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Mexicali City Map

September 26 2009

The downtown border crossing into Mexico is being reworked. Presently all traffic is routed to the right hand side of the port of entry while the new automated lanes on the left (east) side are upgraded. The new SIAVE detection system is being tried for a few minutes each hour.Apart from that, the traffic is moving freely.

Note that if you have goods to declare, you should go to the "auto declaration" lanes. You will generally pay 15% tax on the merchandise of up to $1000 dollars in value that you bring in to Mexico. You will take the receipts showing the price paid to the window for assessment of the tax.

All Mexicali routes to San Felipe are open and in good condition. Some roadwork is in progress just south of intersection with the Tijuana Road (see the red blob in the March update below). Single line traffic is in effect for a few days but the delays are only temporary.

March 19 2009 update - this is historical only. The roadwork is complete but the text and map will help you understand what you will see on the way.

The really good news is that the main intersection of the Tijuana Road and the San Felipe road, just south of Costco, is now open for North-South traffic flow to and from San Felipe. The intersection is shown by the red oval in the map below. This new tunnel intersection was opened on 31 January and we congratulate the authorities for meeting the schedule deadline they had originally advertised for completing this phase of the work. Note that it is difficult to get to Costco and the Mega supermarket unless you use the back entrance from the San Luis Road. To get to Costco and Mega, follow the blue dots for half a mile on the San Luis road. ( The dots represent the diversion path while construction was underway (November 2008))

Here is what you will see as you drive south past Mega/Costco (which would be on the left of this picture and are inaccessible from the road at this point) and carry on to San Felipe. The east-west road to Tijuana is the overpass in the center distance of the photo:

Remeber that you can avoid a lot of congestion and street work in Mexicali if you are coming from the San Diego area by taking the road through Tecate and the toll road (Libramiento) between Tecate and San Felipe highway 5. You will avoid all of the city construction problems. The same applies to your return journey. See more details here.

If you do come through the Calexico-Mexicali downtown port of entry, I now recommend that you take the traditional route to San Felipe. After clearing the border, bear right and take Calz. Lopez Mateos all the way to the big traffic junction at the bottom right of the map below and then straight on to the new underpass and it is plain sailing to San Felipe. Note that you will still see lots of orange "Diversion" arrows on the way. Ignore them. They are a hangover of the now-completed street works.


For those of you with iPhones, or a recent GPS, there are now street maps of the entire border area and even down to San Felipe.

Start here to get a clickable Google map for Mexicali. Incidentally, the iPhone owners will be delighted to know that the latest Google maps, with the "gps position indicator", work well in northern Baja. You might want to load the route into your iPhone before you cross into Mexico to avoid data roaming charges. Alternatively, visit a wireless hotspot to get the latest map sections.





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