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The San Felipe Association of Retired Persons

The San Felipe Association of Retired Persons (SFARP) welcomes you to its web page. We would also like to welcome you to our meetings which convene at 10 a.m. each first and third Wednesday of the month, October through April, in Salon Las Gaviotas, Hotel Las Misiones Hotel located on the beach about 1 1/2 miles south of downtown San Felipe.

On the one hand, your presence in San Felipe makes you a member of our informal organization. On the other, once you learn who (and what) we are, you will find:

  1. We are one of the two best English language information resources in San Felipe.
  2. What separates us from the other resource is the fact that we offer a series of activities throughout our seven month season such as is seldom found in any communithy. That is, our activities, designed by retired men and women who care about you, include:
    • Guest speakers covering subject matter important to most of us
    • Desert Tours
    • Desert Dining Tours
    • City Tours
    • Seasonal Festivities
    • Our own Lodge

    On February 15, 2005 SFARP sponsored this 21 day tour.

    • 43 persons signed up for a 3-week city tour which took us to 7 major cities in southern Mexico, highlighted by a four day stay in Oaxaca. Some pictures throughout the trip are highlighted here.

    SFARP'S 2006 annual City Tour: SFARP (The San Felipe Association of Retired Persons) is planning its 2006 Adventure Series tour. But, owing to the number of inquiries and suggestions we’ve had about our tours, we need your help to enable the proper decision between the two we are now being asked to conduct. Consequently, we hereby seek your opinion on which of the two we should conduct (departure date is February 21) in 2006.
    Please check out this agenda and tell us which one you might be interested in.

      First Lady of Mexicali, now head of DIFF, and
    DIFF members explaining how they can help the poorer mexican residents when they are in need, some of the programs they have to offer, and possible fund raisers, such as Bingo.
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bickers of the SKYMED International Corp were here to explain how their program works and changes that have been made to the rates. They now offer a plan for those of us that stay longer than 180 days in any 12 consecutive months, in addition to the basic rate. This is offered to non-permanent Gringo residents and tourists here in San Felipe, and indeed, any tourists who are travelling to all parts of the North American continent.  


For more information, email us at SFARP.

The San Felipe Association of Retired Persons (SFARP) is an active, non-political, non-profit, social organization directly affiliated with no other retiree organizations. We exist for the single purpose of having fun while wintering in San Felipe. Meeting attendance costs $2.00 per person. Each meeting lasts about two hours. We have a (free) coffee break at 11 a.m. during which we offer (free) pastries.

We offer an annual Activities Calendar available in our library for $1.00. Our desert tours cost $1.00 per person; our desert dining tours cost a little more but participants will find such entrees as barbeued spare ribs, barbecued chicken, grilled rib-eye steaks, and other Mexican goodies.

Within the framework of our membership are 80+ year old ladies and gentlemen we identify as GOLDENEERS who pay nothing for our services including meeting attendance, desert tours, desert dining tours, and festivity participation.

Included in our periodic "festivities" are pancake and French toast breakfasts we serve at our Beachside Lodge. We offer a free Thanksgiving dinner during our annual Fall Festival. We also offer an annual Christmas Dinner, a Spring Festival, and our April Dinner Dance. Guest speakers routeinely include San Felipe's Mayor, Director of Tourism, Chief of Police, Doctors, Dentists, other Health Care Specialists and at least one Emergency Medical Evacuation Company representative.

A scene from a recent dining tour to the local Sulphur Mines. We have a listing of fifty-seven potential desert tour sites from which we select for each year's desert touring enjoyment. The desert surrounding San Felipe is one of the most interesting of North America's five major deserts. A part of the Great Sonora Desert, it was granted its own name - The San Felipe Desert - because of its unique structure and history. Native Americans have inhabited this region for most of the past 2,500 years. Their petroglyphs and pictographs are found by the thousands in our local mountain canyons. Similary, the discovery of Indian artifacts is described by many of our local and visiting desert enthusiasts each year. There are nineteen canyons in the nearby Sierra San Pedro Martir. There is at least one waterfall in each. Our desert tours freqently include one or more of these canyons. In addition, however, there are fossil sites in the region from which 7, 8, and 9 million year old fossils are recovered at random. Desert tours are scheduled two days after each regular meeting. Therefore, we schedule a tour for desert vehicles only two days after our first meeting of each month, and a dining tour for all vehicles two days after our second meeting each month.


Send inquiries or comments to:

or write us at:
P.O. Box 902
Herber, CA

On behalf of my Board of Directors and our entire membership, I wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to you for your continued free hosting of information describing our Association, membership, meetings and activities on your English language information resources. We wish you continued success as the leader in SAN FELIPE's INTERNET ACCESS SERVICE.

Alfreda T. Barber
President, San Felipe Association of Retired Persons.