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We know we are not the only ones with something to say about San Felipe. Many of you have stories and adventures about the San Felipe region to share. This page is for you. We archive the articles by author's last name. If you chose to submit a picture with the article please send it as a web ready JPG (no bigger than 100 Kb). All pictures submitted will also be considered for picture of the day. While we consider ourselves to be fairly open minded here, we reserve the right to not publish any submission that we find offensive.

Many stories by Bruce Barber



here we see his book signing day

Interviews of very special people
Bruce Barber, by Loralie Cecotti
Judy Trotter, by Loralie Cecotti

Don't miss these pictures taken by Angie when she visited San Matias in August, and also her article on the community of Las Minitas here in San Felipe.

The great Mexican Secret by James L. Hruska

Legend of the Sand Dollar by James L. Hruska

Household Hints, your input welcome

Mexican Childen's Homes, by Jeri Labell

Baja Bad Guys , by Loralie Cecotti

Chew on That . by Loralie Cecotti

Up Jumped the Devil, by Loralie Cecotti

Animal Rescued, by Loralie Cecotti

Dia de la Independencia, by Juan Tapia

Tides, by Alice Clinton

Google by Loralie Cecotti

San Felipe, Ideal For A Siesta By The Sea
By Susannah Rosenblatt
Even the waves forget to lap in this laid-back Baja
beach town. The price is right, too.
Times Staff Writer 12/19/04

Some very interesting Articles written by Dean and Cathy about their experiences here on the Baja. They have given us permission to link to their homepages for your enjoyment too.

DIRECT QUOTE from Dean: "I started going down to Baja California in 1990. It was Christmas. I was planning on going steelhead fishing up on the Chetco, but the Yukon Express blew into town. This is the year that I saw snow flurries in my backyard here in Poway. I called the Sporthaven in Brookings and asked what the weather was like. "It's colder than a well driller's ass," they said. That's too cold for me. Eddie suggested we go down to Baja California. I took him up on that suggestion, so we did. Our destination was near Las Encantadas, just north of Gonzaga Bay. We went back the 1st week of April 1991. That was the first annual April trip. Cathy and I got together in 1992. We rented a lot in 1994. The Dean and Cathy Baja Home Campo had begun: the rest is history.

They are happy to have you link to their page here: http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Outback/1208