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A fishing panga in San Felipe Bay.
Chypi Fishing Derby
May 7, 2006 (latest version)...we are waiting for the 2007 event.

lTorneo de Pesca Deportiva/Sport's Fishing Tournament
San Felipe, Baja California - 2006

Sports Fishing is an extreme sport, therefore every participant assumes it at his/her own risk. Chypi Promotions, Tornes Deportivos y Paquetes Turisticos, will not be responsible for any loss whatsoever.

First Place: $500.00 USD
Second Place: $300.00 USD
Third Place: $200.00 USD


Registration $ ________________

Panga (Boat) $_______________

Total $_______________________


Species: Open, except for Stingray and Eel, as well as any species protected by law. Absolutely no fishing for Tutoava.
Fishing Area: San Felipe Bay (the zone between Punta Estrella and Punta Machorro)

* The crew is not allowed to participate in the name of the participants, if done so, they will be subject to disqualification. (In the case of pangas assigned by Chypi Promotions)
* Upon arrival of the pangas, the weight of captured pieces will be held at the El Cortez Hotel Installations.
* At 14:00 hours of the day of the tourney, the weigh in register will be closed.
* At 17:00 Hours the awards ceremony will be held at El Cortez Hotel.

Registration - Please print this and bring with you to register


Address ___________________________________________________

Phone ____________________________________________________

Email _____________________________________________________

I hereby authorize my son/daughter __________________________________ to participate in the Third Annual Sports Fishing Tourney, under my responsibility and supervision.



En Memoria del Sr. Nepo Rodriguez Merida - In memory of Sr. Nepo Rodriguez Merida