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San Felipe Civic Groups

The San Felipe Association of Retired Persons.

The San Felipe Association of Retired Persons is an independent, informal, apolitical, nonprofit organization open to all San Felipe residents and visitors. Most of our members are retired Americans, Canadians and Europeans who come to this region to escape the harsh winters and frantic pace of life back home. As one of San Felipe's best information resources, we have the answers to a multitude of questions that tourists most often ask. Learn more about The San Felipe Association of Retired Persons here.

They also sponsor the annual Cancer walk - a wonderful benefit.

PMB 480, P.O. BOX 9019
CALEXICO, CA 92232-9019

Check SFARP's Website for more info.

Summer Survivor's Group

SFARP is also in charge of the Summer Survivor's Group. Check SFARP's Website for more info.

Alcoholics Anonymous Octuber - May

AA Spanish Group - Lunes-Domingo 8-9pm. Para mayor informacion llame a Judy: (686) 577-2231.
AA and NA English Groups - The English language group of Alcoholics Anonymous in San Felipe has moved to a new location. We are now located on Mar de Caribe Sur at the intersection of Ave. Ensenada. (one block south of the traffic circle on the airport road). A large sign with our directory of meetings may be found at the front of our new building. Meetings Monday - Sunday- several options in several times please call Judy ay 577 2231. Check the sign for any summer changes.

Las Amigas

Club Las Amigas A.C.

Founded in 1986, Club Las Amigas is a non-profit organization composed of American, Mexican, and Canadian women who are dedicated to helping the youth of San Felipe through education. Meetings second and fourth Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the Campo Octillo Lodge. Learn more about Las Amigas by clicking their logo to the right or visiting their website http://www.clublasamigas.com.


San Felipe's Rotary Clubs

San Felipe's Rotary Club

Rotarians are business and professional leaders or retirees who take an active role in the community while greatly enriching their personal and professional lives. Our Rotary club contains a diverse group of Mexican, American, Canadian and other nationalities who are leaders in the San Felipe community.

Membership in the Rotary Club of San Felipe offers a number of benefits, including: improving the quality of life for the residents of San Felipe, building leadership skills, developing relationships with community and business leaders and gaining an understanding of international humanitarian issues.

Through Rotary's service programs, our club has a significant effect on the quality of life in our community. Rotary offers our club the opportunity to form international partnerships with clubs in the United States and around the world. Working together, we can help the people of San Felipe help themselves.

TASTE OF SAN FELIPE is an annual event, as well as the STEAK IN THE PARK DINNER and many other events to raise money for the children of San Felipe.

For more information, and membership, please visit the Rotary's own website here.

Lions Club of San Felipe

meets every Wednesday at the Los Arcos Restaurant. They as an organization are handling the Blues & Arts Fiesta. Visit their website here: http://www.sanfelipebclionsclub.com/


San Felipe Cancer Walk

Every year San Felipe hosts its own 2-km Cancer Walk, raising money for poor local Mexican women who cannot afford the cancer treatment. Money raised has also been put towards developing the cancer clinic, a new van, and buying the necessary technology for cancer screening, detection and treatment. For more info, see their website, http://www.sfcancerwalk.org/

Desert Mothers

This organization has been arranging playshops, designed to instruct and provide poorer Mexican women with artistic skills that can be used to make a living. The money raised through tuition is then used to help Mexican women who want to go back to school and finish their education, but cannot afford to do so on their own.
Read more about Desert Mothers on their website http://www.desertmothers.com.mx/ .


A Tony Reyes Charter Boat fishing tour enjoyed by some of our active Saturday Singles.

more fishing pictures here.


If you are single we hope you will join us. Better still, bring a guest. And we would be interested any time, learning of some trip or project of your own you'd like to share.
Dinner at various pre-arranged restaurants at 5 p.m., first and third Saturday of the month. For more information e-mail: shirleythomp@gmail.com.

San Felipe AnimaL Rescue


See their superb website http://www.sfanimalrescue.org/ for full information




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