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June- October 2006 News in San Felipe

Border 'passport cards' could cost $20
Updated 10/17/2006 9:05 PM ET

USA Today

By Mike Madden, Gannett News Service
WASHINGTON — People who frequently go back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico or Canada would pay $20 for a new credit card-sized travel document they could use instead of a passport under a new government proposal.
By June 2009, all U.S. citizens will need a passport or the new card to enter the country from Mexico or Canada. Mexican and Canadian citizens will need similar documents their countries will produce. The State Department proposed the card and its fee schedule Tuesday, and officials will take comments from the public for two months before moving ahead with production.
The cards would use radio technology that would allow Customs and Border Protection officers to read them from about 20 feet away. Passengers in a car driving across the border, for example, could have their information scanned without getting out.
Border community residents had feared the passport requirement would prove to be an expensive and logistically taxing burden, but the State Department proposal eased some worries.
"Having a passport card is what we'd been advocating as something that would be ... an easier alternative to a passport," said Jared Peterson, a spokesman for the Border Trade Alliance, a group based in Phoenix. "Is it going to be affordable for people? Off the top of my head, it seems reasonable."
Officials had said earlier this year the card might cost as much as $50, about half the price of a passport. Tuesday's proposal cut that to $20 for adults and $10 for children under 16. Citizens could apply for the cards at the same time they apply for passports. New applications would cost another $25 to pay for security background checks.
The government will have some extra time to process what could be millions of applications for the cards. Last month, Congress passed a law delaying the passport requirement for land borders until 2009 from the original deadline of early 2008. Business groups and border communities had lobbied heavily for the delay.
State Department officials have not decided when they would make the new cards available.
The technology used in the cards could change before then, though officials say they plan to use "vicinity" radio frequency chips that can be read from a distance rather than "proximity" chips that must be within a few feet of the reader. Privacy advocates have raised concerns that the cards could lead to identity theft, but the State Department proposal says the cards would come with protective sleeves to keep them from being read by would-be thieves.
"The proposal clearly reflects concerns in facilitating legitimate travel for people who live in border communities," said Deborah Meyers, a senior policy analyst at the non-partisan Migration Policy Institute, who has studied post-9/11 border technology. "This is a good example of the government being very responsive to community concerns."

October 17 - Update on the lost fishermen from Sharon Monroe:

I read your article regarding the fishermen. Just thought you'd like to know there names as they are locals. the owner of the boat (which at one time belonged to Margaret Miller) was Olin Edwards; Dean (Dino) Monroe, 18 year resident of San Felipe. (Club de Pesca for 15 yrs. and now Villa San Francisco). and Gaylord Anderson, of Reno Nv. also a former resident of Club de Pesca living here part time for past 3 yrs. all three men are in good condition. For any other info you can call me at 577-2534 Sharon Monroe

Thanks, Sharon. I know that many people out there will know these lucky men from way back and will be relieved to know all is well. What a story they will have to tell.

October 14, 2006. Three local fishermen were presumed lost at sea for two days. Their 27 foot inboard Bayliner left San Felipe Thursday (10/12) morning and had not returned to port as scheduled. There were three men on board the white boat, which had no name. They were found and returned to San Felipe today, around noon. Evidently, their boat sank and they used their raft to paddle to Konsag Rock, where they stayed for two days. There was no aviation fuel in San Felipe, so an air search was only conducted for about one hour with no luck. A Mexican military helicopter found them this morning, and dropped water and food, until a military boat could go to pick them up. Because of the rocks around the small island, the men had to paddle about 100 yards to be rescued. Evidently, permission was granted for the American Coast Guard to join in the search. All three men are in good shape and are at home with their families in San Felipe. (lg)

October 9, 2006. Someone from the ejido called The Net to let us know about the protest occurring out near the Ejido Plan Nacional Agrario, across from Pop's Camp. Juan Tapia of The Net went out and this is his report:

"A group of people from the Ejido Plan Nacional Agrario, gathered at the edge of highway 5 in the 178 Km. vicinity in front of Pop's campo, on the southern limits of the Rancho El Dorado grounds, to protest against a supposed land grab by Pat Butler's El Dorado Ranch, which negates the establishment of the University of Baja California's campus in San Felipe. This is a 21 hectare parcel of the ejido that the ejidatarios donated to the university in a well publicized ceremony where local, municipal and state as well as university authorities accepted the gift. The ejidatarios (common land owners) argue that El Dorado's surveyors, moved back the demarcation signs and used Pat's political and economical clout to claim property of land beyond the original limits, and that they went as far as to register their new demarcation lines with the state's Small Property Department in Mexicali. The angry ejidatarios go on to denounce other aggravations suffered in the near past and vow to stand firm against this last move from El Dorado, where even the University's site is in jeopardy. If this thing gets uglier, the ejidatarios promise to deny permission for the off road races so popular and profitable for some, to go through their land, and will maintain a permanent camp with signs denouncing Mr. Butler, among other actions they will think of."

Because we want to post both sides of this issue, we asked El Dorado Ranch to comment on the claims made by the ejido. Their response follows in both English and Spanish:

"El Dorado Ranch will centralize on the measurements of the demarcations of the land that is decided by competent authorities. Such authorities are presently working on an official technical report that will be presented this Monday in favor of our company. We have legal evidence to demonstrate that the area in dispute by the ejido belongs to us. We await, with the due respect, the resolution that the authorities will come to on this subject. To sustain the legality of this property, we count on the respective title as well as the drawings provided by the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Information Technology (INEGI) and the Municipal Urban Control Office. This is verified by means of the GPS system. The boundary area in dispute is undeveloped land at this point and it is south of the new Saltito Road. El Dorado Ranch informs its residents that the current situation has been brought about as a result of confusion with the boundaries of the company's property and the ejido common land. El Dorado Ranch will accept the results dictated by the Mexican authorities."

Español: "Rancho el Dorado se va a centralizar en las medidas de los deslindes que las autoridades competentes determinen, dichas autoridades estan trabajando ya en un dictamen oficial tecnico que sera presentado este lunes a favor de nuestra empresa. Contamos con el suficiente sustento legal para demostrar que el terreno en disputa con el ejido nos pertenece, y esperaremos con el debido respeto la resolucion de la misma. Asi mismo, para sustentar la legalidad de este predio contamos con el titulo respectivo asi como el plano ratificado por el Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, Geografia e Informatica (INEGI) y la de Catastro Municipal, esto esta revisado mediante el sistema GPS. El terreno en disputa se encuentra en su estado natural carece de infraestrutura hasta el momento y se ubica al sur del nuevo Camino al Saltito. Asi mismo informamos que lo que sucede es en base a una confusion con los linderos de los terrenos de la empresa con los terrenos del ejido. Rancho El Dorado cumple con la leyes mexicans y acepatara lo que determinen las autoridades respectivas."

October 7, 2006 The full moon of last night combined with an unusually large swell brought on by westerly winds across the gulf gave us an exceptionally rough high tide overnight. The noise of the pounding surf was almost frightening at times. When I went down to the beach the following morning I found that there had been considerable shifting of the sand. Along the bay shoreline there were places where 12-18 inches of sand had been eroded. One of the places most impacted by these early winter swells is Bahia Santa Maria. I have not yet heard of any damage down there but I am sure that some of the protective rock barriers in front of the famous round houses must have been uncovered. (ej)

September 29, 2006 - Presidente Municipal Samuel Ramos was in town for the ribbon cutting ceremony held at La Ventana del Mar in front of the Pavillion. Pat and Doreen Butler, owners of El Dorado Ranch and La Ventana del Mar, donated garbage trucks and police cars to the City of San Felipe. A very nice lunch was served to all invitees after the ceremony.

September 28, 2006. Meeting of the COTUCO's Consultive Council. The council members for the San Felipe Tourism and Conventions Committee (Cotuco) convened Thursday September 28, with Mexicali's director Victor Rodriguez, S.F. Municipal Delegado Joaquin Sahagun and S.F.'s Cotuco's manager Ruben de la Peña presiding. A good turn out of San Felipe's notables were there, among them newly elected sub-delegate of the local Chamber of Commerce Roberto Ledon, Rafael Navarro who heads the commission for the municipalization of S.F., and chief of Police Oscar Martinez, who introduced the recently formed Tourism Police, a force of 7 bilingual officers who will patrol the town and especially those areas where tourists tend to gather, like the malecon, and the beaches along the San Felipe bay. After Ruben de la Peña's report on recent past events and activities, Cotuco's director Victor Rodriguez spoke of the need to organize a local committee to overview projects such as the four lane road to Mexicali, the Charter Flights from the U.S. to San Felipe, the Zona de Desarrollo Turístico Prioritario del Corredor Costero San Felipe-Puertecitos en el Estado de Baja California. One main item on Rodriguez's agenda is the implementation of the Plan de Ordenamiento Turístico de la Zona Prioritaria San Felipe-Puertecitos (Ordering Plan of the Priority Tourist Zone San Felipe-Puertecitos), since it has been one of the main projects which would benefit, accelerate and help administer every action taken for the development and progress of this zone.

Volunteers are being sought and de la Peña feels permanent committees for annual events like the Shrimp Festival, the Carnival and such, should be organized, to deal and assure that these festivals become professional, profitable and very enjoyable events not just for locals but to draw many visitors to San Felipe. About the charter flights by Gray Eagle, tickets can be bought on line, and can be one way or round trip on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, between Long Beach, Ca., San Diego's Brown Field and our own San Felipe International Airport. More info on the schedules and fares can be found below. Another long time grievance is the unenforced regulation about public access to the beaches where developers have blocked these accesses, and eventually if this is left as is, there will be no way for anyone other that the owners, to enjoy the area's supposedly public beaches. The Council is also asking for support for the Tourism Police Crew, as they are in need of equipment to better perform their duties. Contact the Delegación or the police station here in San Felipe. The meeting concluded with a plea from Ruben de la Peña to get members to interact with Cotuco for input on the coming Shrimp Festival in the month of November. (jct)

September 21 - From Mike (La Roca): For those who suffered losses in the summer burglaries, the U.S. Consulate is interested in helping. The person to contact is Carlos Barrera at barrerajc@state.gov

September 20.......Work on the four lane highway is now in progress. (Note: Use extreme caution driving at night, as there are spots where the drop from the pavement to the dirt is quite big and there is no shoulder).

I noticed that work has started on the sides of the paved road for the long awaited 4 lane highway to Mexicali at it's San Felipe end, just north of the Arches. The grading, dirt moving and work going on, started only a couple of days ago with somewhat high intensity, judging from the equipment and personnel involved and the large area already covered in such short time. If work continues at this pace, we will see the promised initial 130 or so mile tract, completed in no time.

Mayor of Mexicali Samuel Ramos had promised road work would start this last August. Late in the month, early in the morning on my way to work, I started to swerve around some highway workers recklessly taking measurements in the middle of the road, with the minimum of protection or warnings that they were there working. I figured they were just showing off to impress the natives and hopefully no one got run over.
I'm happy to see that a bit late but not sleepless, the actual road work is now going on, and before they take their equipment and workers away when they finish here, we should try and convince the road crews to head to Puertecitos, where they can continue their wonderful work and fix that road once and for all. (jct)

September, 2006 - Chamber of Commerce (Camara de Comercio Servicios y Turismo/Canaco) has voted in a new delegation, which had previously been held by Sunshine Rodriguez. Lic. Roberto Ledon Pérezchica is the new Delegado; C. Ernesto Coronel is the new Subdelegado; C. José H. Aguilar is the new Secretary; Arq. Karla Sanchez is the new Treasurer; Octavio Garcia (Tavo), Monica Yanotti and Felipe Samaniego are the new Vocals. First on the agenda is to complete the remodeling of the chamber building, of which $46,000USD has been donated by local businessmen. They are putting an addition on the back to be used as a conference room and plan to have tourist and development information available to the public. This is the building near the arches, which previously sat unoccupied, with the exception of an occasional meeting over the last twelve years. (lg)

San Felipe's charter service was featured in an article in the San Diego Business Journal. We have flights three days a week into San Felipe. See related article below and photos on Kat's Korner. You can contact Grey Eagle directly for more information.

Crime in the south Campos. (28 August 2006)

We continue to get reports of the crime wave that has hit Campo San Carlos, Playa Linda and La Roca over the past month. More than six robberies have occurred. The prime target appears to be garages, tool sheds and construction materials. Losses include ATCs, generators, tool boxes, solar panels, bikes. Complaints have been filed with the PGJE (State Police) and the Municipal Police offices. In many cases the reaction appears to be that the victims should file their insurance claims and be content that the stolen goods are replaced. However, the more fundamental demand of the camp residents is that the criminals be arrested and brought to justice. Many of the victims do not want their names made public as they are afraid of retaliation. It is likely that other burglaries have occurred and that much stolen property has not yet been identified as there are many owners who do not come to visit during the hot summer months.

Mike, from La Roca sent us additional thoughts on these summer burglaries:

" I don't know how it is in other campos, but in La Roca friends and neighbors exchange keys with each other in case of emergencies and to help keep an eye out for any problems. Everyone needs to not only report their own break-ins, but check their friends and neighbors houses and garages. Scott, a victim from San Carlos, told me that a lot of padlocks were cut off by the perpetrator who then replaced them with new locks to avoid suspicion. So, when checking your own house or a friends or neighbors, check locks too and above all make reports!! Go see Jorge at the Agencia Del Ministerio Publico to file. Residents in the south camps should first file at the police station by the South Camp Community Center since south camps are under the jurisdiction of Ensenada. Speak with Delegado Luis Manuel Romero (Cell # (686)170 68 39). He is honest and genuinely concerned. He will help you file your report with Jorge at the Ministero Publico Office in San Felipe, answer any questions you have and will keep on top of any new information regarding investigations. He hopes that people will file reports and not throw up their hands and say, "Oh well." "

If you are from the south camps and want to get information from the horses mouth, we suggest you use the contact below:



We know that many house break-ins and thefts all over the San Felipe area go un-reported because of the extreme fear and difficulties that residents have in dealing with the police. However, as more reports are filed, the authorities in San Felipe come under increasing pressure to take action to stop these property crimes and to provide better law enforcemet for the benefit of us all. It is becoming clear that now that San Felipe is growing so rapidly, there is a pressing need to double, or even triple, the size of the police force here to provide a meaningful level of service to the community. We note that the El Dorado area has its own private security force to patrol the developments there because of the lack of sufficient officers from the municipal force to cover the area. Indeed, each new fraccionamiento or development should really be pressing for three patrolmen per hundred dwellings to provide adequate cover day and night.

Charter Flights to San Felipe. (August 2006)

Back in 1998 we had the start of airline flights from Brown Field in San Diego to San Felipe International Airport on Blue Pacific Airways. Unfortunately that service was abandoned within a few months.

Now we have the announcement of charter flights by Grey Eagle Aviation of McLellan-Palomar field in Carlsbad, north of San Diego,the inaugural flight was September 1st and you can see some of the pictures of this historic occasion on Kats Korner (Katherine even got to take a spin in the plane and get some aerial pictures). We have talked with Grey Eagle and have the following salient nformation:

  • Flights will run from Long Beach (LGB) to Brown Field (SDM), continuing on to San Felipe (SFE). There will be one flight in each direction on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Passengers go through immigration/customs check at Brown Field (which is out on Otay Mesa, almost opposite Tijuana Airport).
  • The southbound flight departs Brown Field at 9:30 a.m (8 a.m. from Long Beach) and returning service leaves San Felipe at 3:30 p.m
  • The plane will be a Cessna 208 Caravaneer Turboprop which can carry nine passengers.
  • Round trip fares are $502.75 per person from Long Beach and $373.75 from Brown Field (rates include taxes and fees).
  • Passengers are not subject to the same rigorous regulations as on commercial flights. You can take liquids on board.
  • Because of FAA/Charter regulations, trips must originate in the USA. San Felipe residents are not allowed to use the service to fly to U.S. destinations.
  • Passengers require proof of U.S. Citizenship - a drivers license is presently acceptable but we suggest you get a passport.
  • A taxi from the airport to town will cost about $20, allow $40 to El Dorado.
  • For reservations, call Grey Eagle at +1 (760) 804-8670 or go to their website
  • UPDATE 5 September: The prices for the flights have been reduced substantially for an introductory period of now until December. You can fly round trip from Long Beach for $404.00 and from Brown Field for $278.00 including taxes and service charges. TRY A FLIGHT NOW!

7 August 2006 - Update on the fire at La Roca: Concerning La Roca Fire...  August 3rd. 2006
3 houses in the North LaRoca Arroyo burned to the ground. Loren, Ron and Barry's house. A faulty propane tank was being worked on and the top blew off, and  the liquid spilled on a refrigerator flame that was operating in the room.

We just got this update (14 September) from Richard Parsons, a retired fire chief :"The fire at La Roca involved the three houses as described, but that a third one was saved, thanks to the presence of "the three fire trucks from El Vergel Volunteer Fire Dept, with 6 volunteers, and the people from the La Roca community who helped extinguish the fire and saved that home..." Lucky for the camp... No one was hurt badly... Just a few burns. 

Lo Siento to the people whose homes burned... And Thanks to the guys that saved the camp... Thanks a million to the net for keeping up on all the news. The Americans are extremely grateful for the information we receive while we are away from our Baja Homes... Thanks again to the net.

5 August 2006 - Some users were experiencing rejection of sanfelipe.com.mx email from JUNO. One of our clients wrote to them and this was their response: "Mail from the IP [] had triggered the limits imposed by Juno's spam-filters and was consequently blocked. In light of the information you've provided, the block has been lifted. You should not experience any further problem in receiving mail from this
domain." So, if you've been mailing to someone here in San Felipe with one of our user accounts to Juno or receiving returned emails, the problem has been solved.

3 August 2006 - There was a fire at Campo La Roca in the south beaches. Three homes burned to the ground and a fourth was saved. More information when we receive it.

25 July 2006 - We heard yesterday that St. James Hospital has sold again, this time to an American or Americans. I called St. James to confirm this and yes, although the same owners are still operating it, there will be a change of ownership. Rumor has it Karlos Kuttler of Remax is one of the principals. More later. Regarding the bank robbery last week, I've received info emails requesting more information. You know, trying to get information out of any official in San Felipe is like swimming against the tide. No one wants to make an official statement but yes, they caught 3 out of the 5. I just called the bank manager and he tells me they are not able to release any information, which includes how much was taken or recovered. However, he did say they caught 3, not 2 of the robbers. I plan on continuing CSI San Felipe and when I discover new facts, I will post them. khm

7/15/06 Juan Tapia provided this translation of the development of Puerto Penasco and its infrastructure problems. There is a corresponding situation in San Felipe and we will try to get the figures here on how much is spent on the water/electricity/sewage/road construction for you. The Spanish text is in plain characters and the English translation follows each paragraph in italics.

Olvidan planeación en Puerto Peñasco
Construye la iniciativa privada buena parte de la infraestructura
PUERTO PEÑASCO, Sonora (Agencia Reforma)

El crecimiento inmobiliario en Puerto Peñasco no ha sido proporcional al desarrollo urbano del Municipio, al grado que hoy es difícil garantizar el abasto de agua ó energía para los desarrollos futuros.
The development and growth of Puerto Peñasco has not been proportional to the urban development of the municipality, to the point that it is now increasingly difficult to guarantee the supply of water and electrical energy for future developments.

“Cuando se decide darle el giro turístico a Puerto Peñasco, no se pensó en la infraestructura, se hicieron planes parciales y se continuaron los trabajos previstos en el Plan de Desarrollo 2001”, reconoció Ramón Martínez, Presidente Municipal de este lugar.
When Puerto Peñasco decidedly turned around to become a tourist destination, there were no talks about infrastructure, partial plans were made and work continued on the previewed works for the Plan for Development 2001), acknowledged Ramón Martinez, Mayor of this city.

Fue en 2004 cuando diversas entidades gubernamentales como Fonatur, la Secretaría de Turismo, los gobiernos de Sonora y del propio Municipio, así como la iniciativa privada, delinearon el Plan de Desarrollo Urbano y Turístico de Puerto Peñasco, que se espera entre en vigor en septiembre próximo.
It was back in 2004 when several government entities, like Fonatur, Secretary of Tourism, the governments of Sonora State and the municipality, as well as the private sector, drew the plan for Urban and Tourism Development of Puerto Peñasco, expected to be in effect this coming month of September.

“Pero esto llegó tarde, la ciudad empezó a crecer desde hace mucho y uno observa que el puerto no tiene asegurado el abasto de agua, energía, vivienda, drenaje y obra pública”, dijo por su parte Eugene Towle, socio director de Softec.
"But this is late in coming, the city started to grow long ago and one can see that there is no sure supply of water, power, housing, sewer and public works" said Eugene Towle, partner director of Softec.

Hoy día, la imagen de Peñasco muestra a un puerto dividido en dos: Por un lado la franja de playa que alberga los grandes proyectos inmobiliarios, y por el otro un Municipio con vialidades delineadas con arena, sólo cuatro semáforos, desabasto de agua e infraestructura eléctrica deficiente.
Today the image of Puerto Peñasco is of a town divided: on one side, the stretch along the beach where the major Real Estate developers are, and on the other, the municipality with dirt roads, only four traffic lights, defective water supply and deficient electrical infrastructure.

Hasta ahora la infraestructura básica la han desarrollado las inmobiliarias; incluso Ricardo Bours, hermano del gobernador de Sonora, promueve entre los grupos inmobiliarios un fideicomiso para infraestructura denominado Impulsor, pero que no fue aprobado por el Poder Legislativo del Estado.
Up until now, the basic infrastructure has been developed by the realtors; even Ricardo Bours, brother to the governor of Sonora is promoting a "fideicomiso" (Bank trust) betwen the realtors for infrastructure named Impulsor, which has not been approved by the Legislative branch of the State's government.

En los 3 años que lleva, la actual administración municipal ha realizado inversiones por apenas 90 millones de pesos en drenaje, 40 millones de pesos para el programa de agua potable y 50 millones de pesos en pavimentación, pero en el mismo periodo el puerto recibió inversiones por 500 millones de dólares.
In it's three years in office, the actual municipal administration has invested only 90 million pesos in the sewer system, 40 million for the water program and 50 million in pavement, but in the same period the city received investments of 500 million dollars.

Ante esta situación, las implicaciones de la falta de planeación prometen ser caóticas.
In the face of this, the implications for the lack of planning, promises to be chaotic.


CEDO in Puerto Penasco has been attacked. Many of you will be familiar with the ecological institute CEDO which plays a large part in the management of the resources of the upper Gulf of California in collaboration with the University of Arizona. We quote their website: "Bulldozers belonging to a the development Fuentes del Mar from the company Clifton Meridian are illegally destroying established roads, demolishing parts of CEDO, and constructing new fences on CEDO property in Puerto Peñasco. " Visit their site and see what is happening. (7/12/06 ej)

Bancomer robbed. San Felipe had our own little drama Monday (7/10/06) morning when armed men entered the bank, ordered everyone on the floor and proceeded to rob the bank and the customers. It is not know at this time how much money was taken, but authorities are on their trail. They were seen leaving in a white Bronco heading towards Puertecitos. We'll report more when we have an official statement from the bank. Although some customers were apparently roughed up while being robbed, nobody was seriously injured.

Making a Movie. When you drive from Mexicali to San Felipe you will see that a team of movie makers has constructed a set at the south end of the Laguna Salada, around km 90, on the West side of the road. We have not heard what this movie is about but look for a shot of something like this in a future release.

Summer Heat and Humidity is now with us

Summer weather is here with a vengeance in San Felipe with daytime temperatures around 100F and very muggy conditions. You learn to slow down your pace of life very quickly. Mornings can be very still and incredibly hot so you sleep a little later. By afternoon, a gentle onshore breeze has started and this is the time to go to the beach. A stroll from town south to the El Cortez is a pleasant activity. There you can sit on the hotel patio and enjoy a cool drink and a light lunch. The Hobie cat man will take you for a sail around the bay from Machorro to the harbor. He can squeeze four passengers on the boat but it can be quite low in the water with some groups. Don't count on breaking any speed records.

A view from the patio of the El Cortez looking towards Punta Estrella

Up in Mexicali the heat is even worse. We had visitors that headed back home last Sunday and the late afternoon temperatures were over 120 F in parts of the city as you can see from the dashboard thermometer while driving on the periferico to the East border crossing.

Waiting in the one hour long border lines can be another trying experience, with several old cars overheating and stalling in the lines so that people behind try cutting in to adjacent lanes. It would be wonderful if the authorities could rig up some sort of water sprinklers over the border traffic lanes to evaporatvely cool the cars, and peoples' tempers, during the hottest parts of the day.

The San Felipe Tiburones American Football Team had their awards ceremony last night at the Escuela Secundaria General No. 8. This is the first year for the team and aside from two injuries, they came out very well. Our Mayor, Delegado Municipal Joaquin Sahagun and Ruben de la Peña, Manager of Cotuco, Doctor Oscar Zœiga, C.T.U.M., C.Q.B. Victor Morales, Sergio Leon-Cuevas, Marcos Gutierrez and Horacio Alcantara were on hand to give out trophies. The Delegado's grandson is on the team, as well as the son of George Limon of Club de Pesca (and many more, of course). Here is a link to the history of the San Felipe Tiburones. If you are interested in helping out the team with equipment, etc., please contact Profesora Ana Maria R.H. here. The team will take a few months off and resume practice in August. Congratulations to a fine group of kids.



Presidente Municipal Samuel Ramos Flores and his wife, Graciela Salas de Ramos (the head of DIF), were present at the Acto Civico for Dia del Marino 2006. They are pictured above at the dedication of the new library. Sr. Ramos and his wife, Graciela, have been very active in San Felipe and their presence is usually known.

9:00 a.m., Wednesday, June 1, 2006, at the harbor - the crowds will form and the fishermen will gather for the governmental civic act and the mass for the Mariner's Day at the San Felipe harbor. At 11:30 a.m., the same day, is the flower offering and boat tours. At 2:00 there will be food for everyone and at 3:00 p.m., a dance with the Band of Sinaloa. All at the harbor! Be there or be square.

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