr., who is helping out with the American football team in San Felipe. I do not know who is the contact in town for events like this but I will hand this email over to Ken Carpenter and see what he can learn from the Rotary. Write to him if you can help.

Hi there, I have contacted you before about the football program in San Felipe.

I coach at Fife High School Washington and I am currently helping out with the American Football Team in San Felipe. This is our second year helping the team out with strategies and techniques.

I dont know if you were aware of that.

I am a native of San Felipe and I am in the process of bringing down American Coaches to San Felipe to help out with the kids, along with providing equipments etc.

So far this year the Football team in San Felipe is 2-0 and is in first place in their division.

I have a link for our people of San Felipe who want to support them, they can also find a schedule.


Thank you for you time, I want to get more info out to the community as much as we can.


Arnoldo Arostegui Jr.
Assistant Coach at Fife Washington
Troj02 at yahoo dot com


March 11 2007

Daylight Savings time started in the USA and Canada at 2 a.m. last Sunday morning (when it becomes 3 a.m.). Remember that we, in San Felipe, stay on Pacific Standard Time for another three weeks. Confirm any meetings that you have scheduled to be sure that you agree on a time.

If your VCR is programmed to record a show, you may find that you miss it by one hour. Many people are finding that their computer clocks are wrong and those who have "atomic clocks" which set their time according to the US Government clock in Boulder, Colorado, will have no choice but to accept the 1 hour difference until the first Sunday in April. Your satellite TV system is also certain to have switched its programming schedule.

March 8th 2007 International Womens Day and a beautiful morning here in Paradise. Even though the Baja 250 has been taken away from us, we are finding a surprising number of people have decided to come anyway. These are the people who enjoy taking one of their annual vacations in our little Port; the Baja 250 made a good excuse to come but the appeal of San Felipe is stronger than going to the race in Ensenada. Perhaps it is time for us to upgrade from the 250 and hold the Baja 300 instead.

March 6 The beaches are deserted and only elderly tourists on a bus trip from Yuma are walking along the Malecon. As I walk by I hear the comments "so nice and quiet". A few taco stands are opening up for the day but the stoves are not yet hot - it is only 11. All eyes are on opening hour and the rush to the bathrooms will get underway.

There is a contingent of Spring Breakers but they have gone south of town and many have chosen to set up camp on the deserted beaches between here and Puertecitos. This is the new "ecologically conscious" wave of students that would rather have a little solitude and night-time bonfires, with a dinner of fish that they have been able to catch themselves. Pouring beer down the throat all day belongs to a different crowd. The Costa Azul and El Cortez are preparing for next Monday's expected onslaught.(ej)

March 5 2007

Do not forget the upcoming change to Daylight Savings Time in the USA (But not in Mexico)

Daylight Savings Time starts in the USA on Sunday 11 March (till 4 November). Mexico appears to have missed this change of date that was enacted by the US Congress in 2005 to help save more energy and will continue to change its clocks on Sunday 1 April through 28 October- so we are going to have timezone confusion between Baja and California (as well as the rest of Mexico with the other time zones) for a three week period this spring. Note that Windows computers operating in Mexico, by default, use the US Daylight Savings Time switches - this should cause chaos throughout the bureaucracy when the clocks change in the US. (Interesting factoid: the huge country of China only has one timezone).

March 1-4 Tequila Festival check some interesting pictures here.

FEBRUARY 28 At the meeting of the San Felipe Developers Association last Saturday, the Mayor of Mexicali, Samuel Ramos, made a committment to line-up funding to complete the 4-lane highway between Mexicali and San Felipe by the end of 2007. At present, the first 18 miles north of San Felipe is under construction and the other 90 miles will be completed in a couple of years. Grupo Inmobiliario Mar de Cortez LLC also announced that they would be investing $50 million dollars to build 216 condominiums on the proposed Jack Niklaus golf course at the Baja Diamante property in the next two years. The Baja Diamante property is a $2 billion investment with a residential community of 5000 homes, an 18 hole golf course and 350 slip marina. More information.

February 26 2007 - We just received word that the Score- Baja 250 race in San Felipe (scheduled 9-11 March) has been cancelled because the Ejido north of town will not permit the race to pass over their lands. Score-International has moved the race to Ensenada and will make further announcements later.

Cancellation of the Baja 250 is a very serious blow to us here in San Felipe. All day long, locals and racers have been stopping in to our office to find out the latest information. Everyone has been truly shocked that negotiations to reach a settlement to keep the race in town have failed. it is just unbelievable to them, as it is to us. The 250 is a very special event. It gets us in the papers, it gets us on television and it gets us on the world stage. It brings us incalculable recognition and prestige.

The Baja 250 is far more than a race, it is an icon that represents the rise of a successful little fishing town in Mexico. It is proof that there is a tourism base that can fill the hotels, motels, apartments and campgrounds, and that its stores and restaurants can be booming with business. It is a showcase that other towns envy.

it represents a time when, for a few weeks before the race, we have the small teams coming and practicing on the course. They are the groups of a half dozen people who have put their savings into a sport that they love. We see occupancy at the inexpensive hotels and campgrounds start to rise and money starts to flow into our economy. A week or so before race day the big name teams with their prized vehicles move in and establish their headquarters. The crews are out practicing hard during the day and then come back to town for some good food and relaxation - the money flow into our community takes a jump.By the Wednesday and Thursday before the race, the most faithful fans are driving into town and the party atmosphere really starts to take off. On Friday, racing fans from all over Southern California and northern Baja get off work early and stream south for a weekend of excitement, socializing, meeting old friends and pushing the town into a frenzy of activity. The local economy kicks into overdrive; not a vacant hotel room is to be found and lines to get into the restaurants in town can be legendary.

Even after the race is over we see a sizeable percentage of visitors hang on for another day or two, re-living some of the intense moments, getting out on the course again to try a particularly challenging section andletting the crush at the border pass by. They can afford to wine and dine and see what souvenirs to take home. This is the icing on our cake. These visitors have the time to stop by and see some of the new real estate developments that were just a glimpse during the race weekend. They have spotted sections of the beaches south and north of town that take their breath away. They make plans to return to just relax and see what the real San Felipe is like.

The period around the Baja 250 brings us seven to ten millions of dollars as a direct benefit to our local economy. It also means many more millions in future opportunities as the visitors, and the world, see whata beautiful place San Felipe is and what an investment opportunity it provides. As one couple said to me as they left the office "how could San Felipe afford to let these race negotiations fail?" It is now the question on everyone's mind.


©1997-2007 The Net
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©1997-2007 The Net
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San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico
"A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing information technologies and opportunities to the San Felipe region"