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January-February 2007 News in San Felipe

February 26 - The Flying Samaritans (Sams) medical team came to San Felipe February 15 for a three day visit to treat local people who otherwise would not receive needed medical attention. The visit was sponsored by the recently-chartered Lions Club San Felipe, B.C. About 200 people were treated. The Poker Walk, also sponsored by the Lion's Club, is March 17 and you can purchase tickets from any Lion's member, the Happy Jackass or Fandango's next to The Net. Read more here.

Help is needed by Profra. Ana Maria R.H. to take the kindergarten class from Rosaura Zapata here in San Felipe on a field trip to Mexicali. Profra. Ana tells us that most of these kids have never been to Mexicali and they are trying to charter a bus which costs $7,000 pesos or about $700 USD. If you can help financially, please contact Profra. Ana at this email. Thank you in advance.

February 24 - Baby Totoaba restocking 2007 You can see the pictures of the event here.


Mardi Gras - Fat Tuesday - February 20th. The last night of carnaval and the Malecon was packed with people enjoying the show. The El Dorado African group presented incredible rythms and a great display of agility and the BANDA SINALOENSE JUAN OSORIO put out such volume that the stage backdrop collapsed!

The crowd was wild with enthusiasm and the dancing and singing reached a fever pitch.

This was definitely one of the best finales to Carnaval that we have had in some time.

See pictures of the event by Roberto Falomir here.

February 18 2007.



Check out this years program and get down here for Mardi Gras (Tuesday 20 February)

Progress in building the boat marina

The mooring docks for the San Felipe Marina are slowly being put in place. This picture taken from the southern mole looking back towards the main dock, shows the first section of floating docks that will connect to the office and access road in the left background. A very nice walkway is also under construction and it would be great to see a dockside cafe with a Starbucks there as well. We hope that there will be a major cleanup of the main port area to show off this new facility to its full advantage. In the extreme right hand background you can see the towers of the Playa del Paraiso luxury condominiums rising over the north side of the harbor. The future residents will have a fantastic view of the port.

February 13 - Many, many people are writing to us complaining that they cannot make contact with the El Cortez Hotel. I talked to their front desk yesterday and they apparently have telephone line problems with their main number. However, you can reach them on an alternate number by dialing 577-1056 (011-52-686-577-1056 from the US).

Lowering your risk of having a heart attack - One of the puzzles of modern medicine is why Mediterranean and Latin American people have historically had a much lower incidence of heart attacks. Much of this has been attributed to the diet rich in natural oils, fruits and fish. However, a recent amazing study of 23,000 people between the ages of 20 and 86 has shown that you reduce the risk of heart attack by 37% by taking a regular midday siesta. When the researchers restricted the analysis to working men who napped regularly, they found a 50 percent reduction in cardiac death!! These figures are overwhelmingly greater than those which the pharmaceutical companies can achieve by getting us to take their expensive pills.

I think the lesson for us in San Felipe is absolutely clear - go for a walk on the beach each morning, have a healthy lunch which includes a glass of red wine and some fresh fish or shrimp, and get a half-hour (or more) nap in each day in the afternoon. This gives us the exercise advantage, the dietary advantage, and the newly discovered siesta advantage. In addition, if you stop smoking you should live to be 100. Read this article in the New York Times for further information. We need to bring San Felipe back to its state of peace and tranquility that started to disappear a few years ago. (ej)


Carnival Schedule. Carnival or Madigras is scheduled to begin on the 16h of this month. Please click here for a look at the schedule of events.

11 February - Vehicle attack on Mexicali Road at km 150 We just received this disturbing news - be alert on the highway, especially at night!!!

Last night (2/10) my husband and I were driving south on Mex Hwy 5. We do not normally drive this highway at night but had been delayed leaving Mexicali and not prepared to spend the night. So, we pressed on. As we passed KM 150 at about 7:30 p.m. someone threw a large rock from the west side of the road onto our windshield. We did not see the culprit. It shattered the windshield and sprayed shards of glass onto the dashboard and front seats. The rock landed on the dash. We were uninjured becase we have a GPS that sits on the dash and it deflected the rock and some of the glass. WE DID NOT STOP! We live in El Dorado Ranch and drove directly to Security to see if they could report the crime. They said they had contacted the federal police (PFP). We drove to the PFP office this morning (Sunday) but it was closed. We will drive the vehicle back there on Monday. We took pictures inside and outside the vehicle.

10 February - The San Felipe Animal Rescue Organization is looking for homes in the San Felipe area who will take in an adult dog for a period of two weeks and provide an evaluation of the dogs temprament and training before he/she/it is put up for adoption. U.S. Organizations are reluctant to take older pets unless there is an established behavior history for them. Contact SFAR through their website link you could give the chance of life to an older dog.

8 February - Lion's Club Poker Walk -- March 17, 10:00 a.m. The newly formed Lions Club of San Felipe is sponsoring a Poker Walk through town on Saturday, March 17 at 10:00 a.m. starting at Fandango’s (next door to the People’s Gallery). Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. You will receive an official Poker Walk T-shirt, your choice of a margarita, beer or soda at five establishments, and a spaghetti dinner. The three best poker hands will win cash! Tickets available from Lions Club members and Fandango’s. Your charitable contribution will provide humanitarian assistance to the citizens of San Felipe. This is the first fundraiser sponsored by the Club and the members are working hard to make it a great success. In addition to the Poker Walk, the Club intends to hold a golf tournament this year and a poker run as well as other events to raise money for charitable and educational projects for the citizens of San Felipe. On going projects will include food collection, eye glasses, blankets, baby supplies and other items as needs are identified. Establishment’s participating in the event are Fandango’s, Fat Boy’s, Miramar, Iguana’s and Baja Mar. We hope you will consider becoming a member of the Lions Club. Come to the Poker Walk and sign up. We can accomplish a lot for San Felipe citizens and have fun at the same time. COME JOIN IN THE FUN on Saint Patrick’s Day, Saturday March 17.

3 February - This weekend is being celebrated as the 82nd. Birthday of San Felipe. Monday is also the 90th Anniversary of the Mexican Constitution. The Program is here.

2 February 2007 - A story of Rob Staffig, a lone motorcyclist on the road south of Puertecitos, a burst oil pan, and Good Samaritans. If you know the Samaritans (Mike and Tim of Club de Pesca in San Felipe, and California) would you get them to read this?

The newly formed Lions Club of San Felipe, B.C. received Charter status at a dinner meeting on Friday night, January 26 at the Los Arcos Restaurant in San Felipe. Dignitaries of Lions International from Mexico and the UnitedStates were on hand to witness the induction of 71 officers and members into the International Club. Read more here.

Desert Mother is offering a substantial reward for information leading to the arrest of the people responsible for tearing down $2,000 worth of signs in Gonzaga Bay. Anyone with information, click the link on our real estate page to make contact.

28 January, 2007 - San Felipe's American Football team, El Tiburones, will again play this season. The games in town are indicated with San Felipe in parenthisis or March 25, March 31 and April 29. Come out and support our team.

10 de marzo gorilas vs tiburones (TIJUANA)(ESTADIO DEL CETYS)

LIONS CLUB SAN FELIPE, B.C. TO HOST THE FLYING SAMARITANS MEDICAL TEAM. Vincente Martinez Barrios, Governor of Lions Club District B-1 and Alice Tana, Governor of District 4-L6 will charter the newly formed Lions Club San Felipe, B.C. at a dinner and installation ceremony to be held at 7:30 p.m., Friday, January 26th at Los Arcos Restaurant (The Happy Jackass). Other Honored Guests from Mexicali, El Centro and Heber will be present at the Club's installation. As part of the Lions’ goal to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of San Felipe, Gary Dilley, elected president at its first official meeting in mid-December, said that doctors and staff with The Flying Samaritans will be in San Felipe February 15 to 18. Working with Dr. Victor Abasolo, Dr. Espinoza and San Felipe Hospital (formerly St. James Infirmary), the Samaritans will provide free medical and surgical services to local residents who need their assistance. Mr. Dilley strongly urged that local residents who need help with eye, ear, nose or throat problems contact Dr. Abasolo (577-1706) as soon as possible. Dr. Abasolo will provide free triage services in order that the Samaritans can perform as many procedures as possible during their visit. The Lions also plan a poker walk on March 17 to fund several charitable projects, including a summer intern program for high school students who are interested in working in construction and related industries. Dilley said that anyone interested in contributing to the community is welcome to join the Lions Club San Felipe. "If you want to make a difference and improve the lives of local children, elderly, as well as others who are unable to provide for themselves, please contact Bob Lux at 044 686 212-8472 and/or attend a future meeting." Meetings are held at 6 p.m. every second Thursday of the month at the Fandango and every fourth Thursday at Los Arcos.

January 24th - News of the critically endangered Vaquita

Scientists have now declared the Vaquita, a small and very shy porpoise, to be the most critically endangered species on the planet. The entire world population, estimated to be less than 400, lives only in the waters offshore from San Felipe ranging down to around Puertecitos, and their numbers are decreasing by about 15% per year. While there has been speculation that this decline is due to less fresh water release from the Colorado and to increasing pollution due to development, the fundamental problem appears to be illegal gill net fishing for shark, sea bass and, more importantly, for the also-endangered totoaba. The Mexican Government has instiuted a program intended to pay fishermen not to fish in the biosphere reserve north of San Felipe. This "no-fish" zone will also be extended down to Puertecitos. While this program may reduce illegal gill net fishing, it is unlikely to stop it entirely, particularly in light of the financial incentives to poach the totoaba. For the vaquita to have a chance to survive, illegal gill net fishing must be stopped entirely...... more.

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