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The best maps available for Baja California tourists are those published by the American Automobile Clubs of Arizona and Southern California. We recommend you purchase yours, along with their Baja California Tour Guide, at the Auto Club's Palm Springs office, 300 S. Farrell Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262, (760) 320-1121.

San Felipe Downtown Map San Felipe downtown street map (65 k)
San Felipe Area Map San Felipe, Ensenada road to Puertecitos - the coastline (123 k)
Mexican Ordnance Survey map The Mexican Ordnance Survey map of the northern section of the Baja California peninsular (170 kb)
Driving Distances to San Felipe Driving Distances to San Felipe from larger southwest US cities.
Mexicali city map

Mexicali city map including border crossings.


The Net Gmaps

The Net - Google Map including border crossings and other points of interest for all travelers



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